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Why Does Everyone Have To Be The Same As Us?

Most people on this planet live by ego. They feel that they themselves are special, different from the crowd in some way, but they are not ready to acknowledge the importance of others. They are threatened by people who are different from them – but instead of seeking to understand the other’s point of view, condemn them.

Various Clubs of Special-ness

There are many different ‘exclusive groups’ that people come with pride. There are:

  • National teams

  • The color of the color clubs

  • Rich, poor and in between clubs

  • Political club

  • Religious groups

  • Sex Orientation Club

  • Disability groups

  • Disease groups

  • Sports clubs

  • Creative arts club

  • Skilled and non-skilled clubs

  • Club environment

  • Animal rights clubs

  • Club food

  • Health choice club

And the list goes on! What many people fail to recognize is that there is actually only one party

The Human being club

Our diversity is what makes life interesting. I love watching people dance or create music beautifully, evoke emotions through their acting skills, or be accomplished athletes. I also understand myself well enough to know that I am not passionate enough about any of these things to make the sacrifices necessary to approach their level of quality. Back in my teens and 20s, I played the guitar and sang folk songs in public and we also entered magbo plays – in fact, I wanted to be a Shakespearean actor at that time. In hindsight, I know these pursuits were not my highest passion. I have friends who are athletes, dancers, musicians and artists – each of them is so passionate about their form of expression that, to them, it is as important as breathing. Although I may have had the talent, I didn’t have the strong will needed, and so I wasn’t in their groups – I was just peeked in the door by my friends.

In many places around the world members of the creative arts are welcomed and even sought after, and the ‘cream of the crop’ are received with enthusiasm because of their superior skills. There are a few countries where creative expression is forbidden and the consequences are dire, but unfortunately these are few and far between.

The positive and negative effects of these groups

As mentioned above, creative arts group members are not always exclusive and many other groups want to open their doors to these people and accept them as friends. However, not all clubs are created equal.

Many clubs for members of other clubs visiting rights! For example, many of us today have friends and colleagues from different countries, skin color, religion, politics, gender and so on. The sum of the members of these groups forms the basis of the human society.

The problems are really raised by the hard core members of any of these groups. Self-righteous – people who hate anyone who is different! Their intolerance is the main cause of suffering in this world of ours. Groups with the most money, power and influence, namely political, religious and health alternative groups, can target these hard core members of their own and other groups and manipulate them into behavior which rooted in fear-based beliefs. Out of that another group was formed – the ‘I’m right and you’re wrong’ group.

Being a paid member of any of these groups can be extremely limiting. Some side groups are obvious ie. I can’t pretend I’m not in the white English women’s club – the English I can get away with for a while, but white and female definitely not!

Some people are afraid of being ostracized by other gang members if they spread their wings and start befriending members of other ‘not allowed/tolerated’ gangs. In fact, they may lose both their friends and family if they make that choice, so fear keeps them in a club that no longer suits them and restricts their learning and moving forward.

I’m still in two minds about the ‘sick’ groups. I know that it is comforting to be in contact with other people who have the same disease, who can help us in the most difficult times and when we are in pain. However, I think a lot depends on the orientation of a particular group – whether it works as a ‘compassionate section’, or is full of people who really try to be better (and don’t believe when they tell them they can’t ) and is prepared to look outside accepted medical practices to find a cure – whether it’s through switching to a raw food diet, or trying homeopathy. If there is information sharing, with people reporting cures, then more power to them. However, if it turns into a lot of people complaining about their fate, then that closes the door to health – and, a question I often ask myself – what would happen if people in this group were better – do they lose their members?

Love, Tolerance and Understanding

Instead of trying to wipe out people who are different from us, why can’t we just talk and understand their point of view? In the grand scheme of things, despite what is often reported, I believe that most people love peace and are willing to make sacrifices for other faiths. We just hear the news about hard core extremists in various groups and we tend to have an inappropriate view of life in general.

The population of many countries has become fear driven by what is happening in the lives of individuals, they actually vote for leaders based on fear who intend to lead them to war – they vote for the people coming from the same energy as them. of the body So, people who think they are the same. In fact, if a politician dares to talk about peace or talk to the ‘enemy’ – whether they are weak or traitors, when they are the ones who are trying to make our lives better. Somehow, we see the ‘word of war’ as strong and the ‘word of peace’ as weak. How strange is that!

I always remember my grandmother being very scared when she heard that a black family lived next door. At that time in Bristol there were few black families in the area and Nanna had only seen black people on television. Such times! A few months after the family moved in, Nanna had nothing but praise for them. That winter had been very hard with the great snow that had fallen and he told me that when the man next door was explaining his own front steps, he kept his own – no one had ever done that for him before. He treated her as he would have done to his own mother. All you get is familiar and a little conversation and fear out the window. In addition to that, my closest friend at the time was Jamaican – so he had first-hand experience of our similarities, rather than our differences.

In conclusion

I believe it is human nature to communicate and cooperate with people who are like us, but what most people see as ‘like us’ is narrowed down to the highest characteristics. I remember my Jamaican friend’s sister being the most outgoing. She was the only black woman in her company and then another black woman was hired. They were automatically put to work together because they were both black and obviously had a lot in common – think of the employer! The truth is that they have nothing in common, do not come from the same country and hate each other passionately. It is always a mistake to assume anything on a casual basis.

I consider myself very lucky to have had an intelligent father, who can look beyond the surface and see the inner person. I remember when he invited a stranger into the house, who turned out to be the one who sweeps the neighborhood. What the father saw in this man’s camera, he saw beyond poverty and homelessness, to the photographer inside. They had a great conversation about photography.

I have many friends who are members of the various groups mentioned above and each of them have taught me a lot about different cultures and lifestyles, and have improved my life in the process. I encourage anyone to strike up a conversation with someone who isn’t like them – you might be surprised at exactly how much you have in common!

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