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Pekingese History

First, you must understand that the Pekingese is not a dog! They are a combination of part human, part aristocrat, part mortal, and part cat. There is no other breed like them.

You must also understand that if your idea of ​​a pet dog is one that will sit eagerly at your feet (or in your lap), stop to jump at any command, come to every beck and call, Pekingese is not for you. . In most cases, Pekingese will slowly work their way into your home and before you know it you will be at their beck and call. They will be very obedient – not to please you but only because they choose to please you. They will go as they like because that is what they like. They are not really strict but they do it because they can’t find any reason to do it. After all, they are important, aren’t they?

Pekingese originated in China 2000 years ago. The only job they did was to carry the coat of arms of the Chinese Imperial Court. Owning this dog is forbidden for anyone except the king. During the Great China War of 1860, Franco-British troops marched on Peking. The invaders took the summer place, and the Western world made its first acquaintance with the little lion dog of Peking. Five of these little dogs were found in the apartment of the Emperor’s aunt, who had missed his flight and killed himself when the Palace gates were broken.

These five little creatures fell in love with their captors and brought them back to England. One was presented to Queen Victoria and named “Looty”. He lived a happy life for ten years at Windsor Palace until he died in 1872. All modern Pekingese are descended from these five dogs. They killed all the others so that no one would lay eyes on them, because to do so in China caused them to die instantly and mercilessly.

This background gives you an idea why Pekingese think they are a little bit better than anyone or anything else! It has become so ingrained in them that they continue this practice today. So, if you want an amazing personality, enjoy their independence, accept the fact that they are masters, then a Pekingese is the dog for you.

There is no doubt that you are impressed by the many dresses. While keeping a lot of eye contact, you will pay the price to keep the shine. If you are not ready to groom at least once or twice a week, or have it done professionally, then this breed is not for you. The good thing is that they require very little cutting. The hair on the bottom of the legs covering the pads should be kept short. Likewise, both men and women must cut their hair well around the man’s head and the woman’s belly. Scissoring is not useful on any other part of the garment unless you decide the coat is just too much to handle.

There are many cute cuts that can be done by a professional and that will still leave a dog looking like a Pekingese. I do not recommend that you should shave completely. If coarse, as in all types of coating, the length and quality of the coat will vary. If you buy from a breeder who produces puppies with show ability, your puppy will have a great coat. I definitely recommend that you buy from this breeder. Puppies bought from a pet store are of questionable parentage and will never grow up to look like the Pekingese you see in the show ring. At the age of nine or ten months you should have some indication of what the coat will look like.

In general, the Pekingese is an affectionate breed but will not take kindly to being badgered by children. They are not aggressive by nature but will eventually take revenge if someone continues to abuse them. If there are small children in the Pekingese family they should have their own place, such as a crate, to escape to. Cats and Pekingese seem to have an affinity for each other and will become very good friends. It is not recommended that you have an aggressive dog in the same house as the Pekingese will not back down, so the size or strength of the other animal is important.

Pekingese make good house pets, by which they will have territory to rule. Their favorite place will be the place where you don’t want them, but you will tolerate their desires because you love and adore them. They need daily exercise but you shouldn’t expect them to be border trained so you will need a dog proof fence for them. They are easily leash trained and enjoy daily walks. Pekingese are very muscular and have a tight build with most of their weight concentrated in the front areas. For this reason, stairs should be avoided, and they should not be allowed to jump from high places such as couches or beds. Since they are tall supported dogs, landing from a height can cause serious problems.

Pekingese are very cold tolerant and will always prefer to be outside when you think they should be indoors. However, they are not tolerant of heat and you must be careful for them to become too hot during hot weather. Make sure they have plenty of fresh water and a cool place to lay. The ground floor is ideal, but they don’t want to leave the family. They like to lie on a stone fireplace, a wet linoleum floor, or in front of a large floor fan. If you have a pool or pond in your yard, watch your Pekingese very closely!! They are not good swimmers and once their coat is full of water they are sure to drown.

The Pekingese is free of hereditary problems and if purchased from a reputable breeder should live a long healthy life of ten to eighteen years. However, since this is a flat-eyed breed you must be careful of damage to the eyes. Because they do not have a snout to protect the eyes, they can be more easily injured than the eyes of other breeds. “Eri Peke” your yard. That means no long grass, rose bushes, and small tree branches – anything sharp they can run into. Clean the eyes daily with a cotton ball and look for anything unusual. The first sign of an injury is usually watering or blinking.

If not noticed immediately the eye will turn light blue and you can see a small impression called a bruise on the eyeball. There should be an immediate aging focus so that it can be properly treated. I recommend that you always have a tube of chloramphenicol eye ointment on hand – accidents happen on weekends and holidays! Remember, the best cure is prevention.

Welcome to PEKINGESE ADDICTION SOCIETY! I hope you are prepared for a long and enjoyable relationship of being owned by your new pet. Your Pekingese will give you many hours and years of fun. There is no other dog like them! If you have any questions, or need more information, please call me anytime. I always come to speak Pekingese.

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