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Four Types of Bonds of Love Between Man and Woman

The world is extremely limited. Every day we see many things that we receive without knowing how and why this happens. For billions of years people have seen an apple fall on the ground, yet they do not think why the apple falls to the ground and does not go up. Newton for the first time thought, that there must be some force that must be pulling the apple down from the earth. This idea led to the study of gravity, the universal force of attraction that exists between all the elements of the universe since its inception. Gradually, scientists also discovered electricity and the electrical energy between electricity and the things that cause it. Yet scientists can’t find any satisfactory answer about why different materials attract or repel?

What is true in the world of particles is also true in the world of living beings. Every species of the world is attracted to a member of the opposite sex. However, there are hardly any answers to why it happened. All of us as humans are aware of the force of attraction that draws us to each other, yet we cannot know why it happens.

Reason for attraction

While scientists have no reason to explain why material attracts, yet they have discovered some reason for the attraction between male and female species using the theory of evolution. They believe that the attraction between male and female species in this world is due to their desire to get married and have children. These theories are based on Darwinian evolution because no species would survive otherwise than nature. However the answer is not correct as even after people have produced children, the effects of attraction des not reduced.

Some studies show that certain physical characteristics cause the brain to expand, which leads to a higher heart rate, nausea, and intense feelings. What caused this response? Perhaps the most obvious is the appearance of youth, which is linked to reproductive potential. [Buss, David M. The Evolution of Desire: Strategies of Human Mating. New York: HarperCollins, 1994] Likewise women are attracted to men for what they have to offer in terms of nature.

Yet dull scientific research often misses the mystery of the universe. What causes the heart rate, perspiration and emotions to rise? These actions seem less than miraculous even though we know they happen. Einstein accepted these ideas in these words

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as if nothing is wonderful, the other is as if everything is wonderful.”

A clue to physical attraction can be found from our knowledge of physics. For example, we all know that opposite charges attract. We know that all materials are neutral in their natural state. However they gain charge when electrons are removed from the material which makes them positively charged while matter with excess electrons is negatively charged. So opposite charges attract so they can drop their charges and return to their original positions. The same information holds for magnetic particles.

We can also explain the attractions due to gravity using the same principles as science even believes that all matter and energy is one before the great. So all the words seem to be drawn to each other to have the original neutral position of the word and power.

Using the same principle, we can say that perhaps the passion between the opposite races is because of their desire to become one as they once were. We call it love because we know it exists (like gravity) yet we cannot know why it exists. Since every human being is not only a body but a mind, soul and spirit (God), so there are four types of love within the human nature.

1. Physical Bonds: The Basic Instinct

The oldest and basis for love between men and women is due to the differences in their bodies. Physical forms are complementary to each other which attract each other. People find satisfaction and pleasure in relationships with people of the opposite race. Even the touch of the hand is pleasing and conveys energy and love. The reason seems to be chemical as the body exhibits a flow of bodily fluids and chemicals when physical contact between a man and a woman occurs.

The physical connection between a boy and a girl is expressed by Tina Turner is one of the songs “What Does Love Do With You” that captured the imagination of billions of people around the world in the eighties.

You must understand

That’s the touch of your hand

Makes my pulse react

That it’s just fun

Boy meets girl

Opposites cause

It is physical

Only logical

You must try to ignore it

That means more than that


Oh what love has to do, has to do with you

What is love but second hand emotion

What love has to do, has to do with you

Who needs a heart

When the heart can be broken


Physical connection is the oldest and most basic form of love that exists between a man and a woman. Prostitution is considered to be the oldest activity in the world that humanity discovered to tap this attraction between men and women.

2. Mental Bonds: Friendship

While animals see only physical closeness between opposite males as they fail to rise much above the physical level, males with their increased brain faculties see another kind of boding that connects men and women. This relationship also exists between members of the same sex.

Friendship is found between people who have similar thoughts. In the words of Mencius

“Friendship is one of two bodies.”

Everyone’s heart wants to know what it doesn’t know so that it can make itself perfect. That knowledge can be carried with someone else’s mind. The friendship comes from the desire of two people to share their thoughts so that their hearts can grow and become perfect.

The mind of man and woman are as compatible as each other. Now every man is looking for a different way to see the world, when he sees the world through the eyes of the woman. So a man who has good friendship with women is the epitome of “good” as his mind is fully developed. On the contrary, people who do not have friends in the group of opposite ways, are truly evil without a doubt as their view is very unbalanced. All dictators and tyrants are not friends with women and the list includes Hitler, Stalin and Mao even though they have physical intimacy with the women. Therefore, their minds are not truly developed. A person’s heart can have satisfaction, tranquility and peace only if he has friends in the members of the sex.

3. Emotional connection: Feeling of Love

The best and strongest relationship that emerges between a man and a woman is emotional. All source emotions are concentrated in humans because of the desire of souls to become one. The souls of men and women are complementary to each other as they come from the same source. This is not only a theoretical fact but also a physical fact. So they are always expected to meet each other in order to balance each other like opposite electrical charges or magnets of opposite poles.

The emotional bond between a man and a woman is often so strong that people even sacrifice their lives or kill themselves in their efforts to become one. Love is often called the innate attraction as it is responsible for most of the crimes of this world.

Love is like a chemical reaction that changes the hearts of men and women. People with love are changed from their essence because of the change of their soul just as hydrogen and oxygen lose their identity when they combine to form water.

Only love brings peace and happiness in human life which cannot be bought with all the wealth of the world.

4. Spiritual Bond: God in All

Man and woman also share a higher level of spiritual connections with each other. A spiritual relationship is based on a non-physical relationship between people. In this kind of relationship, people do not expect from each other as they all seem to merge their identity with God or the Holy Spirit who is the origin of all the creatures of the world.

Spiritual or non-physical connection exists between different people in many ways. It manifests in the form of love towards mother, love towards children, love towards brothers and in the later stage of life even within the love of wife. Spiritual love is the final stage of love between all people when intimacy grows to a higher level. This seed of love is always present in man and it first appears in the child with the love of his mother. Gradually all other forms of love diminish and only spiritual love exists in the most developed people in this world like Jesus, Buddha or Gandhi. This kind of love is truly selfless and limitless.

The Evolution of Human Bonding

All bonds between human beings can be classified in four types viz. body, mind, soul and spirit. The journey of life begins from the spiritual adoption of love that exists only in a child. However, as the body, mind and spirit of man grows in this world, the adoption of love will manifest in different ways. While in the case of animals, intimacy rarely goes beyond the physical level, in humans it goes from physical to mental to emotional and finally takes a full circle and returns to the spiritual level. Spiritual love makes a man divine and connects him to God so that he can achieve his salvation or the goal of life. The cycle of life continues until one realizes spiritual love with God and man.

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