40 Years Planet Lost Over 50 Percent Animal Life Compelling Arguments For Vegetarianism

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Compelling Arguments For Vegetarianism



Over 30 million people will die of hunger this year (a large proportion of which are children) and this year in the US we will feed our livestock enough food to feed over a billion people.

-A meat-eating animal needs 20 times more land to support its behavior than a vegetarian.

-If Americans cut 20% of their meat they would put 24,000,000 tons of grain into the market that would feed 120,000,000 people.

– Animal farming societies are the cause of millions of people taking their own land.

– The United States imports large supplies of grain from third world countries (whose people are already starving) in order to feed livestock.


– American forests are being cleared at rapid rates in order to grow cattle. At this rate we won’t have any forests in less than a hundred years.

-It takes 2 acres of land to produce 350 pounds of beef. The same 2 acres of land will produce 40,000 pounds of potatoes.

At least 70% of the cultivated land in the US is used to grow feed for animals.

-12 billion tons of soil is polluted in the US every other year due to increased animal agriculture.

– Our land has been covered with grass and is producing 50% less fruit.

-Every inch of roof that is lost takes 500 years to be replaced naturally. 1/3 of the roof in America is gone.


– The lungs of the planet are its rainforests and they are rapidly disappearing due to the need for pasture land.

-Over 60,000,000 tons of methane gas is emitted by meat each year.

-100,000,000 tons of methane is produced by burning forests for cattle ranches.

-Fertilizer used to grow crops for livestock feed releases large amounts of nitrous oxide into the air.

-Festicides and pesticides enter the air at alarming rates every year.

-Ammonia released from animal urine is a major air pollutant.

-Chemical plants cause massive pollution to our air in their effort to supply the bludgeoning need for fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides.


-It takes 250 gallons of water to produce 10 pounds of wheat. It takes 25,000 gallons of water to produce 10 pounds of beef

-A large portion of the hundreds of millions of tons of saliva produced by farm animals each year ends up in our lakes and rivers.

– Farm animals produce more than 20 times less waste than humans.

-Many of the pesticides and nitrates that are necessary for agriculture on highly degraded land end up in our lakes and rivers.

-Your 4 person household uses about the same amount of water every year as a farm to produce 10 pounds of beef.

-Tillions of gallons of our groundwater are pumped every year to produce meat.


It is more than seventeen million[17,000,000,000]animals that are killed every year for food.

-Chickens and chickens are jam packed into battery cages of houses up to 7 birds. Generally there is no room to stand upright.

-Because they piston carry 7 birds in 1 battery cage the birds need de-beaking to prevent harm to others. This procedure is without anesthesia. It’s the equivalent of someone pulling out their fingernails.

-Many chickens live their entire lives with broken legs because the growth hormones they secrete make them bigger and heavier to be supported by their natural bone structure.

-The pig is tied up in a stall that is not much more than 1 square yard. They cannot turn or lie down.

-Animals traveling to the slaughterhouse are in overcrowded cars with no food or water. They often die because of stress and extreme weather.

Almost every bird has injuries before it is killed and about 1/3 have broken bones.

-Many animals have their throats slit or are dunked in tanks of hot water during thorough cleaning.

-Mad cow disease is the result of cows eating the dead land of other animals.

-Cows have a maximum of milk for about 8 months only after they have their children. Therefore, they are artificially inseminated in order to produce more milk until their bodies are fully used. Every time this rape takes place, their calves are stolen from them and the helpless calves are taken directly to a small beef crate. They will stay in this little house until he takes them away to kill them.

-A cow has a life span of up to 20 years but they are all killed after only about 6 years when they think they can no longer produce milk.


-Vegetarians live longer and get sick less often than meat eaters.

-All flesh is loaded with amounts of hormones, antibiotics, and toxins from pesticides due to the large amount of leftover seeds they have eaten.

– Farmed animals are the biggest source of bad cholesterol and contain about 50% saturated fat.

-Vegetarians have a 25% lower risk of heart disease.

-You have never seen vegetarian fat. That cannot be said for meat eaters.

– Increased rates of high blood pressure, and high cholesterol levels are the cause of heart disease, stroke, and cancer rates.

-Vegetarians’ risk for diabetes is 50% lower than people who eat meat regularly.

-The powerful antioxidants inherent in a plant-based diet lowers the rate of cancer by 40% in vegetarians.

-Meat is decomposing the body and causes almost all food poisoning.

-High sulfur content in meat is responsible for the epidemic of osteoporosis. People who eat more meat and dairy have weaker bones.

-More than half of all people are allergic to milk.

-Alzheimer’s disease rates are twice as high in meat eaters than vegetarians.

-You can eat 20% more calories on a vegetarian diet and still eat 20% less fat than a vegetarian.

Almost 2 out of every 3 deaths in the United States are related to their meat and dairy diet.


The meat and dairy industries are responsible for many of our environmental problems, our health problems, and the endless suffering it inflicts on our animal kingdom. The rich are dying of heart disease, the poor are starving, and millions of people are torturing animals. Our environment is paying an increasingly high price and it is truly stretched to its limit in this writing.

The facts are clear and the only reason anyone can really give for eating meat is that it tastes good. Actually if your culture is vegetarian, meat will not only taste good, you can look at it without getting sick. Our body will become addicted to mud if we eat enough and soon we will think that we cannot live without the help of daily dust.

If you are one who loves your meat but has seen the evidence and is seriously questioning your food choices, may I suggest a trip to your whole food store. There you will find healthy substitutes for all your meat and dairy. You’ll taste better, be healthier, and live longer. The variety of vegetarian food is endless. He is not hungry. If you are at all concerned about the environment, your health, and the animals that share our world than stop eating meat. The animals, the earth, and yourself will thank you.

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