2019 Is The Next Animal Of What Chinese Zodiac Reflecting Upon Your Part in Humanity, The Month of Aquarius 2015

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Reflecting Upon Your Part in Humanity, The Month of Aquarius 2015

Zodiac Month Ahead A Reflection on His Part in Humanity

What we can all expect from our celestial forecast is from 20 January to 18 February.

Making the Most of Our Cycle in Aquarius

Let’s all take a deep breath, and let it out fully. As we experience the combined journey of our sun in Aquarius for 2015, there will be a lot of energy throughout this area of ​​our lives that will try to throw us all off focus and play as Mercury returns in the same area. same. . As our Sun shines here, the request for reflection, review and release also raps regularly on the Water Drinker’s door. If we choose to oppose the natural course of the changes emerging in the coming month, we miss opportunities to reap the rewards of meditation. If one takes away their free will to choose resistance, it is a direct invitation for the chaos channel to only multiply into chaos.

It is especially important to see where the organizational wisdom of The Water Bearer resides in your life, from both your sun sign and natal chart perspectives. The Zodiac month ahead invites us all to engage in review, revision and renewal. When we respond to this, there will be light for all of us to accept this natural process.

The Sun enters Aquarius January 20

Shine Light On Each Part Of The Whole

One must take time during any winter by asking the Zodiac, to get rid of the cold fixation and think about what needs correction and improvement. Aquarius will always ask to first look at the individual, respect this, and then see the important part they are meant to play to help awaken the whole person themselves. This is where the light of friendship shines within our lives and where social involvement with groups and organizations will be a favor to make our hopes, dreams and desires in our lives to be able to come true.

Being a fixed air sign, the power of the Water Guardian is always about breaking through the norm with unprecedented ideas that are able to enrich all ideas that unite the non-judgmental space of group and sisterhood. . Aquarius -by logic- is a product of human nature. At worst, it makes a real “word to the hand” kind of power away, simply because people can’t be very enthusiastic when there is a new job to be accomplished. We are often reminded at this time of year not to be too far-fetched, agnostic, or religious. We can achieve success in knowing by working with truth and knowledge that grows through honoring being warm, practical and remembering the friendship of the human touch.

New Moon in Aquarius, January 20, Take One

Where Your Emotions Find The Science of Well-Developed

We consider that “once in a blue moon” influence from Aquarius this year as we will experience two New Moons within the power of the Water Guardian. One will be a mere three and a half hours after our Sun enters Aquarius, the other this zodiac month will be three minutes before the Sun moves forward into Pisces on February 18. For our first Aquarian New Moon of 2015, we will experience deep and important feelings that will seek truth – even if it can hurt- as this first lunation communicates politely to Saturn in Sagittarius. Similarly, Mercury -who will be ahead of Aquarius- will wait to go Retrograde the next day, because the demand for patience will take one more level. While New Moons often favor new beginnings and are the best time to plant new seeds in our lives, any move we make with a view to true long-term success should be taken care of. carefully and planned for this entire planting phase until 03 February.

Mercury Retrogrades in Aquarius | 21 January to 11 February

Where Changes Call to Think On Your Side of It All

Our messenger world took the first “retreat” trip of 2015 that called for a shout for reflection among the Water Drinker. With Aquarius being the sign of the unexpected, we can be sure to expect our fair share from this area of ​​our lives until the beginning of February. The theme across the board with any Mercury gift for meditation is to stick to close friends with those “YOUR” terms and look before you leap during retrograde. Mercury Retrograde (MRx) often favors slowing down, retreat, memory, integration and release when it comes to communication, thinking, movement, and travel within our lives. Choosing resistance to what will naturally run through the courses of changes, will be absolutely futile. When we fit under this rotation, we can see the biggest show games, which will be especially strong to get with the hope of the local days 30 January.

Because Aquarius is a fixed sign of wisdom, Mercury’s retrograde journey can reveal a lack of warmth and imagination depending on where this sign is in your personal birth charts. Respond calmly to chaos that has the potential to present itself. A noted theme for Aquarius MRx is one of rejection. A pause and a moment of silence are needed so that we can interpret and realize which forces are greater, each individual should be honored. What is so important that you need to get out of this area of ​​life in order to move forward properly once the children return?

Venus entering Pisces | 27 January

Where Your Relationship and Understanding Are Compassionate

Our Idealist Venus instills a lot of unity in Mercury Retrograde’s path before it goes ahead and travels through February 20 in Pisces, where it will be close to Mars before they enter Aries. We will have the opportunity to experience tender and devotional desires every time Mercury calls for meditation in the neighboring area of ​​our life. This will be a great opportunity for the couple with Mercury’s request to return to the arts, for Venus in Pisces is normally a good connoisseur of beauty, music, poetry and romantic dreams of all kinds. Be careful of being too easily into situations where there is negativity – don’t let it trickle down and become insensitive to any changes around you to integrate into our human experience.

The transit of Venus is a powerful one to help our innate understanding of the changes that call upon people in every sense. These weeks will see many coming together to find a sense of unity by sharing their emotions, healing them and realizing compassion is part of what constitutes a true human being. While sacrifice will be seen as normal, make sure that wherever Pisces lives in your Zodiac Pie, don’t get overwhelmed and forget to fill your own cup before helping out wherever you may need to. Indeed, this area of ​​our life can expect a peaceful and gentle prospect that wants to bring us wisdom.

New Moon in Aquarius, Year of the Wood Sheep, February 18/19, Take Two

Where Your Emotions Find The Science of Well-Developed

As usual on the Aquarian New Moon, our friends ring in the East in their New Year by pushing the 2015 Year of the Wood Sheep (or Goat). The Kannada New Year is often celebrated as the waxing phase of the moon begins in the Water Guardian, the sign representing all human and individual aspects. Year of the Lamb / Goat tone down the spirited calling from the last year of The Horse, where many are “spooked” if they do not know how to bring the innate power that requires respect, dignity and Patience throughout the course of the course. 2014’s son.

Turning 2015 from our eastern wisdom, once again we see the first year of the tree symbolizing your fire animal to engage us between growth, renewal and renewal. Both the Aquarian New Moon and the Sheep/Goat spark our wisdom to trust what we can imagine and create to make life enjoyable for all. During this journey, we see a highly sensitive nature that comes to a collection that supports the pleasures of artistic pursuits. The use of compassion is equally needed to prosper within the Year of the Sheep/Wood Goat -which when combined with 2015 equals the numerological power 8- calls for responsibility to balance life. This year marks the unity together for the causes that one believes in, and generous with money and time that is able to take care of those who need it most, which will be felt on the world, but also local levels.

While the show tunes and questions are calling early in the Universal New Year, can you find games within this retreat to honor your individual heart, that is, take steps to bring humanity forward with compassion and understanding as 2015 continues.

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