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Cartoon Drawing Tips: How to Add Depth and Life to Your Drawing

You are a cartoon fan who loves to draw, and show your master pieces to your friends, parents and teachers. And you are appreciated by them for your work. But sometimes you yourself have a feeling of helplessness feeling that the images you create have no life of their own. Honestly what you do is good in terms of details but still for some reason unknown to you it looks flat.

If the lines above describe your situation do not despair. Let me tell you that many beginners are not the only ones who face this problem. But unfortunately it is different, you read this article, and it shows that you have a brainstorm to take an action to deal with the problem. I will ask you to continue reading, you are about to discover a number of simple things that when applied to your drawing will make it more life-like.

Most of the time beginners are very concerned with getting basic form right ignoring this area. They spend a lot of time getting good at hand drawing, practicing for hours to learn about the various shapes of human noses.

Don’t get me wrong I am not here to say that these exercises are not needed or to suggest that you can draw beautiful figures without being good with these skills. The only thing I’m trying to emphasize here is that with these details some more soft points are also important to make the characters and the whole life look like.

So equal importance needs to be given to soft skills and these will help add depth to your drawing. Here in this article I talk about soft skills that will make your drawing stand out in the crowd.

1. Judge the use of shadows in your drawing.

Just remember adding shadows to your drawing doesn’t need to be difficult. Because you will not be adding complete real world shadows in your drawing instead what you will be adding are reference shadows, this is basically to do two main purposes.

a. It will show the weight of your fingers,

without this your characters will appear to be floating on thin air. Just imagine how incredible it will make your work look.

b. Using shadow in your drawing you can tell the time of day and the mood of your composition.

If it is midday [or the mood of the composition is bright] the shadows will be deeper while in the evening or the mood is not so the euphoric shadow will be lighter.

2. Make sure your characters wear clothes that are in line with current fashion unless of course you are trying to portray historical characters. If you do this your viewers will relate to the character in a better way in the background. While choosing the color and patterns of the fabric make sure that they are compatible with the mood of the composition. The bottom line is the more you match your characters with your viewers imagination the more you will get.

If you are trying to represent a historical period in your drawing then make sure that your knowledge of the period you are trying to capture is sufficient for the job. Even if you are creating a comic strip you will need to research it carefully and adequately. Just think of Asterix and how detailed those funny characters are in terms of clothes, hairstyles build characters etc.

3. Don’t underestimate the power of action lines: action lines are the most used lines in cartoons to show the movement of characters. When you are telling a story with your drawing the task at hand will require drawing figures that are jumping, running or participating in a variety of interesting activities. And there is no better way to represent and make these actions believable than using action lines. Carefully used action lines can breathe life into your action heroes.

4. When you don’t know how to convey emotion through the body language of your characters. Go in front of a mirror and hold it and outline in your own mind what your character should be and pay close attention to your body language and facial expressions. Then create a character using the image you just saw in the mirror.

5. Props are also important, unless the style of the props and their arrangement goes smoothly with the story your character can be like a fish out of water. But on the contrary if the supports are consistent, it will increase the faith of your creation.

6. Use line thickness to your advantage: Don’t create your entire drawing with lines that are all uniform thickness, especially when you’re creating an outdoor scene. Use thin lines to represent things that are far away, and thick lines are to be used for things that are closer to the viewer. Also don’t forget to make distant objects smaller than equivalent objects closer to the viewer. Following these two guidelines will automatically add a sense of depth to your composition.

7. Learn to draw animals: When talking about making a good drawing normal people are skeptical of the truth unless we have a certain level of perfection in drawing animals especially common animals like cats, horses and dogs. will have a hard time making a drawing that will actually be fun to watch. So here I would suggest to give some thought and time for developing this skill.

Take this as a wide open opportunity because many artists spend so much time perfecting their human drawing skills that animal drawing skills are hard to come by. If you are moderately good at drawing animals you will be at a distinct advantage as an artist.

So if you are serious and want to make improvements to the drawing you produce read the above tips and advice again and start using them from today yourself.

As a simple fun exercise have some drawing that you have done now in a safe place where you can reach them easily whenever you want. Now follow the given tips for 2 months. And at the end of the 2nd month compare both drawing systems and see the difference if you are honest you yourself will notice the difference.

Remember the procedures presented here are simple and effective, so you don’t have any excuse of delaying their adoption.

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