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Management From Within

The more you follow the path of discovery into the mystery of life, the more life will be revealed to you. Life begins to reveal its secret, its nature. What is asked of us, for deeper understanding, is a commitment to follow the passion of life’s laws into self-discovery. Few things have a greater impact on the world, than the study of human nature and this study is ultimately found in personal study. Through this personal education we have come to know, what God’s education really is.

IF we can know ourselves fully, then the search for spirituality will end, we will no longer travel to holy places, as life itself, which is the very force of our existence, will become a divine mystery. that we all seek. Life manifests itself in every atom, in every corner and in every moment, life can be magic in itself.

Everything in this world that seems inconsistent is in fact, a limitation of our own generation. The wider our perspective, the more harmonious the life we ​​enjoy. In the very depth of our being, the unity and ease of operation of our entire creative mind. You can hear through intuition. It is not something outside that makes the music of the soul, it comes from within.

“All external work is guided by inner reason. Every reason has its effect and all effects are ours. This is our true power, the power to reach within and provoke the theft of reason. In the daily events of life life, this power People often find themselves vulnerable and therefore unable to balance Yet to the keen observer, awakened to the real world there is nothing but balance. Perfect harmony, comes as humility, under all activity. only the keen observer, who has personal knowledge that it is, however, revealed. This beauty, this order shows the balance of good and bad, right and wrong, male and female – and that , when viewed from an emotional point of view, aligns with a larger purpose, and is therefore relevant.” Christopher Walker.. 2003.

1. It is only natural

(exert from Innerwealth; Putting heart and soul back into work and life. Wiley Uk.)

The laws that make self-awareness possible are not the laws of human behavior. Such laws are for the dignity and well-being of the masses, and provide security for life. We must consider ourselves from a larger perspective from this in order to remove the concepts of justice and right. Here’s a small snapshot of the top rules.


In nature, what we appreciate will grow. Human bodies are made up of millions of vibrating particles with totality well reflected in this movement. Our thoughts control this vibration showing that by developing positive thought patterns, we can personally influence our own lives in a positive way.


Nature is pure balance. By aligning ourselves with simple principles of balance, we can live a mindful life. Where clear thinking, calmness of mind and an open heart will together create a strong sense of devotion. Imbalances in the body and mind can be changed immediately to help you create and sustain energy and vitality for a lifetime.


In nature, nothing is lost or missing, yet it is always changing. Individual perspectives can be limited and ambiguous and they need ways to let go of the old and move forward with purpose. Once we learn to recognize that everything changes and develops for a reason, then we can achieve our full potential as powerful individuals in this world.


Nature shows us that maximum evolution occurs at the boundary of support and challenge. The greatest thing in life is unconditional love and the development of our world depends on this. By understanding that evolution can be made possible through the individual’s ability to go through difficulties with love and grace, the quality of human life will instantly improve.


The greatest gift in life is the experience of inspiration. Nature intended for us to live this way. A leader is an inspiration. Truth is inspiration. The ultimate thought is that who is important will connect people in groups, create unity in relationships and move organizations forward in their cause. Everyone has the right to a supportive life.

2. To be in harmony is the main Goal of life.

Each person has an inner vibration, it is audible and visible. It is not visible to the eyes or audible to the ears, but it is audible and visible to the heart. We can say, “I feel their vibrations, I feel their presence.”

Harmonics can be influenced externally by sight and sound. The environment in the office can easily become monotonous. For example red walls make people happy and will make them want to fight. A striking color will give you an area of ​​controversy. From the point of view of the science of ancient cultures use certain colors for weddings, and other colors for different celebrations. It all has meaning, the importance of science lies behind the subtle realities of our outer lives. A change agent, must be skilled in understanding these subtleties, because through this change the most powerful effect can be created in the shortest time in any situation.

People influence each other harmonics. People create a feeling of being given off without them having said or done anything. People can communicate bad feelings, without doing or saying anything. This creates a negative atmosphere, and you will be uncomfortable with them. Because people are so instrumental in our world we don’t appreciate this power that people have over others by what happens between them. Not because of what they say or by what they do; because of their eating. “People listen to what you don’t say, more than what you do.” It is in the vibration of life itself that sound, and color is experienced, regardless of word or action.

If we can understand and tap into this great source of knowledge, we will begin to appreciate the power of life itself, because everything has vibration and vibration speaks truth. It will determine success and failure, happiness and sadness, sickness and health. We will have greater space for approaching that infinite power which is within us when we understand the power of being. Ancient myths speak of self-awareness. This no longer means; How old am I, or how good I am, or how bad I am, or how right or wrong I am. It means knowing another part of human nature, a deeper, deeper part of one’s being and it is on the knowledge of that nature, that the fulfillment of life depends.

What you will begin to realize is that the first experience of your spiritual growth is when you begin to feel in synch with the abundant presence of other living beings. This does not mean only humans, but also animals, including birds, including trees and plants. We all have the same opportunity, if we know it. When we close our hearts, when we allow ourselves to be touched by life, we become isolated, we become cut off from all expressions of love. It is people who divide themselves, people create identities, but really, life itself is not divided, we cannot be divided.

When you begin to take a universal perspective you begin to see that all is not shared. Then instead of saying, “this is my friend, I love them”, we are able to say, “this is me, I love me”. At this time, people can say that they have reached the certainty of love. As long as an individual says “I have compassion for them because they are my friends”, their compassion is not fully awakened. The true expression of compassion is when we see our friend and say “This is me”. Then compassion is real, fully realized and there is communication between yourself that is a real priority.

Identity keeps us from the outer life, and the inner life. The inner part of life is sound and light and when we are in touch with this part, then we know the language of life, nature. This language describes the past, present and future. It is a language that reveals the secrets and character of nature, it is a language that receives and gives great messages of inspiration.

People caught in their identity live in the world. They will become rich, and struggle to succeed only for themselves and live for their own benefit. They will suffer from morning to night. They will be bitter and in distress, as they are in the midst of fighting and fighting, mostly with each other. To heal, one must be free, free to love. A person who discovers this has reached a truly high position.

What does this kind of love teach? Where can people learn? Where can we learn it? The key to this element of love is found in the world itself. As we observe people in the world today, with all the progress of society, there is still emptiness. Ask yourself these questions: What is lacking? Is it unity that is the key to the infinite reservoir of love in the human heart? Is the meaning of life represented in Harmony? Is it that in knowing the world, and seeing its order, we see God’s plan, therefore, we also see the designer?

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