3 Dominant Plants And Animals In The Temperate Rainforest H1N1 and HIV – The Cure and the Inconvenient Truth

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H1N1 and HIV – The Cure and the Inconvenient Truth

It was a day just like any other day in the green tropical forest; The shaman went about doing his job of gathering medicinal plants, fungus and tree barks as usual. All this seemed natural to him and he never thought about it; then he has been learning about the plants and animals of the forest for as long as he can remember. He was happy with his work because he was following the tradition of many generations before him; now he is the man that people come with their illnesses, diseases and problems. There are solutions most often here in the woods you just have to know where to look and how to find them. Sometimes it is the smell or taste of the air and other times it is clusters and areas of vegetation and sometimes it is just a spot of land. Many times he would sit for hours, walk for hours and constantly watch the animals to see what they did because they knew exactly where the drugs were. All animals know that food is medicine and medicine is food and they are bound together in a twin that can never be broken. Your position in all this is simply to restore the balance of life with things that are always available in the forest. He has taught him many years and his apprenticeship in many hours and countless countless on the hidden paths in the forest following as a student and adventurer the odd wise old wise and sometimes cantankerous old Shaman . His old teacher felt excellence, endurance, creativity, mental retardation and consistent application of old knowledge, but most of all a refusal to fear the unknown and a duty to put new knowledge at the level of archive passed on to him. Indeed he has heard that there are men in white clothes who drive cars and make drugs like his but he cannot know how, because they are not connected to the forest and do not know its ways.

We have all been led to believe that so called modern health care equipment has the answers to all our ailments and ailments, when the truth is the opposite. A common big point is the over abundance of TV, radio and internet airwaves, spewing a constant cry of diarrhea of ​​poisonous lotions and potions etc. los and potions carry disclaimers that poignantly let you know that they are not proof of anything in other words the results are. based on the individual’s belief that they work, this is why testimonials are important. On the other hand drugs in many cases provide some relief but are full of so many possible side effects that the potential user has to get excited and is willing to risk life and limb while hoping that he does not smoke weed short of them. order for better health. Sadly most of us in the world have fallen into the trap of indoctrination by drug companies, health care companies, boards of directors and Wall Street bosses. It’s not always about our good health it’s about the good health of their money. We are in the same state and mind set we were in a hundred years ago, still trusting the fast talking elixir merchants selling bottled water concoctions as cures for every imaginable disease or aliment from the back of a wagon. that caused The only difference is now he talks faster, better clothes, and because of the juggernaut power of today’s media we no longer need the wagon, the multi-billion dollar stores, the fulfillment centers and the The tractor trailer does well. However, we cannot get away from the truth, “We are not told the truth and the cures for many diseases and illnesses have not been found for us and this includes H1N1 and HIV”. The multinational coalition “powers that be” will always sell us what they happen to have in stock rather than what we really need no matter how dire our situation is, they have no accountability. Even the greatest empires are ignorant and cannot be moved.

A cure for any illness or disease is offered for mass use only if the joint ventures control the original source, its location, development, production, distribution and patent rights according to the political climate of the country of origin or location. Soon more factors can be added to this combination, and that is the insatiable desire of the national corporation to obtain minimum profits for the short term. So it is better for their needs to cut down the trees of the forests than to recognize the forest as a natural pharmacy that regenerates and a source of food. It has become clear that the greatest sources of potential H1N1 antibodies and HIV drugs are found in the rainforests of tropical and subtropical regions of the world. In more than 2,000 rain forest plants there are chemicals in which doctors can give to treat fatal diseases in adults (if they exist). Periwinkle rosy Madagascar is a species that was little known before it was discovered that it contains alkaloids that can help cure people of Hodgkin’s disease and leukemia. The Pacific Yew tree contains a compound called Taxol that helps fight cancer. Cola de Caballo is used as a diuretic to treat kidney and bladder problems. The South American wild yam is the source of diogenin which is used to make birth control pills and treat menstrual problems. The stomach and intestines are soothed by the Mozote de Caballo plant. The New Guinea wing pea has the potential to become a staple food. Oranges, bananas, papaya, cashews, sarsaparilla, aloe vera, pineapple, avocado, mangoes, papayas, tea, sugar, rice, corn, cashews, peanuts, cloves, vanilla, cinnamon, even coffee and chocolate are the source bush. The common domestic fowl originates from the forests of India and feeds on forest plants, in fact the birds from it can also be found in the forests of India that feed on plants. Rainforest Medicines can kill bacteria (this includes the H1N1 virus and HIV viruses), reduce fever, lower blood pressure, relax muscles, and treat rashes. Plants are brave, vibrant survivors, who create and produce small nutrients that make them resistant to bacteria, VIRUS, parasites, and these are benefits that can easily be passed on to us from balance our body, a balanced body naturally resists all diseases.

The H1N1 (A) pandemic virus is what can be called a fast-moving virus that has not yet reached its full potential because it can be fast on making and killing its host which makes it multiply quickly, but this is not the most beneficial policy for the pathogen. . H1N1 is smart enough to hide itself in the perfect host (pig or pig) and not always die as a result of the virus. Pigs are a logical choice because their slow circulatory systems allow the virus to hide and escape detection, while remaining infectious. This is one more reason why pork is an undesirable choice for food, and this is often said by doctors when they tell patients suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, etc. remove pork from their diet. HIV on the other hand seems to be more or less variable, because it allows a human or primate host to live for a long time before being destroyed and in some cases to survive in the host without visible effects public of disease on the world period of human or primate hosts. Of course the host is the source of infection so HIV is a slow killing virus. I have to add that it is not known what HIV infection does in pigs or pigs because all efforts to find out have been suppressed or silenced by governments and multinational pork industry companies. language for economic security.

The cure for the H1N1 virus and the HIV virus have been discovered, recognized by experts, but not developed due to the need for the status quo to have complete economic control. Surprisingly, it is found in the tropical rainforests of the northwestern United States and western Canada and surprisingly enough it is a “mushroom”. Mycelium (plural mycelia) is the vegetative part of a fungus and is a mass of hyphae (threads like external guts that naturally unite, conquer and hold the soil together). Mushrooms are the fruiting bodies of mycelium, and mycelium is one of the oldest plant organisms on earth. Mycelium has many characteristics similar to humans, it takes in and uses oxygen and emits carbon dioxide just like we do. It does not contain chlorophyll but it feeds on plants that make chlorophyll directly from the sun like we do. It breaks rocks to use the minerals they have to supplement its food, it helps to produce soils all over the world (a Mycelium can make a colony that is too small to see or eat a lot). The largest organism in the world is a Mycelium that covers 2,400 acres in eastern Oregon, 1665 football fields in size and 2,200 years old. Forest mycelial mats containing mushrooms are constantly growing and are directly responsible for the growth of the ever-larger trees that make up the forest, and the forest is one of the things on earth that makes all live. Mycelium is much older than the human race and has long experience with viruses that are similar and directly related to H1N1 and HIV, because these viruses also predate the human race and fungi attack viruses like Mycelium. Mycelium as a gateway species has adapted to viral attack and is able to defend itself well. The success of his methods and countermeasures can be seen around us, all buildings on the planet are protected by Mycelium. We born a race will have some food or medicine without it, because it makes the food of many plants that we eat and make our body medicine with possibility. The antiviral needed to combat H1N1, HIV and a host of other viruses will not be quickly discovered in a laboratory but Mycelium has already been created; all we need is to return to our original home in the forest and look under our feet. The quest that we have sought to defeat or fight these viruses has been pursued by ignorance, arrogant myopia, lack of vision and most of all by wrong information, information and cover up by the medical, pharmaceutical and national health agencies. language. They undoubtedly know the power of Mycelium but allowing the H1N1 and HIV killing to continue is financially sound, as it is for the witch doctors, faith healers, quacks and “snake oil” traders of the days of he passed

Agarikon mushrooms (fruiting bodies of the Mycelium species) are found in the northern forests of northern California, Oregon, Washington state and British Columbia. A boiled natural extract of 3 strains of Agarikon mushrooms that have not been purified in the United States Department of Defense Bio-Shield Program studies have shown that it is more effective against viruses and is superior to any antiviral currently available. in use, using the same dose window. This research was done with the collaboration of a major company which I will not name in this article because at least they try to discover the truth about viable virus cures. Other drugs and medical companies know about this research and do not recognize, deny or reject this research because that is the best way to minimize the new cure that is public record, just pretend it doesn’t exist and hope that everyone through the great dead. ignorance.

Saving the old growth forests which includes all the forests in the whole world is an obligation on all of us, because for every disease these forests have treatments and answers. We must not let selfish corporate interests destroy the most valuable weapon to fight H1N1 viruses and HIV. We can’t accept medicine and pharmaceutical multinationals or the mindset that insists they are the only treatments and options available in stock and on their shelves, when there is a more effective alternative that actually works. Their plan is to continue the tradition of selling us “what’s on the cart” instead of what will make us really good again, simply because it’s in stock and they have complete control over its purchase, development , production and distribution. It is a very sad comment when the medicinal knowledge of the old Shaman is abandoned even though he probably carried mushrooms, plants, remedies and cures of the forest that could save lives!

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