2 Main Legislations Relating To The Welfare Of Animals Politics in the Church of God Prevents Progress

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Politics in the Church of God Prevents Progress

Many members of the Sabbath Church of God (various groups and organizations related to one degree or another with Herbert W. Armstrong) are against the fact that any book of the Church- church of God or religious material for sale, because Herbert Armstrong taught us to “buy the truth and not sell it.” However, such a Church of God member should remember that Mr. Armstrong later allowed his books to be available for sale in bookstores, telling his brothers and associates in a letter dated September 12, 1985:

“There is a very large audience which will never ask for this book [Mystery of the Ages] if offered free – who won’t send us their name and address – but will happily buy a copy in the store. By putting it in bookstores we will reach a very large audience that we cannot reach in any other way. We will not sell the book ourselves, but it cannot be made available to many book buyers unless the stores put a price on it.”Biography of Herbert W. Armstrong, Volume 2, page 638).

Some are upset that Beyond Babylon: The Rise and Fall of Europe is sold. I reminded them of Herbert Armstrong’s words above and Paul’s eloquent response to some in his day on this principle that he was commanded not to muzzle the cow while threshing the grain and that a laborer should for his wages. Apart from, Beyond Babylon search for FREE or read online for FREE. God knows for sure I’m not in this for the money, but gladly share the truth of the Bible and the story of how I can do it, knowing it’s true. priceless explanation.

I am also an individual, not an organization of the Church receiving regular tithes and donations that therefore do not need to sell anything, as they are equipped to provide everything, perfectly, for free. I do not believe that any Church of God organization should sell Church of God literature. However, those who are in the field, who are not part of the administration or headquarters, have the right from God to act if necessary. Jesus did not condemn the sacrificial animals, but he was righteously angry that such a business was taking place in the temple courtyard and at such a high price. Many are killed rather than offered a job.

A member of the Philadelphia Church of God recently posted with me on this and other Church of God issues.

Are you not trying to submit your book to the servants of God and the church?

Never. Gerald Flurry refused to go ahead with it Beyond Babylon and fell back, trampling the old land and going in circles, business as usual, as Europe rose and Judah and Israel had no warning.

Maybe you should wait until the time comes.

Don’t you believe that God first goes to His Church and then His Country? It’s time to drink Beyond Babylon before Flurry, who I think was the leader of the Laodicean era of the Church of God.

Do you think you are one of the 2 witnesses?

God knows, but what I know is that we should prepare a way for them with Judah and that none of the groups of the Church of God reached the cities of Judah.

That would be an honor to be one. I have always prayed about them and in my foolishness wished I could be one of them.

It will be a great honor and responsibility and the most hated work in the world since there will be many divorces in the Church, in the beginning, and all people in the world, with the end of bloodshed until the resurrection to physical life just before the return. of the King, Jesus the Messiah. There are no fancy dinners or glittering invitations for Two Witnesses but countless murders and hateful grief.

But I am just a member…..

There is no such thing as “just” a lay member. Everyone has a God-given place in God’s Church and is equally important for whatever God has called them to do.

It seems to me that you focus too much on physical Jews.

Never. Herbert Armstrong always told us to “LOOK at Jerusalem!” Who is in Jerusalem? JUST! The gospel began and will return there. God’s true church does not exist now even though “Elijah” went there. This must change.

Mr. Armstrong, near the time of his death, said in one of his sermons or Bible studies that they were not as important as he thought because they did not even believe in Jesus Christ.

I don’t believe that at all and I don’t believe you’ve ever said that. I quote what we know for sure that Herbert Armstrong said about the importance of finding the cities of Judah. You have a note. With shame, it is something that has not been done yet but the foundation has been laid, although the work in Israel has been stopped for a while by government decree as it was in the days of Ezra and Nehemiah.

Mr. Flurry never read your book?

I don’t know. Wayne Turgeon [Gerald Flurry’s son-in-law] for him he sold out that year ago and those who returned to him said, “He always sends us that stuff.” Mr. Flurry even responded to me several times on various issues involving his confusion of Mount Carmel with Mount Harmon that I brought to his attention (since he is blessed to live next to both), and my disagreement. with him when he said that the pope. the only religious leader who sits on the throne and I say that the Queen of England is also the head of the Anglican Church (although he agrees with the point he made against the Roman Catholic Church).

I would love to find those letters, however during my many trips uphill to Israel I thought I kept them at my sister’s house but she could not find them. Such letters include letters from Dr. Herman Hoeh years ago about Jews and their differences in color and purpose. I met Dr. Hoeh at the Toronto Young People’s Weekend (Church of God from all over the world was there) where he spoke, and he invited us to write to him, which I did.

Later, I sent a photocopied copy BB (Beyond Babylon) to Flurry’s house for him and his wife who said to me (at the time of the tent festival in Louisville) about my name, “What a mighty name of Judah!”

Dennis Leap said he read parts of it and it was not necessary for him or Flurry to read it, unlike Mr. Armstrong wanting Sardis (Church of God, Seventh Day) to read his manuscript – United States and Britain in Prophecy – which they do.

Well, I heard that loud and clear. I don’t agree with some of the company’s decisions but they are just as human as we are liable to make mistakes, including Mr. Flurry. Sometimes we just have to suffer the mistake and move on.

I readily accept and accept that truth, but if it is a mistake or a sin learned from it, confess it and go before all the wise. Flurry never did one of those humble things. Regardless, I continued without him as he went back trying to play HWA and God in the Temple, sad to say.

David, I hope and pray for your return to PCG…Mr. Flurry has been involved in personal publicity campaigns and is planning to go to Joseph and Judah next year I think. David’s bug It won’t air on TV and we are now facing personal warnings.

Remember that we are baptized into the Body of Jesus Christ – not into any group or sect of men. I am a member of the Church of God of the spirit that is not bound by membership lists at the mercy of people. Remember Diotrephes? (3 John vs. 9-11).

What does it mean that they have canceled the TV programs (although I often criticize them -by Wayne Turgeon who used to teach me often – that no one but a very limited religious audience will watch the programs in hours shown to them). As Turgeon can attest, I also said they needed a toll-free number (which they got the next year); I said they needed a website with Church literature (which they had years later); they need to produce Beyond Babylon freely (which they still don’t) and to take out major newspaper ads like HWA to reach EVERYONE and get EVERYONE talking about the controversial message God gave us.

We really need good advertising.

Yes, because I have done my own tests and researches on various internet forums to see that the general public has no clue what Flurry is, has never heard of PCG and never knows the warning message. All that money for what? A private club?

It’s too bad that you only see what you think is bad but God has to prepare your family to love your Son first before you can fit in with the world.

And how does God do that? Have we stared at the navel of our Church – the capital of the church as the center of our attention? Or by way of giving, concern that flows out for the good and the good of others, like the cities of Judah. Otherwise, the people will not be motivated to prepare and will be exposed by Satan who does not want the Work to continue. As we go out, so help us God, He will work in and through and for us at the same time.

I know everything good about PCG and continue to refer people to its literature and The Philadelphia Trumpet newspaper even though they refused to send it to me. They know that I have given them contacts in the Middle East, in Jerusalem, Jewish leaders, and that I was used by God to contact the mayor of Jerusalem to let us commemorate the HWA monument (in Independence Bell Park in Jerusalem), and then I forwarded the information to Flurry (who didn’t even say thank you and didn’t even know about his woeful indifference that I know about from being there many times). I’ll bet you didn’t know that, did you?

I have written an open letter to the governor of Jerusalem, Uri Lupolianski, which has been printed Jerusalem post office. Your office contacted me to inquire about the groups or organizations I am referring to that would be interested in taking financial responsibility for the restoration of the monument and the rest is history.

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