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My 10 Best MIDI TV Themes

One thing I like most about the internet is the huge amount of MIDI music that is freely downloadable from many locations. Also, the variety of MIDI music available on the web is almost limitless. They range from classical to pop to rock music. Think of any song or song and chances are you’ll find one hidden somewhere on the web. Thanks to the musicians who made the effort to organize these songs and put them on the Internet.

My favorites of course, are the wide selection of movie and TV themes available in MIDI format. Since we were young, my brothers and I loved to laugh, sing or act on our favorite TV show or movie. We even play this game where one of us laughs or plays the theme and we guess the TV show or movie it’s based on.

Most of the themes I will feature here are classic 1980s. Perhaps one reason for this is that, during my teenage years (which was in the 1990s), they stopped making the kind of shows I was interested in. my childhood – which is the 1980s. (I was really disappointed when they stopped airing McGyver.) Of course, they tried to resurrect some of the classic TV shows, like Star Trek (I lost count of parts they have made), but I think no one can surpass the glory. The classics and I know lose interest in the new release. Another reason is that, as my thinking began to grow, I became interested in shows which had more mature and intellectual themes like L.A. Law, which had themes that I did not find attractive in MIDI form. .

So much for nostalgia, and let’s begin each review of my featured TV themes. I found it difficult to narrow down my resolutions to 10. But after much deliberation, I finally did it. I’m sorry for those who are favorites I don’t include. But then, these are mine personal options.

  1. Knight Rider – Do I need to say more? Indeed, most of us who have had knowledge before 1986 know about KITT, the highly advanced, self-driving car, driven by David Hasselhoff, AKA Michael Knight. In fact, the connection between Hasselhoff and this show is so impressive on me that until now, I still call it Knight Rider. The theme song was by Glen Larson and Stu Philips. The set shown here is that of Don Peake who did the show music when Stu Philips left the series. This is the plan I came to know about. It is more electronic (as opposed to Philips’ Symphonic style), which, I think, is a more appropriate style for the series’ hightech-ness.
  2. Battlestar Galactica – As a child, I was fascinated with sci-fci series. The earliest intergalactic series that I can remember was Battlestar Galactica. Although I don’t remember the plot completely, and I can’t remember any of the scenes (all I remember is a big ship going through the vastness of space), its theme song, with its melodious French horn ensemble, still resonates say in my mind. . This program that I downloaded, closely resembles the original theme.
  3. Star Trek, The Next Generation – I consider myself to be lucky to be able to witness the revival of the Star Trek series on September 28, 1987. Although, I was able to watch the reboots of the original series, I did not like it as much as the next generation. The reason is that the new series has far better special effects. And of course, I love the noble, walking theme song.
  4. Sadness – I like to watch game shows. There are several shows that I come to love The prize is entitled, Wheel of Fortune, Name that Tune, Deal or No Deal, Family Feud, and of course Jeopardy. As a student, I used to participate in (and sometimes win) inter-school quizzes. That’s why I came to love Jeopardy and its theme song. The theme here is “Think!” music, played while final danger when candidates write their final answer. Interestingly, he waited for exactly 30 seconds, the amount of time given to the contestants. “Think!” (written by Merv Grifin as “A Time For Tony” as a tribute to his son Tony) was first played in 1964 when the original Jeopardy started (I didn’t know Jeopardy was that old). When Jeopardy was revived in 1984, an electronic version of “Think!” used as your theme. However, the original is still used in the final Jeopardy round.
  5. Complete strangers – I have vague memories of sitcoms I watched as a child, which included Different brains we had Mork and Mindy. But none of them are etched in my mind like the heroes that Balki Bartokomous and Larry Appleton have The perfect stranger. I look forward to every episode, and each one is sure to make you smile. I was sad when they stopped airing in 1993. Successful sitcoms like Friends not quite behind my interest since Complete strangers complete. Equally memorable is the show’s entitled title Nothing Can Stop Me Now Written by Jesse Frederick and Bennet Salvay, and produced by none other than David Pomeranz. I think it’s one of the most inspiring TV themes I’ve ever heard (with lyrics like: Stand on the wings of my dreams, Rise and fall on the wings of my dreams…) The audio version of the song is higher, and sounds better than the (MIDI) component here. But then, this MIDI version is enough to give you an idea of ​​how this song sounds.
  6. Doogie Howser MD – It was when I was young when Doogie Howser was released. (1989 – 1993) Naturally, I came to love TV comedy because it was against girls. Yes, Doogie Howser is a genius (a 16-year-old doctor), but he lives a normal teenage life, thanks to his friend Vinnie Delpino, a typical teenager, who keeps him grounded in life outside of his job . As a young singer, I also loved the theme song. Interestingly, the theme player’s version is the sound of the YAMAHA DX-7 synthesizer which was popular in the mid to late 1990s. Sadly, I have not been able to find a MIDI version that matches the original. Are there a few musicians out there who are still Doogie Howser fans? (One of these days, I might publish my own version of the Doogie Howser theme. I remember during my high school days that I became instantly famous in my school just by doing the Doogie Howser theme.)
  7. X files – “The truth is there”, “Trust someone”, “I don’t want to believe”. These are the themes featured in The X-Files – a show that tackles paranormal phenomena, government mistrust, conspiracy theories, and belief in alien life. The enigmatic sound of The X-Files theme song (featured here) perfectly captures the mysterious nature of the show.
  8. MacGyver Again, anyone who had a conscious development before 1992 (the year the show ended) knows MacGyver, a reversible, super-powered secret agent, played by Richard Dean Anderson. We wonder how MacGyver escapes from extreme situations using simple and ordinary everyday objects, and the most reliable Swiss army knife. It is so popular that we sometimes say the phrase, “we make our way out of a situation”. Although most recently, the Mythbusters (one of my favorite shows) tried to test some of the MacGygers techniques and found that some, like the ultralight airplane made of bamboo, plastic bags, and the concrete mixer, are completely true (but that’s another story). and outside of this blog’s main theme). Along with a popular show comes a popular theme song. I still remember how scared the girls were when I did a MacGyver Theme at my high school. Some trivia: McGyver’s first name is Angus. Teri Hatcher appeared on the show as Penny Parker. (I knew it. The test show was wrong when it said that Hatcher’s first appearance on TV was in Lois and Clark).
  9. The Simpsons – As a child I liked cartoons. But when I stepped into the world of girls and began to grow my interest in them, The Simpsons came into play. It is a new breed of animation show, dealing mostly with old issues, not representative for cartoons. It was the first adult entertainment sitcom. Needless to say, The Simpsons became so popular, that it is now the longest-running American sitcom, and the longest-running American entertainment program. Its main theme song is equally interesting. Did you notice that Liza’s saxophone solo (besides Bart’s dark lines, and the sofa stage) is different from the show to show? Another exception: Did you know that Homer’s angry “D’oh!” has been accepted into the English lexicon?
  10. Mission Impossible – Last on my list, but definitely not least, is the Performance Theme song. It was written by Lalo Schrifrin. The version shown here is from the 1966 show. It was given a new and modern set when the show was revived in 1988. The Mission Impossible themed movie version has an even stronger set. So while the Impossible series and the movies (although I don’t like how they destroy the IMF team) became very successful, so is the theme song which is very popular to be one of the most famous television themes of all time. .

So that concludes my list of my top 10 TV MIDI themes. I hope you enjoy downloading these songs and bring back happy memories of the past.

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