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On the Nature of Fetches

I remember when I first developed Isisian Codes. I knew I had something, and I worked tirelessly in the early days of the Internet to find a way to communicate what was essentially astrally intelligent: the challenge was not to appear too crazy even to the point of preservation. of someone sanitation. Many fail. Dee’s witness, Crowley, to name two of the more public revelations, each died in the plots of madness and was rejected by the public.

It is no secret that the Occult world has always used the tools of the shaman. Meditation techniques, breathing techniques, concentration techniques, and the use of hallucinogenics often come into play. This is not very different for me. I grew up in a time when Christianity was still very powerful and powerful in society. A former high school teacher plunges into darkness in her own home to share “Secret Lessons of All Ages”.

Jung’s work on archetypes provides a logical reason to escape Christianity’s injection of fear of the unknown. Indeed the “Devil” is very subtle and deceitful, and whoever goes into the “Occult” then will bring a wrath. Every place is evil, except the visible place; The Christian storyteller could never see himself being the third little pig that was eaten by the wolf and therefore he was sent away.

The Occult, if you are not familiar with some of its principles, relies heavily on the astral. Hence the constant discussions of “ceremonial magic” and “protection spells”, and “astral beings”, and even an “element” or two. What some call “guardian angels”, others see them as special guides on the path of souls.

There are other names for these things. They are called “fetches”.

On the Nature of Fetches

What is the nature of the Cause? That is one, I have always known, but how does one explain the inner knowledge to an external source? Why, in many ways, that’s what a Fetch does, it looks for what is needed for the progressive development of the subconscious mind to have any given benefit of Spiritual Thoughts. In this way, if you look, you can find Fetch’s everywhere, because without them, the current world could not exist. Fetch’s serve the individual, clan (family), and volk (community), and as you can see with the vision of Fetch, there are Fetch’s for Planets, Solar Systems, and even galaxies.

The Fetch are not of this world, yet exist in it. Their tools are symbols that are of the nature of Archetypes, and can be communicated through dreams or, for the more spiritual, even in the waking state. Sit back and relax, and for the first time, The Fetch will use information from “the world” to explain what “Fetch” is. It may come as a surprise to many of you.

Fetch’s can be found sprinkled throughout Nordic Pagan, Celtic, and Wiccan philosophies, but it is in the Realm of Asatru that Fetch finds its greatest manifestation. Wicca, on the other hand, seems to explain Fetch’s to the most basic of tasks. According to “Grace Watchers Ministries”(1) which presents the Dictionary of Pagan and Wiccan Laws, a Fetch is defined as “A male Witch who acts as a messenger and general assistant to the High Priestess of the Coven and the High Priestess.” This position is also known as “Summoner”.

Gardnerian Wicca places a more etheric value on Fetch’s, where the “Summoners” are mentioned in the “Old Laws”, a work released in 1961 (2): (…40)…” It is Ardane that each Coven it would be. He does not know where the Covenant follows, or who its members are, except the Priest and the Chief Priest, that there should be no communication between them except from the Messenger of God, or the Caller.”

Actually, most of what is written about “profane Fetch’s” can be found in Wicca, because here is where a Fetch is the humblest of representatives, and the word “Summoner” is often used in this show. However, not all traditions of Wicca use a Provider, or a Fatch, but where these traditions exist, we see the purpose of the Fetch which is very different and central to the work of the Coven.

In “Wicca 101”, “God Spirit 101: Coven Structure, Chapter 4, AD” (3) it is said that a Summoner is also known as “A Puck”, is responsible for the anesthetic as the private messenger of the chief priests. can be a priest in training or simply someone who is capable of being seen without arousing suspicion. Also, he is the only one who knows where all the witches are in a Coven apart from maybe the High Priestess, and he takes care of the eternal matters of the coven such as contacting the Coven members at upcoming meetings, taking care Coven’s budget. , purchasing ritual supplies, coordinating gatherings, and providing light for the High Priestess and High Priestess as needed during the Circle.”

It is said in Celtic ways that to meet one’s Fetch is a very bad thing indeed, for a Fetch is your dream twice, and if you meet your Fetch, you are no longer of this world, but of the past. In the end, you can’t avoid your Fatch, because you can never avoid your fate.”

If you have had rich imagery and sensual dreams where you met with a member of the opposite sex or an animal, and in some cases, geometric shapes, then chances are, you have had a brush with your “bu”.

The removal is a form of freedom that is attached to the person even though it is not actually a part of the person, in any way. It can be easily sometimes confused with fylgja but it is actually a division of fylgja that is made in order to achieve a specific task. It is generally in the form of an animal or of the opposite sex of the person it is attached to. Its purpose is to help people who are connected in other areas. Most people don’t find or need to find them until death, at which point they will generally be directed to the afterlife. It can and often is passed along the paternal lines.

In Nordic Pagan shamanic systems, the soul is seen to be divided into parts. Generally, these divisions fall into 5 main forms:

1) Body,

2) Heart.

3) Spirit,

4) Take, and

5) Orlaeg.

Western traditions such as Masonry often set forth a structure based on 3 aspects to the soul: 1) Mind, 2) Body, and 3) Spirit.

Fetch is equivalent to Woden or the Letter L in higher systems, and is the first inhabitant of Asgard. Asgard as an esoteric meaning, and the “Garden of Eden”, are very comparable in design and construction, so to return to “Asgard” or to the “Garden of Eden” can be seen as simple cultural changes of shamanistic reality.

An anonymous author has this to say about Asgard and The Fetch:

Asgard. This is the highest realm of consciousness, this is almost pure consciousness and therefore Asgard is the realm of almost pure nature. This is described as the divine state of being. The center hall of Asgard is ruled by Odhinn the god of inspiration, the God whose being is the state of Wode. This realm is related to those spiritual aspects known as the Wode and also of the Fetch. Wode is a state of divine inspiration which can give clarity when the intellectual powers are in harmony. In achieving the Wode state the intellectual powers open themselves to the most productive and fertile manifestation of the mind, the highest state of being – the state of frenzied inspiration – while Wode is fundamentally connected with Asgard we must also know that it is home the truth is Midgard or personal – one of the purposes of the rune work is to bring Wode home – to reach a state of complete unity that is truly Hailagaz and so when we have to discuss Wode in relation to Asgard we also must admit. that his destination is Midhgard or the Self. The Fetch, is the soul element that truly has a home in Asgard. The Fetch is that being who holds within your consciousness every thought, every action and every moment of your own conscious life and more besides. The Fetch is also the collective repository of all that has been in the mind of all its previous incarnations – so it also carries with it the total consciousness of its father. One of the aspects of this is that Fetch has the knowledge of the kingdom of Hel, this is the knowledge of the past as while the dwelling is in Asgard its nature is to follow the soul through all its incarnations – this leads people to leave something appear. The close connection between the Fa and the seeds that everyone knows as the graves or Sal – this close connection means that the Fetch even understands that the state of being that occurs between one life and the next – just from being that it is not just. being

The Fetch is the most complete form of self-awareness. By navigating this level of the cosmos one can gain a better understanding of the nature of Wode and its inspiration as well as having insights into the nature of Fetch for this is the realm of consciousness that opens up to embrace more than eternal consciousness – in this realm we can access the consciousness of the ancestors a form of consciousness which connects us directly with our ancestor Odhinn. Alternatively by exploring Wode and attempting to communicate with Fetch one can begin to understand the nature of Asgard. Either way the result of this discovery will be an intimate understanding of higher states of being and higher states of consciousness. The vowel sound which corresponds to Asgard is A the Rune of divine inspiration. By pressing this sound we activate Asgard in our personal space and thus give power to Wode and to Fetch.

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