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Why Have a Reiki Healing Session?

They are often called Reiki treatments, but I prefer to leave those treatments to the medical professionals. As Hippocrates said, “The physician treats, but nature heals”. Nature is part of the world.

A Reiki healing session is a time when your mind, body and spirit receive universal energy for healing, healing and strengthening. All the while, you do nothing more then lie back and enjoy the power of relaxation. Reiki healing sessions are a peaceful healing break from the often hectic pace of life.

What today is called Reiki was created by Mikao Usui, which is the vibrations of love and harmony of the whole world. There are healers who use their own life force and other energies, but Reiki only uses powerful vibrations of infinite love and harmony directly from the universe. This is why all Reiki practitioners have studied under a Reiki Shihan (teacher), and most have completed 2 or more levels; level one focuses on self-healing. Reiki Shihans (teachers) have completed 4 or more levels.

A Reiki session is also something you can give to a friend, relative or pet to make them feel better. There are human herbalists and animal herbalists, human doctors and animal doctors, but Reiki being a universal energy flows into all life forms.

Not all Reiki Shihans (teachers) or practitioners are set up so you can bring your horse for a session, but you may find one that will do a barn call. I am a traditional Japanese Reiki Shihan (teacher), so I know that once a person has learned to feel inharmonic vibrations, it does not matter what life form receives Reiki. Reiki is wonderful for rescue animals because it goes to the mind and spirit as well as the body.

Reiki is a universal energy that goes where your greatest need is in the mind, body or spirit. A unique form of universal energy called Reikitravels to the center of the cells, filling them with balance and surrounding all with harmony. Subtle sensations such as a gentle healing warmth going deep within, or tingling are often felt, but often clients are too relaxed to notice. The healing process continues for days following a session, so you may feel even better the day after a Reiki session.

A Reiki session is perfect following any surgery; mind and body are disconnected during surgery and Reiki brings harmony of mind and spirit.

It is in clothing, as Reiki will flow through anything, even cast as I have personally experienced. A Reiki table is often used, but not required. Unlike massage, the tissues are not manipulated, and there is no need to drink extra water.

As Shihan or a practitioner checks on the body, their hands rest on any area where inharmonic vibrations are noticeable and remain there until balance is restored. Shihan’s hands or exercises either gently rest on the non-negligible areas of your body, or are held a few inches away – perhaps the energy path is going to where you need it. At the beginning and end of the sessions, aura treatment, or other Japanese techniques are used to balance and brush away all inharmonic vibrations (blocks), and its energy (aura) is cleaned and adjusted.

The harmony from a Reiki healing session usually stays with the recipient for two to three days following the session. This is good, because people whose nature is harmonious have the greatest freedom from illness, and recover quickly from accidental injuries.

Many people schedule monthly Reiki sessions simply to maintain homeostasis of their whole body. Reiki provides your inner healer with the energy needed so that the foreign microorganisms can be defeated and healing can begin. Your immune system can be strengthened, allowing greater flexibility in fighting illness. Reiki often corrects the disorder in the early stages before symptoms appear, or it turns into a serious illness.

Reiki Shihans (instructors) and practitioners are not licensed, but we are all happy to show our certifications. If you are unsure about a practitioner, all you have to do is ask to see that person’s Reiki certifications and the Reiki lineage back to founder Mikao Usui. Like any other professional, Reiki Shihans and staff ask a fee for their time spent with you; Reiki Shihans and practitioners put in years of training and practice before offering healing sessions.

You may have heard about the principles of “getting to the heart of the matter”; Reiki goes to the core at all levels. Reiki clears karma, which is healing in all forms of trauma.

Reiki allows an increase in mental awareness and brings emotional balance. If you think about the law of attraction, think about what attracts you when you are in this situation.

Reiki healing sessions are complementary and do not replace professional medical care. Neither Reiki practitioners nor Reiki Teachers explain anything, unless you are a licensed professional practitioner. However, when Reiki is combined with a medical treatment, injuries or illnesses heal faster and better than usual.

Even if you are physically fine, you can still benefit from a Reiki healing session. Emotions can cause physical illnesses. A seasonal break helps with the side effects of misunderstandings with your parents, brother(s), sister, friend, teacher, child(ren), spouse, landlord, or boss. .

Reiki gives you positive energy to feel OK with the world again. That is why having a Reiki healing session takes time to do something important to you that affects others as well.

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