3 Different Types Of Propaganda Used In Animal Farm Animal Farm By George Orwell – A Novella Of Didactic Language And Political Ideology

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Animal Farm By George Orwell – A Novella Of Didactic Language And Political Ideology

Animal Farm, a masterpiece novella by George Orwell was written in 1945. It falls under the novella as it is short and has a less complex plot not a novel. The crux of the story of Animal Farm is about how Czarist Russia came into Communist Russia after the Russian Revolution in 1917. Orwell used farm animals as a backdrop to represent Russia and the animals that live on the farm as who owns which of the Russian Revolution. Animal Farm is a novel that uses literary devices to reveal hidden meanings and messages.

The Oxford dictionary defines fiction as a story, poem, or image which can be interpreted to reveal a hidden meaning, often ethical or political. That’s not all, the animal farm is also a satire. The same Oxford dictionary defines satire as the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to ridicule, expose and criticize the stupidity or behavior of people, especially in the context of contemporary politics and other social issues. Farm animals fit both of these categories exactly.

At the time the book was published, it was not that popular, it did not command widespread reading because Russia was an ally of the West in their fight against German aggression under Hitler in World War II. In a clear proof that they are insulting the Russian people and its communist leaders, the western world sees it as an act of disrespect if they turn the book into a respect.

The author himself is not an anti-communist. In fact George Orwell is said to be a socialist who supported the belief that companies should be under the control of workers (workers) for the good of all, not just for the benefit of managers, who he manages these companies. However, he witnessed the revolution of the communist regime in Russia, eventually leading to a change of perspective.

Orwell was perplexed at how communism had changed, moving away from their original noble goals of creating a classless society. Orwell’s theory is that it is a universal warning that unchecked authority is destructive.

It is unbelievable to show the other side of communism when it has been taken so much without checking and moderation and as the leaders of this cause succumb to the pleasures of the world, the same class has become the pleasures they despise on other ideas; where the world has to witness the place of Animal Farm. Orwell has used metaphor to the best effect, to criticize the hypocrisy of communism, especially the ambitious leaders, their actions and their thirst for merciless killings and mass killings to maintain their status quo.

The use of pigs, of all animals, is the acme of this novella. In the opinion of cancer, pigs are lazy, non-productive animals and end up as meat in many taste buds. However, Orwell was way ahead of his time. He uses pigs as his protagonists and opponents in Animal Farm for the same reasons as how modern science has shown wonder though, about these creatures. Scientists want people to think of pigs as more than just meat. Among other talents, pigs are known to have excellent long-term memories and are adept at completing mazes and recognizing symbols, just like our cousins ​​the chimpanzees. They are also motivated and can learn from each other in groups.

Besides this, Orwell has used pigs as an irony, he says all the myths surrounding these carnivorous creatures as lazy but smart, gluttonous but professional, weak but intelligent scientist in thoughts , planning and thinking a plan intelligently. Pigs are carnivorous, medium-sized animals known for their slobs. Orwell is quick to equate some world leaders even from communist ideological states to pigs perhaps because of the hypocritical condition they live their lives in; Floating in this issue is the proletariat who for a special part of their miserable life was poor and desolate, where other leaders were fat, ugly and precariously healthy.

The Old Man in Animal Farm is a pig, portrayed as old and wise, experienced and well respected. Old Major has a dream where ‘all animals are equal’. This is said to the animals, who rejoice at the prospect of freeing themselves from the clutches of the elites – the people. Orwell used Old Major to represent Karl Marx, the founder of communism and the Communist Manifesto, which is based on Marxism. Old Major’s words represent Marx’s words on the evils of feudalism and capitalism.

The speech also emphasized on the ideal world of communism. Thus, the great revolution of Russia in 1917 was inspired by those who believed strongly in the doctrines of communism. In Marxist theory, he used mainly economic and socio-economic research to analyze and criticize the development of capitalism and the role of class struggle in economic transformation.

According to Marxist theories, class conflict within capitalism arises due to the increasing contradictions between mass production and social production carried out by the proletariat (workers), and the private ownership and appropriation of the market in the form of surplus value (profit) by a small group. some private owners called the bourgeoisie. In Animal Farm, the bourgeoisie is represented by Mr. and Mrs. Jones, people who own animals, often taking care of them. Mr. and Mrs. Jones can also be equated in a direct reference to the last Tsar of Russia – Nicholas II and his colleague Alexandria who were disliked by the Russians at that time for unnecessarily dragging Russia into World War I. Apparently, the animals were tired of them. impatient, began to rebel, eventually booting people out of the farm and take control of their own destiny.

Besides Old Special, another pig character is Snowball. Snowball rose as one of the leaders in Animal Farm. Snowball is portrayed as a funny and intelligent character. They gave him the task of spreading the glory that they had seen for the Animal farm throughout the area. Snowball represents Leon Trotsky – Lenin’s second in command in the Russian Revolution and leader of the ‘Red Army’ in the subsequent Russian Civil War.

Trotsky also wanted to spread the word about communism to other countries. However, fate took a different turn when both Snowball and Trotsky were destroyed by sycophants and criminals who loved power more than anything else.

Napoleon is another pig character who rises as a leader in the novella. Instead of influencing other animals and working through consensus, he secretly raised nine puppies into man-eating animals. These nine puppies are his own army of guards that he uses and uses to accomplish his goals, however treacherous and cruel they may be. Napoleon represented Josef Stalin-General Secretary of the Communist Party of Russia from 1922 until his death in 1952.

The nine dogs are compared to the KGB – the secret police of the communist party, known for its ruthlessness. The KGB carried out all Stalin’s orders religiously without fear or favor.

The false confessions of disloyalty in Animal Farm, and the subsequent executions are exemplified in Stalin’s great purges of the 1930s in which anyone seen as an anti-revolutionist was mercilessly killed.

Squealer, another character in Animal Farm is a pig who constantly spreads encouraging messages supporting the leader’s goals and objectives. Squealer is the epitome of hypocrisy and propaganda. He also made up rules and stories in order to confuse the other animals in the farm. He may also represent Pravda- the Communist newspaper in Russia which was the propaganda mouthpiece of the party in the 1930s. With his wizardry like words and manipulation, Squealer keeps everyone quiet (animals) and under control with the Misleading message and frequent announcements and announcements.

Animal Farm serves as a reminder of how humans yearn for unlimited power to rule the lives of innocent people through ‘divide and rule’ and ‘manage through fear’ to achieve personal goals. Along those lines, some made him into the history books as an exemplary person or a despised person. This new style is best used as a reading resource for middle and high school students.

Students will not only learn the English Language, but also different literary devices – alliteration, satire, irony, description and personification. The novel has many jokes from which the writer ridicules the actions of the leader and the students will also be able to use their thoughts out of the box to identify why some people have managed to get power, like a few how to maintain this power at all costs, how some people misuse the power that is placed on them for their own profit and agenda, how some people abuse their power by using violence and threats, and how some were lost to the rebellious people.

Apart from that, the historical events represented in this novella will provide an understanding of communism and Russian history. Marxism then gained support across much of Europe, and under the leadership of the Bolshevik Party, a communist government came to power during the Russian Revolution, leading to the creation of the Soviet Union, the world’s first Marxist state, in the early 20th century.

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