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The Coming of Antichrist

The woman of Revelation 17 sits on many waters, which are many countries. But his seat is immediately above a beast, which we first taught the readers of John in chapter 13. We should go there if we want to understand the seven heads and ten horns of this beast.

John first saw the beast that came out of the sea. From John’s point of view in the first century Roman Empire, this could only be the Mediterranean Sea. From the middle of the arrangement of the countries around the Mediterranean Sea, one person has begun to represent all the kingdoms everywhere, that is, all those who have fought against God and His people.

To make sure we are on the right track here, several animals are mentioned as part of its description. The animals are the same as those mentioned in Daniel 7! These are examples of the four kingdoms that will appear in Daniel’s day and beyond.

The seven heads are the seven kings and their kingdoms, which we will see in chapter 17. But before that, verse 8, is an important key to unlock a mystery for us. This animal, the animal that many evangelical scholars see as the antichrist, lived once before. He is not alive on earth now. But he will rise from his resting place, perform his terrible deeds, and then go to eternal destruction.

Listen again. The Antichrist – if indeed we can think of the beast as the Antichrist – already lived on Planet Earth, a historical figure, in John’s day. Even in John’s day, he was not alive on Earth. But it is alive somewhere. How do we know? Because that same person will appear again on Earth in the last days that was foretold here in Revelation 17.

The resurrected king!

He will come out of the “pit”. The pit. How does this work? Chapter 9 Revelation makes it clear. Whether speaking metaphorically or figuratively, the message that is sent to us there is that the bottomless pit holds the forces of evil, when we “open the pit” in any way, we are released onto the earth. In chapter 9 it is a multitude of locusts. In chapter 17, it is the antichrist.

But as Paul said in 2 Thessalonians, “What is hindered will be hindered until it is taken out of the way.”

Have we protected him from death? Whether. Or he was raised from the dead, and followed the example of Christ, who is hated by antichrists.

His body will rise and join his spirit in the “Kodo,” and then it will be filled with the spirit of Satan, Revelation 13:2 says, “… and the dragon. [ the devil] for him [the beast] his power and his throne and great authority.”

This prophecy is not child’s play. The angel tells us that to understand this matter requires wisdom from God. Here is my understanding of what was said to John:

According to the prophecies of Daniel 2 and 7, we know five of the mountains, or seven kingdoms, that have been raised in history. Daniel was able to interpret Neo-Babylon, that is Nebuchadnezzar’s Babylon, then Media and Persia, Greece, and Rome. He also saw how the Roman Empire expanded in the very last days.

Where are the other two?

Before Neo-Babylon was Assyria. And before that time, old Babylon, based on the original city of Babylon, started by Nimrod of the book of Genesis. These kingdoms are the foundation of all Bible history! In every generation, in every government of men, the Antichrist, the opposition of God has tried to change the plans of the Creator to have His own government.

That Kingdom will come, “And Jesus will reign where the sun goes, and His Kingdom will stretch from coast to coast, ’til the moons will rise and fall no more.”

But there was another reign or two before that one.

Before we go, we must note that the angel said “kings,” not “kingdoms.” Is there one man who represents the worst of men in each of these Kingdoms?

Babylon: Nimrod himself? Rebellion against God, says Josephus. He is the one who built a tower that will reach Heaven. A mighty hunter “against” the Lord.

Assyria: Sennacherib? Killed by the sword, as the death of the Antichrist is said to be.

Neo-Babylonian: Nebuchadnezzar? Has he ever fully repented?

Medo-Persia: Is it Sarsita?

Greece: Antiochus Epiphanes is definitely a candidate in Daniel’s prophecy, chapter 11-12. One minute, the prophecy is talking about Antiochus, the next it is describing the king, or anti-Christ at the end. Daniel 11 is fascinating and many point to this man as the one who will return.

Rome: If there is a man in the Roman Empire who said that evil is against the church, it must be Nero.

But Nero could not be, because verse 10. The angel there tells us that “five have fallen.” That is, Babylon, Assyria, Neo-Babylon, Media-Persia, Greece. And he said “it is one.” Rome, of course. But Nero was not alive when John received this message. Trajan will be the man…

… if not for verse 8: the beast “is and IS NOT…” We are left with the first five candidates.

It is not my purpose here to further narrow the search for the Antichrist. I have published works on this topic elsewhere. I am now trying to establish the state of the final state of the world when everything is ready for the end. One of these men will return. Revelation chapter 13, verse 3, tells us that one of the beast’s heads was wounded, but was healed. That is the resurrection.

I must mention the shock movement known today as the Seven Commandments. According to its founders, and there are many voices competing for who it may be, there are seven powers that Christians must conquer before Jesus comes.

I call it distracting because it takes people’s attention away from the real scene of the top seven of Revelation. On each of those mountains, the one who hates the believers reigns and will do anything he can to stop them. The sad truth is that Christians will not conquer any of those mountains, but we will kill them and send them to Heaven.

This is where the angel is very specific about what is coming, what the world will be like at the end of days. Listen carefully.

After telling us that five mountains had fallen, one—namely Rome—was now, in John’s day, he said that there was one that had not yet come. And as I wrote, it hasn’t come yet. But it will come. And it will only be for a short time. The number three and a half is mentioned several times in different ways in Revelation. Many believe that this “short period” of the seventh kingdom will be three and a half years, or the first half of what is often called the Tribulation, but which is appropriate according to the Bible as the “seventy weeks” of Daniel.

Stop now. More details. That is not the last kingdom and king to come. There is an eighth. Ekejo (are you listening?) is one of the seven. Read!

That sounds like a new piece of information, but it’s what I’ve been saying. The Antichrist is a resurrected Emperor. He is one of the seven kings and his kingdom is one of the seven kingdoms.

Antiochus Epiphanes was on his way to confront Rome when his life and his very life fell apart. Will he come back and finish what he started?

I quote now from my book The Gospel of Daniel, the division that foretold how the rising Rome thwarted Antiochus himself [Daniel 11:29-30]:

11:29 a. “At the appointed time, he will return and go south.”

In 168 years [B.C.] in the third invasion of the Sixth War. Some say it [Antiochus Epiphanes] who actually placed the crown on the head of Euergetes [Egyptian monarch] in the last campaign and coming this time is the possibility to correct the issue by grabbing the right. Now, the Egyptian rulers have established a system for the joint management of the two brothers with the mother. But Antiochus needed a reason. He returned to do the right thing, and worked at it until the winter stopped him.

In the spring, he raised the siege of Alexandria and marched on Memphis. [in Egypt]. Filometer [brother of Euergetes] was properly installed as a king. But when Antiochus left, the brothers also told Momi that they do not need Antiochus to tell them who will rule for them. The joint process has been re-established.

Antiochus, used in his own way, as his father had seen, was not happy at all. He attacked Memphis, then Alexandria, and had decided to break this small satrapy in one blow, when he was interrupted, showing what God said, that

11:29b “it will not be like the former or the latter.”

Not like the previous conquests of Egypt, not even like the last time he was here. Rome is on the stage again. The nemesis that had thwarted his father’s plans was ready to kill his own.

11:30a “For ships from Cyprus will come to him;

Between these two expeditions, Egypt had reconciled its relations with Rome. When the triumvirate of Egypt heard that Antiochus was on the way, they sent a message to their Big Brother [Rome]. The ships leaving Cyprus took a Roman office about a kilometer to Alexandria, where they awaited the arrival of Epiphanes. Livy [Roman historian, 64 B.C. to A.D. 12] said that when they came to Antiochus he would put his right hand on Popilius [consul of the Roman Republic], but to that hand Popilius commanded Antiochus of the Senate: Return! Go home! Otherwise!

Popilius drew a circle where Antiochus stood and said, “Now choose, before you leave this circle, whether you will leave Egypt or attack it.”

It’s an easy decision. Even a fool does not dare come against the rising power of Rome.

Antiochus immediately took out his wrath on Israel, an easy target. But his passion against Rome remained. Will he return his anger to both of them?

Back to Revelation 17 verse 11. What about the ten horns? The beast has seven heads but ten horns. The seven see with the past. The ten will deal with the future. There will be ten kings and kingdoms that will join the Antichrist to take over the world.

The image’s ten toes and ten horns in Daniel’s and John’s visions are the same. A ten-nation alliance will arise, flowing out of the “foot” part of Daniel 2. That is, flowing out of Rome.

This is why, in the 70 weeks prophecy of Daniel chapter 9, it is said that “the people of the coming prince” will destroy the holy place and the city.

It was destroyed by the Romans in AD 70. The future prince would rule over the revived Roman Empire.

That is how it will be in the last days. Europe will rise. Not China. Not Russia. Europe. Not Islam. Not even America.

But read on.

A seventh kingdom will emerge from Rome’s old territory, but it will only wait a while before the Antichrist comes through a wonderful door, Paul said in 2 Thessalonians 2, and take over the kingdom.

The ten nations of Europe/North Africa will unite and give their power to the beast/anti-Christ (v. 12-13). And they will turn to the woman, Babylon. All religion will be banned as the beast claims the right to worship. Here then the prophecy of the destruction of Babylon was finally fulfilled (v. 16).

Soon Christ returns, and all human kingdoms become His kingdom (v. 14).

There is so much coming into our world that most morderns know nothing about. Stand by.

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