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Unwanted Toys – 16 Ideas For What to Do With Them

Knowing what to do with unwanted toys can be the biggest stumbling block when it comes to getting rid of these household clutter. Children grow out of them or they don’t like them at first, for some reason, every home has a collection of toys that never see the light of day. If every time you see a large pile of abandoned toys that rush through or close the door, do one thing, finding the best home for them is easier than you think. So where do you start?

First you need to think about which toys should go in the garbage and which can be safely given away. You should not give:

  • toys that are at the end of their useful life
  • soft toys, unless they are new or in like-new condition
  • toys that have suffered serious injury.

In other words only for toys only in the condition that you yourself would buy. If you have the original packaging or manufacturer’s instructions give them a toy.

Secondly you need to decide if you want to give away your unwanted toys or make some change from selling them.

These 11 tips cover donating your unwanted toys to worthy causes:

1. Donate to Charity Shops

Pop into your local charity shops and ask if they accept second hand toys. Don’t be upset if they don’t because health & safety regulations often cost more money (in terms of staff time to check for loose cables/parts/batteries etc) than actually buying them. new. If your donations are accepted don’t forget to sign the Donation Assistance declaration form, to increase the value of your donation by 28%.

Charity shops obviously benefit the charity they are supporting, be it children’s charities, medical charities etc. If you want your toys to go directly to underprivileged children 3 tips -11 might be more interesting.

2. Donate to Online Charities

By using the eBay For Charity initiative, you can sell your unwanted toys and the proceeds will be sent directly to charity. Items sold for charity are identified with a specific ribbon symbol with a description of the charity that will receive the proceeds of the sale. Buyers place bids for these goods in a normal manner, knowing that their money will go to a worthy cause.

JumbleAID is another online answer to your mountain toy problem – they let you post ads for unwanted toys (and other items) online and anyone can make a donation for them. It’s free and easy to use and all funds raised go to the charity of your choice.

3. Donate to Hospitals

This is really normal for new toys due to safety/infection concerns but sometimes we all find toys that our kids get two of or maybe a few that they aren’t excited about that don’t leave the box.

4. Donate to Children’s Homes

Children in homes often grow so when considering what toys will go well with the average age of 14. Find the closest home using a service using an online search to see if the These children can benefit from a part of your favorite toy.

5. Donate to Women’s Shelters

Women’s shelters help hundreds of women and children escape domestic violence each year. They often run away from their homes leaving all their belongings behind. Find your local Domestic Violence service number online through an organization such as Women’s Aid, to provide you with help through used toys.

6. Send your Toys to Orphanages abroad

There are many orphanages, children’s homes and day care centers in need of toys. Some encourage you to send your toys, old and new, to improve the lives of children and monetary donations. To find addresses of orphanages that receive toy donations, search on Google for “send toys to African orphans” or “Kannada orphanages” or something similar and find the donation page they. Some only accept cash prizes but you can find addresses if you wait.

7. Donate to Family Centers

Contact your local Department of Public Services to see if they know of any family centers near you that will accept and put to good use your second-hand toys.

8. Ask Your Local Church

Ask your local church if they know of families that could benefit from your unwanted toys.

9. Donate to Special Needs Schools, Sports Clubs or Nurseries

Find your nearest special needs school, playgroup or nursery and ask if they will accept second hand toys.

10. Add Toy Library

Toy libraries offer services for local children, families and caregivers based on regular toy lending for a nominal fee (and sometimes for free). Contact the National Association of Toy & Leisure Libraries online to find a library near you.

11. Use The Freecycle Network

Freecycle is an online network of groups that matches people who have things they want to get rid of with people who can use them. Their goal is to keep possible materials out of landfills. Find your local club from their website and email them the details of the toy they are offering. All items must be free.

The remaining 5 tips cover making a few pounds from second-hand toys to help in the current tough economic climate:

When selling second hand toys you must be aware that all second hand toys sold or supplied in a trade or business manner fall under the Toys (Safety) Regulations 1995 which require that they must be is safe and bears the CE mark.

12. Sell Them On eBay

Register with eBay, an online auction and shopping website, where you can advertise your unwanted toys for sale and interested buyers will make bids if they are interested in your item.

13. Sell Them On Craigslist

Register online with Craigslist, the central network of online communities, and post a free online classified ad for your item.

14. Sell Them At A Car Boot Sale

Look in your local newspaper to find the location of the nearest car boot sale, usually held on the weekend. Make sure you turn up early to make sure you get an ad. You will have to pay a fixed fee for arranging your car boot in the sales area so make sure you bring enough unwanted items to make it worth your time. Portable tables or blankets are a good idea to bring with you to display your goods on.

15. Organize a Toy Swap Party

Arrange with other parents a time and place for everyone to pick up their unwanted toys and chances are all items will change hands quickly. The upside to this is that you won’t end up depleting your home of toys but you will get some new toys for free.

16. Take Them Out

Find an online toy rental service, like Zilok, and make some money by renting out your unwanted toys for the day.

Start DeCluttering Now

As parents it is a daily task to try and keep up with the toy chaos that surrounds us. Dividing the house of unwanted toys is a smart way to restore some order and reclaim part of your home. Hopefully at least one of the above tips will work for you and you will feel good knowing that another child is benefiting from your efforts.

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