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The Unseen Hand


When we refer to the invisible hand we mean that element of society that manipulates and controls our lives without our knowledge or direct input. It is the things behind the events that create chaos or peace based on their thoughts that are secret to our senses. In this book we hope to discover some unseen hands that can guide our lives and thoughts in unknown directions in the consciousness and illusion of free will in our daily lives.


What examples can we think of that we can think of as, invisible hands? Who are these mysterious people behind our lives who can manipulate our thoughts and actions? People tend to believe what they are told if it comes from a source that is both authoritative and trustworthy. This authority can be of the government, individuals who have been respected such as professors, famous people who advertise the product with the approval of personal faith and anyone who has faith in their integrity. The social influence theory tells us the power of the leader, the number of influencers involved in the message and the immediacy of the message or the proximity to our own opinion can have a big impact on our way of seeing a social problem. (1. Latane 1981) However, behind these things are others, cats, education systems, representatives of the rich and famous, and people we do not know or see? They say after all the overthrown King and the Emperor is his personal advisor, many think that maybe he is stronger than the king’s voice and he speaks his words as his own wisdom? Today of course many Prime Ministers and Presidents have many advisers on every subject imaginable with each of these advisers clashing with lobbyists trying to influence their appearance. Corruption abounds where power is in the hands of a few. A CEO should always know that a consultant is not a free agent and is in fact always a mouthpiece for companies and corporate power brokers. This can be seen in the US bailout of Banks, in 2012 by President Obama who was forced to send income tax on the advice of many employees (consultants) who directly benefited from saving fraudulent financial institutions.

Unseen hands can be foolish and manipulative in the sense that they have plans to fulfill that are not ours, but they need us to follow them in order to achieve their secret goals. An example would be a newspaper magnet associated with a particular political view or group. You can guide your unseen news outlets to turn every story to your own advantage. Your editors may very well know that their stories have been corrupted from above and control the public view, but they are in a position of control of high pay for total obedience regardless of their conscience. Those who do speak out are slandered as scumbags with their own agenda because all the unscrupulous people can’t accept that the person doesn’t have their own grievances to air and will have their (public’s) interests in mind.

Unseen power:

The hidden hand has many ways in which they can prove their influence, the first will be the ability to pay. By providing what others want or the ability to carry it allows them to be replaced as long as the politician or the need of the people like what he has to give, whether this is money, love or acceptance. The power of coercion is seen as negative and the power to suffer, shows indifference and therefore people are adapted to avoid punishments, based on this principle in the Red Guard Revolution that carried out offensive assemblies to choose a specific citizen to mock in public. Losing sight is such a huge loss of honor that most Kannada people cope with Mao’s fear of survival.

Sometimes the effect is more open such as in reference power. This is where someone you respect as a student, a role model to others, like a pop star or a current celebrity with everyone. These people can be used to front the change that is not considered by coming forward in support of a new policy. Since reputation can be easily lost in a cut-throat world, so many give the doctrine of support that they do not believe in, but the stress of losing their own position is too scary for them to face. Those with legitimate power may or may not have direct influence depending on the position a person holds. For example, a gate has the right of refusal to enter but cannot tell you what to take. Your power is limited to the appearance of others. Some hidden influence comes from the so-called Expert, where the power broker believes that the expert may know better in a particular field and therefore takes that advice and treats it as fact instead of opinion. (2. Latane 1981).

Today there is so much hidden influence from the manipulation of information. Many so-called expert websites are actually thinly veiled corporate messages to the general public. Ghostwriters are increasingly in large companies that pay good money to real experts to put their name on articles, website comments or publications that they never wrote or even participated in or did the amazing research. . This can be seen especially in the pharmaceutical industry that pays large fees and bribes to doctors who cooperate with drug pushers and ineffective research that has manipulated accounting to deceive citizens and other authorities. that drugs are not safe. (3. Charter for Citizens Rights 2008) The FDA in the US is directly responsible for the death of 1,000 people every year from the side effects of prescription drugs that have no real independent research behind them. However as they rush the drugs for the million dollar prices per drug for approval, they may be able to defend any class action suits against them.

According to The Invisible Hand:

One of the most powerful ways the invisible hand can affect all of us is by creating a feeling of belonging. If you make people feel like everyone else is doing something then you feel pressured to do the same in order to get in. (4. Deutsch & Gerard 1955). The need for social comparison can be felt in the fashion industry so strongly that fashion can dictate even what we wear every day. A formal role such as wearing a uniform to work or standing in line can help a person seek approval from the group. The invisible hand knows that we want to ingratiate ourselves into a popular movement or group idea and so change will happen to fit the ideal of the group. (5. Mann 1969).

Who does the invisible hand have the most trouble with influencing their thoughts and behavior? There are people who are resistant to the pressure to conform. For example you see that many people with disabilities will queue for hours to buy an Ipad that they can easily carry the next day without waiting. Yet the invisible hand creates an atmosphere of conformity to the group that many uninformed people cannot resist. So people who don’t see the most fears are free thinking, intelligent, strong intelligence, natural leadership, less authoritarian, open minded and not controlled by social conformity. This person is dangerous to the unseen hand and is attacked and insulted everywhere. (6. Crutchfield 1955). When they rise up and show the stupidity of the masses and the underlying motivation is false the invisible hand must strike, show them that they are outsiders, they don’t understand, they are luddites and many actions another kind to spoil the message. The masses follow the invisible hand because they don’t want to hear the message that they are giving in vain and thus join the game of truth. (7. Dissonance Theory – Festinger & Carlsmith 1959). So you need courage and bravery to stand up against the unseen hand that has the power to destroy you or at least make your life miserable, it’s better to keep quiet and think inside and behave like an independent thinker. This may sound scary but even a free thinker needs to survive in order to move on.

Face the Invisible Hand:

Countering the social impact of the invisible hand is a huge task in any society and we see it mostly in outspoken people or writers. The best example would be the works of George Orwell, a British and social writer who examines the ills and injustice of industrial England. (8. Eric Blair 1903 – 1950). In his books, such as The Clergyman’s Daughter, Animal Farm and 1984 he addressed many social forces that create an unjust society based on invisible hands that affect people’s daily lives. In fact it was Orwell who coined the phrase “Big Brother” as a way of describing the invisible hand control over our daily lives. (9. Orwell G “1984” 1948). Even the corruption of the myth as the invisible hands, (Pigs) in Animal Farm eventually led to the destruction of the communist state by constantly changing the laws.


In society the invisible hand is everywhere but nowhere to be found. That’s why it’s very difficult to know whether your opinion is based on the truth or a strategy that is given to you for using it for someone else’s opinion. In order to be free from the invisible hand you will have to live on an island, a modern day Robinson Crusoe. (10. Defoe D. 1719). However for practical reasons we are part of our society and we must try to be as independent as possible. However, the masses have neither the critical education nor the ability to free movement and remain forever hostages to the invisible hand.


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