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The 5 Best and Worst Things About Santorini

There aren’t many places in the world that will take your breath away the moment you arrive at your destination, but Santorini is definitely one of them. You will be amazed at the many colored rocks which are located in a dry place for tourists to take in the amazing Caldera views. It’s a huge attraction for millions of travelers to visit every year, whether it’s for your romantic honeymoon, or just a week away with friends or family in the high sun. However, there is no place in the world that is perfect, and before going to Santorini, it might be better to warn about their special weaknesses too, which can scare some people. Here are the 5 best things and 5 worst things about Santorini.

5 Best Things to do in Santorini

1. Beautiful View

It goes without saying, that the views you will see are quite breathtaking in most places on the Island. If you stop in places like Oia, Imerovigli, Fira or Firostefani, you will have to turn your head to one side, and you see the views of the Caldera. There are not a few places to witness an amazing view, they are at every point of your journey. Just walking through these villages will be the highlight of your trip, and that’s even before you think of catching the sunset in Oia, or making a trip to Oia or Skaros Rock. Obviously, those three things are definitely worth doing, as you’ll find yourself taking picture, after picture, after picture. Not only walking, but if you have enough money, you can stay in a hotel with these views from your room, balcony or hotel pool – and this is what people think about when coming to Santorini . When it comes to the beautiful view, it really has an infamous reputation worldwide, and well so.

2. Tourist Hotels and restaurants

This type comes into play with the beautiful views mentioned earlier, but there are many hotels and restaurants on the edge and make your vacation the stuff of dreams. For restaurant service, food quality, views are all impeccable. There is a lot of variation on what kind of food to eat, whether it is Greek or international food. Also, whether you are a fan of seafood, meat or even vegetarian – Santorini has you covered. As for hotels, what strikes me the most as a guest in a hotel, is that you feel as if any hotel room you stay in, is private with an unbelievable view. As opposed to the time you spend outside your hotel room, but it’s just you and the view. There are no barriers. You won’t tend to see many other people, and most of the Islanders won’t feel that way when you’re at your hotel, because they tend to accommodate fewer people. Let’s not forget that you still have the luxury of a swimming pool every time you stay – it’s not always occupied.

3. Traveling

While many people love staying in their hotel and lazing in the pool all day, for many people, including me, it can get boring after a few days. If you want to explore and do tours, then there are many things to do in the small island. As we said before, if you like hiking, then the hikes to Skaros Rock (in Imerovigli) or the long ride from Imerovigli to Oia are totally worth it. Please note that the trip is about 2.5 hours long, and it’s best to avoid doing this during peak sleep hours or you’ll just get tired – speaking from experience. Other day trips include a boat trip to a nearby volcano, and the chance to swim in hot springs. There are many wineries on the island too, so wine tasting is a nice break from all the wines… I mean the cocktails you will drink while eating out on the island. There are many sights to see across the island including Ammoudi Bay and Castle in Oia, the Prophet Elias Monastery, and the Greek ruins of Akrotiri in the south of the island. So much to do, and everything is within close proximity.

4. The weather

Blue skies and sunshine are part of the atmosphere in Santorini. It’s an island night that has a warm climate throughout the year, and can be very cold throughout the winter months of December and January. However, the rest of the year, the weather is perfect for tourists. There are almost no clouds in all the summer months and rain is not even heard. It’s not always very hot (33+ for example) when you’re there, because it’s the perfect temperature to swim in your pool during the day, and go for a walk in the evening.

5. Husband

While there are plenty of car rental places, it’s not everyone’s perfect vacation when they have to worry about driving on the wrong side of the road on short detours with other impatient Greek drivers – so thankfully Bus service is a burden on the island. The main bus station is in Fira, and can take you everywhere on the island. Buses between four hot sports, airport, sea port are frequent and easy to operate. Also, a nice touch, which is not unique to Santorini, is that there are two employees on the bus, one to drive and the other to collect your money. There is no problem when you go on or off the bus, and you have a dance straight ahead. Also, because the island is so small, you won’t expect to be in a bus longer than 45 minutes wherever you want to travel. Nice and easy hassle-free travel on the island without having to worry about renting a car. Having said that, transportation is not necessary for all places, as your ideal for traveling between cities and villages depends on where you live.

Well, you’re sure. Want to book that trip to Santorini? Then check out Santorini hotels here.

But, before you do that, please consider to continue reading and check out what I don’t really like about Santorini and you may or may not agree with some points, but I’m sure some of you will say and that they will drop altogether. .

Top 5 Worst Things to do in Santorini

1. Jew-man

There is an ugly side of being too beautiful, and the island is a victim of that. As I mentioned in the pro’s, Santorini’s beauty has advantages that can only be in competition with a few other places on this planet, but this brings tourists from all over the world, and given the size of the island – it gets overcrowded quickly! Every year, it seems to be getting worse, and there are more people there for the size of the island. The airport (I’ll get back to that later), the sights, the sunset in Oia, the tours, the buses, the bars, the castle. It affects everything. Too many people, and its over-crowdedness can be claustrophobic. Everyone loves a private romantic getaway, and without spending time in your hotel room, you won’t get that experience here. Oia, which has arguably the best views with Ammoudi Bay, the Castle and the sunset, the always crowded and cute little streets with shops are a nightmare to walk through, and taking pictures in any part of this Oia will be interrupted. by different people.

2. Expensive

Well, you can’t expect to go to one of the hot spots in the world and not expect to pay a few dollars, but Santorini is very expensive. You will get better value for your money in other islands on Greece such as Paros, Naxos or even Mykonos. That’s why I think it’s the best place for celebrities like soccer, and models to go on their travels, but for us normal people, it’s a lot of money! Staying at hotels with any kind of good view will cost you an arm and a leg, and even hotels with no view will leave a heavy dent on your bank balance. The point of staying on the Island is to stay in one of the four town/village hotspots but good luck finding any type of hotel for less than £100 per night per room for even the most basic hotel or villa without a view. Same for foods, and don’t get me started on alcohol. Cocktails for £12-£20 a pop!? No, not for me. I agree, it is a beautiful view on the island, but there is a line and you just cross it. If you want to find cheap food, and cheap bars, they basically do not exist, except for a few fast food places in Fira square.

3. Lack of good beaches

I did not say that I visited Santorini expecting that the beaches would be represented on many other islands in Greece, like the beaches in Mexico, or Thailand. However, the island does not have good beaches and that is true. For many people, beaches are a great attraction for people visiting a destination, and especially an island. Santorini has the ‘Red Sea’, which is not only fun but also dangerous for visitors. Visually it looks fine once you are there, which is a challenge in itself, but if you don’t want to slip down the rocks, you can swim in water that is far from the public, and uncomfortable throughout. Having said that, it won’t stop people, and it’s still crowded! Apart from this beach, Santorini has nothing else to offer in terms of beaches, so if that’s your thing, you might want to reconsider.

4. Airport

The worst airport in the world. Well, maybe an exaggeration, but in the research for this article, it came to me as no surprise the number of things that are mentioned in ‘the worst course in the world’ and each review talks about them at the time at Santorini Airport. Well, you might be there in a few hours on your way out, or if you’re lucky enough you won’t see it at all. However, your time will be the most uncomfortable two hours of your life. You are packed in like sardines once you pass through security, after waiting an hour to check your bags. There is no room to sit, move, walk, and even breathe. It was a terrifying experience and not a one-off. Thankfully, if it’s taken by everyone, there is a hill that has some seats and you might be lucky enough to find one while waiting for your flight.

5. Donkey in Old Port

Just a personal peeve of mine, but I hate it when animals are used up all their lives for lazy rich tourists. There are 300 steps to go up and down to visit the likes of the Old Port and Ammoudi Bay, and while the normal person would have to climb down and not sweat, some people feel that it is necessary to sit on the donkey’s back and pay. 5 euros for that opportunity. Horses are not pleasing to the eye, and you can imagine, walking up and down 300 steps every day, no time to rest, no shade to save yourself. Rain after day after day. People may question this inclusion in the worst things about Santorini, but for me it has to get a mention. This kind of attraction is outdated, and hopefully people don’t pay for this!

Still want to book Santorini? Well, I don’t blame you. Everyone has their preferences, and I can’t deny anyone who wants to visit these beautiful islands, but to every beautiful face, there is a beautiful side.

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Take a great trip whenever you are on your travels.

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