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The Flow of Natural Resources and Raw Materials

There are many reasons why we should be harvesting our own raw materials that already exist in this country, rather than importing them, whenever possible or feasible. When there are reasons, which prevent us from gathering those natural resources within our own country, then and then we should look to our business partners to provide such raw materials and resources. When we can produce such raw materials within our borders and transport them in short distances to production facilities, factories, refineries, power plants and ports or ports Road for export is fast and cost effective. In our country we have seen the loss of most of our mining in the last 40 years. Some are due to the federal Clean Water Act of 1972, which was meant to prevent pollution from things like strip mining.

Many other mines, drilling rigs and plants were closed due to the cost. This is often due to the global market price for minerals or natural resources. A lot of mining is closed due to regulations, labor costs, labor unions, OSHA laws, etc. Some examples of cost problems in mining are severe. When reviewing the completion of the Gold Mine in Butte, MT we found that the mine had been shut down due to the increased costs of power to break the rocks to get the gold out. Prices range from $280,000 per month to $1.6 million per month. Sure there are other issues though imagine getting that electronic bill and trying to manage your finances? Unpredictable energy prices are important for mining and other heavy industry, price spikes on top of regulations are the death knell.

Now in many countries people have protested against minerals, gold and silver is easy to protest because it is associated with greed because those minerals are also legal. A great mine to visit is one of the first gold mines in the country, The Reed Gold mine in Charlotte. There were more than 300 gold mines in North Carolina in the 1820s. This was certainly long before the 49’ers of CA. The Reed Mine operated until 1912. A total of 13 gold properties have been closed in the past two years in response to depressed gold prices or declining ore in Canada. Obtaining gold under the conditions required in most of North America is no longer possible, unless it can be obtained with other precious metals and the remaining material can be further processed for iron, copper or other metals. . There are many places on Earth where many metals appear in close proximity. Continuous mining, like many industrial endeavors can cause air pollution. When mining the excess that is not used is accumulated and often causes leaching into the ground during the rains, other minerals are released in more concentration than much of the normal rainfall.

This is because minerals have been buried for centuries under layers from earlier times. In the old Berkeley Pit, a copper mine not far from the West Goldmine in Montana, the rainwater mixed with the minerals at the bottom of the Pit is toxic containing arsenic, which is harmful to humans in large quantities. and animals. Although arsenic is toxic, it is part of the minerals that occur in nature and is common to that area. Small traces are not bad, but once they become high it is a cause for alarm.


Transportation costs are also important in mining. Most of the mines that are still in business today are in close proximity to major railroad lines, even with all the regulations and laws that exist some mining still exists in the United States; Borax in Daggett, CA. Borax ore is transported from the Harmony Borax Works mine in Death Valley, the second hottest place on Earth with temperatures up to 134 degrees. their cargo is 165 miles to the railroad in Mojave. This is an illustration of why the transportation factor is important in the performance of mining to keep costs down for factories, which use raw material or natural resources.

If you look at the above ground mines in North America, those with rail service rights to the site can compete if economies of scale and commodity prices remain stable. There are many other factors to consider too, for example if other countries do not have the same laws for environmental controls they can always sell raw materials to other countries who can sell their finished products , such essential materials, steel, etc. at lower prices than your factories can produce them. Which appears to be dumping; Selling their products for less it costs them to produce them. Many countries promote such companies with large tax incentives or subsidize those companies and/or companies. There are many reasons for this, sometimes it is just to make sure that those companies are in business to sell products to the National government agencies for projects. Other times it is to relieve labor and provide services. Sometimes it is in retaliation for a perceived or actual trade war from another trading partner country, which produces one of the other companies. Changes in the Global Economy on; industry, peace, quality of life of the people, money flow, raw materials and natural resources; is extensive, as you may have guessed.

If you look at the above ground Coalmines; Gillette, WY; you can see a perfect example of how mining works when everything is right. Hundreds and hundreds of complete train loads are leaving each week for electric power plants across the country. The economies of scale in such mines are amazing, fun to watch and very important, every second is accounted for, it’s pure science in the making. It’s amazing how far we’ve come in the last few centuries. The world’s deepest Coal Mine is over 5000 feet below ground in the UK. Most in the United States are over 1200 feet deep, most of them have been closed and now only a few remain. There is a mine in Alabama, which is the deepest vertical shaft coalmine in North America, with workings 2,140 feet below the surface. It is hard for the coalmines in Washington State, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Alabama to compete with the incredible economies of scale of the Gillette WY above ground mine. Below ground coalmines can be very dangerous. There are gases under the ground and coal dust and if a fire breaks out it burns all the oxygen. Recently the rescue of the rescuers in PA received worldwide attention as rescue workers and chief rescuers, working non-stop to stay alive until everyone got out.

Mining is a dangerous business and safety is important and comes at a high cost in production. Above ground machinery and robotics have made many mining efforts in the United States very profitable and safe. Even in the case as discussed in the environmental issues. Things in the mining industry have changed significantly in America in the last 25 years the only question is; Do they change quickly? The reason we won the Second World War is because of our industrial production, we have the raw materials and the will and we are able to do it all here, are we sure we want to lose that kind of power in the future, after it’s all a cruel world, people haven’t destroyed our species there, wars will increase. The main issue in mining is the competition between third world countries that destroys the environment and our environmental regulations are in place. Today in the United States, we have new innovations to protect the environment without slowing down the process. These new methods are priced on the original size of a project, but usually once started are amortized over a significant period of time. Many universities produce environmental engineers who specialize in mining. .

By doing this the work of doing mining correctly is possible, but environmental laws are not the only regulations that mining operations have to deal with, there are also OSHA laws and many other laws.

In this country we have Salt Mines, Uranium Mines, Zinc, Lead, Molybdenum, Iron Ore, Copper, Silver, Gold, Aluminum, etc. Some of the things we should be mining are old computers, write and say cars and Aluminum. on an old plane parked in the desert.

The United States can compete, if we will drop the morals and delays caused by unfair lawsuits, bad law making and bogus regulations which are said to help people when in fact they do not serve free people. . If you read Ayn Rand’s books, you can understand this. Different places in the world have all the same minerals that we have here. All in all we need to change our attitude on the issues of mining, there are some good business out there, state of the art, smart business consultants who can and will get the work done without pollution, without harming the environment and also turns a considerable profit. Who won? We do, because the world prices of raw materials and resources determine the cost and efficiency of having it here in the country before we start to do something in the resources and resources is good for America. We should accept these brilliant problem solvers in the name of games help us to know how to do it correctly, now we have completed the process and do not listen to these new technologies and the thinking of those who know .

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