10 Animated Movies That Were Changed In Other Countries Reviews: Pink Flamingos, Multiple Maniacs and Mondo Trasho

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Reviews: Pink Flamingos, Multiple Maniacs and Mondo Trasho

1) Pink Flamingos Review: John Waters’ unique, individual style can attach an adjective like ‘big’ to a noun like ‘dirty’ to form ‘big dirt’. Now that is an achievement.

Pink Flamingos – The movie is a rare bird which is not only dirty fun but also a good movie. Just a clip of a dirty reality TV show Jerry Springer or The Maury Show on YouTube and what we witness is an unrelenting display of immorality, sleaze and uncontrollable behavior. On the other hand, we have a plethora of horror movies like The Room, every afternoon the thirteenth series, Caligula etc. that are unintentionally hilarious but all in all unwatchable. Pink Flamingos is a sure shot delight for fans of violence, sex, deviance, filth and filth, albeit one made with an innocent sensibility. John Walters is Quentin Tarantino with a small scale who can portray unique, interesting characters and make them into cult figures; we are not disturbed by the characters’ faults and we tend to root for them to do another fault.

The story here is told in an androgynous way, either by a gay man or a transsexual, who brings us into the pink, tawdry and shabby trailer of Divine (who lives as Babs Johnson to avoid police attention) and her beautiful family , lusty blonde walking companion Cotton who takes the looks of a yesteryear’s ‘star, his bucktoothed, long-maned hen love child Crackers and his egg obsessed cutie-pie mother Edie. God has long been the undisputed ‘filthiest man on earth’, unbeaten, unchallenged by anyone and is a small-time cult figure that makes it into shoddy newspapers. You are there now, and it doesn’t hurt to have some other hot beef between your legs to save on money. Your boy seems reluctant at first, but only in sex (chicks are his favorite partners, it seems). Cotton shows only airy tendencies and likes to hang posters of beefy men next to his bed – but that seems acceptable. And happy Edie only thinks and talks about eggs, their shape, their size and color, the song in Humpty Dumpty, what happens if all the chickens disappear?, when will the egg-man arrive and so on. go. except maybe crackers. But all this changes when the team is confronted by Raymond and Bonnie Marble, a wife-and-wife team who are fighting to steal the title of God’s honor (at least according to them). Raymond reveals himself to unsuspecting spirits but that’s the tip of the iceberg – the couple wisely order their homosexual servant Channing to impregnate the kidnapped women, so the new baby can be sold to the happy couple. A sympathetic woman who wakes up in disheveled clothes and with messy hair haunts Channing whenever he enters the basement; he has never actually seen the perpetrators of his torment. When this awesome couple takes on Divine and her flamingos, it’s WAR!

I believe that the level of crime committed by Connie and Raymond makes them automatically antagonists; While many of God’s victims are killed without much exposure, we are constantly updated about the sufferings of Connie’s victim. Even the impact from the disturbing scene with Crackers and Spy Cookie is palliated by the earlier scene where Cookie’s trick is told. top to be angry. Sexuality on the other hand is something that is bound to succeed or p-ss out of some audience, with the idea of ​​relationship itself can be uncomfortable for many, but again seeing that God really to be an example or even a woman, with his androgynous appearance and his ludicrous make up (real name: Harris Glenn; yes, a man!).

The whole setup looks like shots from a sleazy reality show, the budget of the film is so much more than the entire product is a master creation. We see choppy editing, shadows constantly creeping in the background, cameras shaking furiously while closing in on people and passers-by looking at the divine apparition as if they were completely unaware of the film. However, it is this understated quality that makes the act look more realistic, as if Divine is an actual C-grade celebrity who has made his name through corruption. The songs, a mixture of rock and roll and country make the scenes more lively and fun, and also reduce the actual acts of violence that occur when the music is played.

Watch Pink Flamingos if you want to see a kick-ass exploitation movie. It’s hilarious at times (the ‘experiment’ show) and sweet (in a slightly sinister way), wicked and divinely entertaining.

My Rating: 7.4 out of 10

2) Multiple Maniacs Review: The wrong title should have been named ‘We Don’t Have Enough Money To Make Pink Flamingos, But We’ll Give You Sh-t Until Then!

The reason Pink Flamingos is recognized as John Waters’ signature film of the ‘abuse’ genre is an uncomplicated script with the sole purpose to titillate with acts of depravity. It’s an amazing movie, even though it doesn’t make a specific reference to any event of the time in which these movies were made. Almost everyone who watches Pink Flamingos will have heard of transsexualism, cannibalism, foot fetishism, voyeurism, zoophilia, coprophilia etc. and therefore the film can be enjoyed by people who were not born in the seventies. The script has been written with devilish acumen, combining top-notch techniques and humor to tone down some of the objectionable content. The film was shot in color, and now you can highlight some of the outrageous palette John Waters used for the house and nature’s clothes. All these reasons give Pink Flamingos its noteworthy position in the world of garbage, not just a single coprophagous moment.

Multiple Maniacs was released two years before Pink Flamingos and was made on a shoe string budget (even the last one itself was a low budget film) of about 5000 $. Therefore, one actor takes on many roles and we have to believe that a different hair means a different character (by the way, read the interesting statement by the reviewer who elaborates on the religious interpretation of the films. He seems to believe at first, but I rather stick to the general belief that Jesus and his disciples do not represent God and his followers. The film is shot entirely in black and white on 16mm and the cameras shake horribly at times and is not overexacted you can barely see the actors’ bodies. The scary white circle (indicating the change of age) shines like some outdoor sign. Indeed, this film is scary and rather a reference to John Waters ‘Pink Flamingos, a very brilliant effort compared to this shoddy junk.

When I read the plot line, my mind swirled with images of a thriller with Divine and his crew treating the audience with their actions only to kill them at the end. This happens at the beginning of the film but it turns into a completely different action that places a greater focus on ‘God’, contradicting the title of the film itself. What happened to the puke-eating man or the foot-fetish girl or the homosexuals remains unknown with the focus suddenly changed to Divine, his prostitute daughter, his handsome boy David, his male brief flinger Mink and a Nemesis Bonnie. In fact, while Divine and Mary Vivian Pierce (who plays Bonnie) played the duo of David Lochary and Mink Stole in Pink Flamingos, the characters have changed quite easily here. This makes the film look like a rough version of PF, instead of continuing with the circus act to raise the shock value.

The movie also makes references to Sharon Tate’s mother and the Weatherman Underground organization, but they fly over my head because I wasn’t born then (plus I’m not from the US). At that time, such an approach to events like these would have caused a storm (I read about Ms. Tate’s incident later and saw that the film was made on the tragic incident), but now they doesn’t seem to matter. The blasphemy here would have made Lady Gaga blush (at least Gaga put rosary beads in her mouth). The last fifteen minutes were just codswalop and bullsh-t.

If the film was developed along the lines of Freaks (Alayemia 1932), but edgier, crasser, vulgar and campier, it could have worked. Instead, it bowed out like Rob Zombie’s first effort ‘House of the 1000 Dead’, which was completely overshadowed by the bad guys ‘The Devil’.

My Rating: 0.8 out of 10

3) Mondo Trasho Review: 95 minutes and We still can’t understand if the movie wants to entertain or surprise. Very Pointless Watch

John Waters’ first offering was not intended to have any purpose, unlike his third attempt Pink Flamingos, which caused the effect of shock and disgust to laugh. A lot of Maniacs, his second film that only got upset with the religious references that are not so warm, but at least it provoked some response from the viewers. Mondo Trasho is like a blank slate that generates no comment at all. How should we react to the audience’s reaction? Should we laugh at the characters or roll our eyes in disgust? How the hell should that feel?

The plot revolves around Mary Vivian Pierce’s obsession with feet, and begins rather curiously with her character Bombshell having her feet saved by a foot fetishist. Don’t forget the opening sequence that shows John Waters’ delight in animal cruelty. As Bombshell moans and groans, she imagines Cinderella being rescued by Prince Charming (played by a foot fetishist). The virtual Cinderella sequence is a nice gesture and Waters could have improved with a provocative romance angle which revolves around Bombshell’s search for a foot fetishist. Instead, John Waters brings his trademark Lady Divine, who is surprisingly feminine unlike her androgynous appearance in later films. The bad chick is taking a break when her car hits the lost Bombshell and she is seriously injured. Divine helps her by visiting a discount store, stealing a coat from there, and then by entering the laundromat, where she changes Bombshell’s bloody clothes. Bombshell miraculously did not faint again like the Shakespearean characters in Midsummer Night’s Dream who managed to fall asleep in a jiffy, and the blood on his face disappeared. There are occasional apparitions by Mother Mary and what-can I say ‘apprentice’ who cleanses God of his sins. Also, a rather gruesome visit to the asylum where we see the pedestrian again, but this time he kills a fellow inmate, and to a sadistic hospital which works on patients with knives and saws.

The only surprising aspect of the film is the benevolent nature of God, since we have never seen God help someone at the risk of his own life. But everything else is unclear, even the Wizard of Oz supports the decision. The camera is less shaky than in Multiple Maniacs and the sex is less raunchy. The music selection, a variety of rock and roll and classical, managed to hold my attention to otherwise irrelevant patterns. If the film worked on having a plot, it would have got a better name today.

My Rating: I won’t rate this service because I don’t even know what kind of response you are aiming for from your audience.

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