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Facts About Koi Fish That You Need To Know

Hello koi fish fanatics, enthusiasts, and protectors! Whether you are an old pro angler or just a neophyte, there will always be something to know about this amazing fish. Here are some surprising koi facts. Have fun people!

The farmed and domesticated form of common carp is the Koi fish. This fish is most famous for its beautiful colors that have been produced by intelligent breeding. This fish became the pet of choice for some pet lovers. There are more than 20 species of this fish that differ in color, patterns and types of scales. Koi fish come from East Asia. It lives in fresh water. Its beauty and increasing popularity in the last century has become the reason why koi can be found in ponds all over the world. Since koi are abundant and kept private and private, they are not considered an endangered species.

It’s not for pet lovers

This fish can be as large as three feet in length, although the size of this species varies depending on the habitat. Adequate amount of food and oxygen and good temperature are important for good growth of fish. Its color comes in varieties like white, black, red, blue, cream and yellow. They are decorated with different points. They can also be non-metallic or metallic.

Fish like beauty luck

The Japanese believe that this fish represents wealth, prosperity, love, successful work and good fortune. Each of its types is associated with one of those core values.

Koi fish and goldfish are from the same ancestor. Although they are similar in appearance, the former can be distinguished by the upper part with barbells. They represent many virtues in Asian cultures. They are also known as signs of tolerance and endurance, as well as strength and individuality.

Food for Koi fish

This fish is considered an omnivore that feeds on both plants and animals. He eats a variety of fish. It’s lettuce, squash, peas and even your eggs. You can recognize your feeder after a while. Also, you can easily learn to eat from someone’s hand. You should eat twice a day. These types of fish should be given as much food as they can eat within 5 minutes. They may tend to beg or look for something good many times, but do not give them a treat. If you do, this can lead to poor water quality and obesity problems.

Temperatures for your pet

Koi fish prefer a water temperature of 15 to 25 degrees Celsius. This fish cannot tolerate drastic or rapid changes in temperature. It can live in tropical areas and hibernate in winter. He went deep to the bottom of the lake and stayed at rest until the weather conditions changed. These fish are very sensitive to exposure to sunlight. They can suffer sunburns if they live in pools without enough shades. Shade for many purposes in a koi pond. It helps protect the fish from direct sunlight, lowers the water temperature and reduces the penetration of ultraviolet into the water. This helps to reduce the risk of algae blooms. For best results, it is best recommended to cover almost 60 percent of the koi pond with floating pond plants, such as water lilies. You can do once a month checking the condition of your pond plants and you can also add or replace pond plants on your preference.

How to set up an aquarium

Koi grows fast and very large. For mature koi, you keep them in an outdoor pond that is at least three feet deep, with 50 gallons of water per fish, while juveniles can be kept indoors in an aquarium with a minimum of 29 gallons of water. Place the aquarium fish in a quiet area away from direct sunlight. You can cover the aquarium with a cloth to reduce evaporation. If you want to move the new koi to the aquarium, make sure to float them in the water in the bag for 10 minutes to let them adjust to the new water temperature.

Keeping koi fish healthy

In some cases, koi fish may not eat during the winter, but don’t worry too much, it is common for them to stop eating at certain points. To ensure the health of your pet fish, you can give your doctor a ring if you notice symptoms such as poor swimming pattern, thin or changing appetite, abdominal swelling, inflamed or discolored skin or fin, the nose is stuck to the sides of the body or scraping the body on the rock. Although Koi often take care of themselves, it is still up to you to keep their home clean and provide them with food. They should be slightly touched or held. Even their netting always gives them trouble. If they are stressed, their immune system is completely affected which makes them susceptible to bacterial infections.

Few people keep Koi as pets

Keeping this type of fish is now a worldwide hobby. Although keeping Koi was almost a Japanese practice in the 1960s, the phenomenon of air travel and polypropylene bags changed everything and the practice of keeping koi began to spread around the world. Contrary to common belief, koi is believed to have originated in China. The fish later became a food source before the Japanese began breeding them for their aesthetic appeal.

Most Popular Variety

The most popular types of koi in Japan include the red and white koi called Kohaku. In the United States, Kohaku, Taisho Sanke, and Showa Sanke are the most popular and come in different colors such as red, white, and black.

Smart fish pet

These fish are considered smart fish. They can be trained to eat from your hand and sometimes even with your mouth. This makes them as adorable as any other pet. They are omnivores and are known to munch on lake plants.

It’s not like a big mate

Koi fish eat their young which occurs in the mating process. The newly hatched babies are called koi fry. In order to maintain the fry, they must be removed from the fry during mating. If a koi keeper raises a very high quality koi, it can sell for thousands of dollars.

A Lo see of Ideas

Because this fish can make such a wide range of bright colors, it is no surprise that each hue has a special meaning. Metallic koi connote business prosperity. Gold symbolizes wealth and prosperity. A blue koi is believed to give peace of mind. The koi flag of red, blue, and gray definitely represents good in life. We believe that black is the essence of the father, with red for the mother, blue for the son, and pink for the daughter.

Fish in the backyard

The shiny surface of a koi pond adds a sense of beauty and tranquility to your backyard, though what lies beneath has its magical effect. Koi fish, which are considered colorful carp that can be as large as lengths of 4 feet or more, are a vibrant addition of color and life and beauty to your garden.

Fish water change

Koi fish removes many waste materials from its body. If these are combined with natural waste from the water bodies, waste flows from the edge of the lake and organic matter falls into the lake. This immediately makes the koi pond water dirty. Pond water should be cleaned and/or replaced with fresh water every 4 to 6 months. By filling the pond with fresh water as the existing water will not help to clean it, because it does not remove the actual water blockages. away but only in their concentration and pollution.

Feed your fish

These fish can be aggressive consumers with large appetites to help their growth continue. For great results, use appropriate fish food labeled for koi fish, as these foods contain pigments that complement the fish’s natural colors.

Check the pH of the water

A koi pond will do best with a base or acid. Koi thrive in water that ranges from 6.5 – 9.0 pH, which can be measured using a pH test kit. Water with a low pH, which is acidic water, can be processed and balanced. You just have to put a teaspoon of baking soda in a pond with 500 gallons, prepare and wait for 12 hours before testing again. Repeat as needed until the water’s pH is at the right level for the koi. Likewise, water with a high pH, ​​known as alkaline water, can be neutralized using vinegar. You can use one-fourth cup of vinegar for every 500 gallons of water, let it sit for hours and then refill the pond.

Care for hard water for pet fish

Water hardness is about the amount of magnesium and calcium in the water, and it can be checked using a test kit which is mostly available in pond supply stores. These fish do best in hard water. Failure to meet adequate hardness can affect how the fish’s gills work. If there is too much hardness on the pond, there are over-the-counter pond hardeners especially made of lime powder that can increase the hardness of the pond.

Sometimes, because we don’t care about the results of our work, we don’t think about the things that can affect the health of our animals. The following tips can be your guide to ensure the longevity of your beloved koi fish.

Do not overfeed

Never feed your fish. They must give them enough food that they can eat in two minutes two times a day. If you have a large processing capacity and you are trying to increase your Koi growth rates, feeding them more than the recommended amount of Koi food will just make the pond water dirty. Uneaten food will increase fish waste and lead to poor water quality. Poor water quality can lead to fish health problems. In this case, overfeeding can also cause your fish to gain weight. Although, overfeeding is easy to avoid, just start to give them a small amount of food that they need.

Do not overstock

It is very complete and capable of having a pond flowing with various types of Koi fish. Please remember that stocking can just as easily happen when many small Koi living in a pond become large Koi. Since the filter only works well when the fish are small, this may not be enough to hold a load of fish when they are large in size. Although it can prevent the product from increasing with pain planning. You can allow one fish in the pond to have 150 – 500 gallons of water. And if your pool is too large, simply reducing the amount of storage or expanding your pool and adding more filtration will solve the problem.

Be sure to have enough Filters

Neglected or improper pond filtration can lead to poor water quality and poor water quality can lead to poor Koi health. Regularly update and upgrade your filter system. Because the filter system you may have today may not be appropriate tomorrow. As the fish grow, the amount of waste they produce will also increase. So the best thing to do is adding and improving the filter system will keep the pond clean and filtered.

No to No Quarantine

Make sure that before you add a Koi to your pond, you get quarantined first to prevent parasites, bacteria or virus infections in your pond. Therefore you must isolate each Koi that will enter your pond. The quarantine period must be at least three weeks. If no issues are encountered then, the isolated or treated fish should be safe to dive into your pool.

You can get one now if you don’t have it yet. Although it would be better if you choose a favorite pet, this fish is the best recommendation for fish lovers and fish keepers. Dive in and enter your koi fish now. These fish are great pets!

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