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Elephants and Idealism: Expressing a Larger Footprint

Following on from my last article, ‘Elephants and People: Changing the Way We Think About Using Animals for Sport’, I would like to offer additional ideas and insights into the positive ways in which we can live to benefit the elephant species.

I am looking for an artist and those who stand to place me well between the camp of romantics and idealists. And if so, I humbly feel that I am in good company; Many of the ways the world changed came from such sages as Siddhartha [Buddha]Aldous Huxley, Margaret Mead, Martin Luther King, Jr., Paul Robeson, Jane Goodall, and Soren Kierkegaard, to name just a few from a very long list.

But still, being a professional doesn’t mean one can’t practice.

This is an example of what I mean when I say we shouldn’t teach elephants, we should teach tourists, meaning, of course, ourselves. Not far from my home in Northern Thailand is an extremely successful elephant camp; Thousands of tourists go every day to see the elephants in action – full, playing, and doing a few dumb tricks – all for paying tourists. , each of them taking digital pictures on their I-phones to send back home.

As a professional, yes, I believe that ‘forcing’ elephants to entertain us is cruel and insulting… both to them and to us.

The problem is that most people who come to Thailand want to see an elephant, no matter what, whether it’s football or not. Many people are happy to pay money to see the elephant. This creates a specific ‘supply and demand’ situation. The owners of the camps provide the desired product for which they not only house and feed captive elephants, pay their workers, but also enjoy a comfortable life. They want what most of us want.

Imagination: I buy a large plot of land near an elephant camp, get myself thirty elephants and create what I call Panom’s Interim Elephant Sanctuary or PIES, by which captive elephants what elephants do naturally – slowly eat. for most of the day and night. They will dance. They don’t play football and don’t paint pictures. They don’t curtsey or carry people on their backs. They eat. They fell asleep. They swim. They sleep a few hours and start again. They also talk to each other, they love each other, they argue, they set boundaries, they break things, they check, they joke, and they think. on the things we do…

At PIES, I charge essentially the same entrance fee as any other camp. A few people started to visit… then more and more. They found PIES to be more interesting, engaging and educational. In no time at all, all the tourists are coming to my site and less and less to the other site.

What do you think happened?

Because the second place has no physical desire to force the elephants to do things that the elephant is not able to do, and because the other place is in business to make money, they will, of course, and it is necessary, also modify their offerings to satisfy the public’s desire. It’s a business cycle as old as human culture.

Before I ask you to jump into my next hypothetical scenario, bear these facts in mind.

1. A captive elephant is not a home. They are not genetically modified like, for example, horses are.

2. Once an elephant has been taken into captivity, i.e. its natural spirit is broken and attached to humans, it cannot be allowed to return to the forest. It doesn’t work that way. Elephants will go towards human habitations at great risk to themselves and humans.

3. The natural habitat for both Asian and African elephants is decreasing at an almost irreversible rate.

4. Killing elephants for the ivory or entertainment industry is going away soon.

A few years ago when I started working on my elephant history book, ‘Panom, The Story of Elephants and People,’ I interviewed Soraida Salwala, Founder and Director of Friends of Asian Elephants and FAE elephant hospital. Soraida Salwala is also a professional who has a vision of what is possible and what is not. For decades he has dedicated his life to the welfare of Asian elephants in general, and in particular, the humanitarian work of caring for the few disabled elephants, especially as a result of ground-mine injuries.

Imagine: If all the captive elephants in Thailand were gathered into one or several large sanctuaries within close proximity to the areas of the wild population so that captive elephants and wild elephants would be interbreeding. Such a sanctuary will require strict supervision and international cooperation. As young elephants are born, by necessity, they will have less and less contact with humans, until eventually, over time, generations of captive elephants will die out and there will be a reversal of elephant decline. This would require strict management of protected areas and monitoring and international funding, part of which could be generated by a very small tax on visitors entering any country that provides native habitat for elephants. .

As ideal … as romantic … as it seems, it is an opportunity waiting to happen. Ultimately it is universal responsibility for the specific loss of natural habitat and decline of a species due to human greed. We cannot claim to be at the top of the intellectual ladder if we continue to destroy everything that supports the ladder. One of the first ways we can do this is to change the way we think about our place in the world. There are too many on earth under pressure from many human needs. We must begin to teach our children and ourselves. We can begin to expect other beings to justify us.

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