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Secrets of the Freemason’s Book – Chamber of Reflection and Alchemy in Masonic Philosophy


“So let your heart be filled with them

Our Lord God, to walk in your order and

to keep His commandments…”

1 Kings 8:61

According to the book and tradition of the Jews, we take great care of the personal condition of every Israelite who enters the Temple for God’s worship. The Talmud states the following requirements: “No one should go into the temple with his staff or his shoes on his feet, or with his outer garment, or with money tied in his purse.” Masonry has adopted aspects of this ancient Jewish tradition regarding the preparation of a candidate for entry into a lodge.

Although not Jewish in its origin, the Chamber of Light, which has been incorporated into candidate preparation in some American lodges, is an updated version of the original original cave. However, it also serves to prepare the candidate for entry into the holy land. In general, the chamber is a small room lit by a candle that casts a weak light on various objects, including a human skull, human bones, a loaf of bread, a bowl of water, an hourglass, a saucer containing salt and other. containing sulphur. The Candidate sits inwardly by himself to contemplate the sacred significance of his intended Masonic journey.

Sitting at a table, the candidate must write a philosophical essay that will be read once in the hostel. In order to gather that desire, the candidate must search his soul for his true feelings about life, death and his personal transformation from his material nature to his spiritual destiny. It should not be surprising that the symbols within the chamber are originally from alchemy – science and science of metamorphosis.

Alchemists believed that the salt extracted from sea water by the process of evaporation was the element of fire that water delivered. Smoke is to the human body what the sun is to the earth. The combination of salt and sulfur represents life and death, or light and darkness sustaining each other. Therefore, while the general candidate for the Masonic degrees is completely ignorant of either alchemy, or the symbols it uses, it is intended that he meditate on such esoteric matters as the evolution and continuity of all life, and the fact that The transition from material life to spiritual life is a matter of personal experience. Each person will live, die and live again, but no one can fully appreciate how that will feel until it happens.

For Masons, the time spent in the Chamber of Light represents the trials of life. The first lesson to learn is that nothing is good or bad. People are responsible for making things better or worse depending on how they behave. Thus, the first lesson has to do with the importance of accepting responsibility for one’s own actions.

The hourglass asks the candidate to reflect on the impermanence of the passage of time. Our material life is on a progressive decline and there is precious little time to engage in spiritual growth. The bread signifies the transition from raw to fully cooked – from raw wheat to bread fit for human consumption. A Mason is not valuable to the world in which he lives simply because he is initiated into the Order. Instead, he must prepare himself by learning and using the knowledge he is learning, if he wants to benefit the society and mankind. The bottle of water represents fertility, or regeneration, of which love, or baptism is also a symbol. The regeneration explained in this symbol is not of the resurrection of the soul and spirit, but of the resurrection to the character and survival of the physical body. A renewal of spirit and soul will benefit the individual, while a renewal of the will to survive will benefit others. Many religions teach that unless a person renews his life to do good deeds, he will not fully prepare himself for eternal life.

It is important for the candidate to understand that Masonry does not teach that good works achieve the salvation of the soul and spirit. Instead, they teach different religious doctrines. Freemasonry teaches on how life should be lived – how the “works” of one’s life actually reflect the “belief” one holds. Therefore, the journey of the Synagogue preparing the candidate is a journey to a better life, not a salvation which can only come through the grace of God – not through the works and actions of person.

The human skull placed in the chamber is intended to remind the candidate that death is on a large scale. No one can escape him, and no one can know how it feels to die until he himself dies. The skull is also intended to teach people that death is also a source of life. As vegetables and animals die to be eaten by human life, the fact that death contributes to life is fully illustrated. As a good person dies, his work remains, and he helps the good of those who continue to live. Talking is the truth of a bad person. Although his bad deeds die with him, the effects of those deeds can remain long after his death. The lessons learned in Masonry make the member more likely that his own death will be a source of life to others – not a source of sorrow and suffering.

The symbols set in the Light Room are also intended to put in the mind of the participant the importance of the difference between what is real and what is fantasy. When a person clings to what is true, he frees himself from the illusions that quickly turn light and darkness into opposition. More often than not, bad behavior is the result of a disturbed imagination. In Hitler’s fantasy, the Jew was responsible for the ills of his society. A serial killer often thinks that living a life of evil and violence brings happiness.

Energy is the product of opposing forces that oppose each other. Either it becomes a positive energy, or a negative energy depending on whether or not the dark side of life becomes too much. Light does not always shine in the heart of a person any more than it shines on the earth. For about twelve out of every twenty-four hours of each day, darkness prevails. In life one does not always enjoy good health – for at least a few days, one’s body is sick. It is not a question of how to get rid of darkness, because that is against the laws of Nature. Rather, it is a matter of what we will do when darkness surrounds us, telling whether the power of good will prevail in the end or not.

In preparation for the Masonic journey, whether or not the journey begins with a period of private reflection in the Chamber of Light, the candidate should be led to reflect on where he is in his own life, where he wants to be when life ends. Your life on earth ends and how you should achieve the best journey between the two places. Many lodges in the United States have stopped teaching a valuable lesson at the beginning of a candidate’s Masonic career. The contestants are often “prepared” by the way they dress, which is finally explained after the journey has begun. Little if anything is said about what it means to pursue Masonry, or why that pursuit has meaning to man and society until after one or more degrees are given to the candidate.

Is it possible that by reintroducing the special symbol of the Chamber of Reflection into the activities of every Masonic lodge that some who leave the Craft after a very short journey will continue their pursuit? Is it important to teach the candidate what to expect before taking the Masonic degrees? Symbolism is a way of showing how words create images and how those images become elements of myth, myths which have the ring of truth because they run in winding paths that lead from desires to ideas to actions. Because Masonry expresses its wise and essential truths through the symbols it has chosen throughout time, it is probably very important that the candidate give the degrees of mental appreciation required of him before he ever begins his Masonic journey.

For many Masons, the pursuit of knowledge and skill is a continuous process of study, application, review of what has already been learned and further application of new lessons learned. This principle is in accordance with the exhortation often uttered in Masonic institutions – “gather up what has been scattered and repair what seems to be contrary.” Each of us experiences the need to conform and to be different. We have also experienced faith and unbelief; certainty and doubt; and order and chaos. We who can read this book have not yet experienced the difference between what we know as life and death, and whether there is a difference or not.

If in your Masonic career you are not permitted to meditate within the Chamber of Meditation before taking your degrees, you may do so now by bowing your head and offering a prayer to the Great Interpreter for insight as to where you are. your life How you got there and how you will walk to the end of your life. As in all Masonic matters, the choice is yours to make. As is also true in all Masonic matters, no one should enter upon any great or important work without first asking God’s blessing.

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