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Eleven Enemies of Man: A Model Article to Demonstrate How to Write an Interesting Article on a Topic

Here MAN means human being. It has man, woman, child, old man, youth, scholar, ignorant etc. and all human beings who have the Teacher of ‘Thinking’.

When you say ‘Enemies’ you don’t mean some enemies from outside, but in fact, in this article, the enemies mentioned are from ‘within’. They are not some wild animals, dangerous germs (not the 20th century HIV/AIDS monster), atomic radiation etc. but they are enemies created by the human mind.

We will see how the plan works here and how it creates many enemies for Man.

Thought is the material that creates the ‘central ego’ known as the “I”. This “I” creates differences between Man to man. This is the reason for the fight for survival. In this process, he has created many enemies for Man and some of them are listed as follows:

1) LOVE OF FOOD: In today’s world, finding food for people is not difficult. People eat whatever comes across whether vegetarian or non-vegetarian. Cooked or raw. He looks for protein from whatever organic material he comes across, and he eats them. There is a famous saying “the big fish lives by eating the small fish”. It’s good that the civilization has progressed to this level and people are not killers now save a small percentage of uncivilized people. Otherwise a person’s favorite food may be another person.

Avoiding cannibalism, the injustice done to the poor, the downtrodden and the less privileged people that they don’t even have food at one time. People collect food especially animals and birds. Many species are now extinct due to lack of food. The balance of Nature has been completely upset because of the excessive food consumed by humans.

2) DESIRE FOR SEX: The second desire that Man inherits directly from animals is SEX. (Learn to love food). Sex is a natural event that follows food. Once the stomach is full, all animals including humans look for a sexual partner. Only a few give recognition to national laws in satisfying their sexual desires. The increased incidence of HIV infection shows how strong a man is about sex. Since people do not discriminate in their choice of food, they do not see any difference in their choice of sexual partner. Conjugal fidelity has lost its importance altogether. Mahatma Gandhi once said, “I will recognize India as independent only when a beautiful young woman wearing expensive gold ornaments walks alone on a narrow black road without any danger.” It may take centuries to gain this freedom.

3) LIGHT POWER. People will do anything to get power. A look into World History will reveal hundreds of wars and thousands of murders for the sake of power. Son, killing father, brothers killing each other is a common thing in History. Mahabharata, the great epic of India is about brothers fighting for power. In modern days, even in democratic systems murders, massacres etc. are common to win elections to get power. We can see in everyday official life also people commit moral crimes to get promotions so that they can have more power. Power has a unique indifference to humans. No other animal wants power. People want to have more and more energy. It satisfies your ego. He wants people around him to kneel, offer respect, offer words of praise and worship. Greed for power has reached such a level that man is prepared to replace the worship of gods by declaring himself to be the supreme being of God.

4) MONEY: The greatest discovery for mankind today is MONEY. He said that the invention of FIRE and then the wheelchair system for transportation were the greatest inventions of humanity that had changed their entire lives. Then there’s electricity (electronic systems and computer science included). But in the social group the greatest creation of human society that has changed all human behavior, from the child to the dead man is MONEY. There are some famous proverbs in Tamil to explain the great power of money. A few are as follows: ‘A ship will only reach the Earth for a few feet, but money will reach by any measure’, ‘Those who have money will be given the seat of honor, but people with character but without money will be thrown to. dust bin’, ‘Even a dead man will open his mouth in fear if we show Money in front of him.

All society is now after money. In fact now, everything has changed in terms of money. Education, medical care, Technology, even parental love are measured in terms of money. People are ready to sacrifice anything for money. (We can think of GOLD next to money, but these are far behind). A person will commit any sin by killing his homes and relatives for money.

The special men are attaching to another full length article to explain its significance

5) Cotton: Cotton is mostly a personal phenomenon. It differs from person to person. For each person it changes according to the event and the people involved. “Cotton is the character of our country” is a famous Indian saying. Jealousy is a common trait, which prevails even between mother and daughter, father and son. Few can defeat it completely, few are able to keep it and many are taken by it and destroy the souls of those who are envied and destroy their souls too.

6) ANGER AND HATE: Anger has ruined the lives of millions around the world. Anger is nurtured by giving food for hatred. While anger is directed at individuals, there is hatred even between nations. Even saints are not free from anger. In a fit of angry mood they cursed and lost all their power. A man loses his composure and is very rude during an angry reaction. There is no use even if you repent later. Thousands of innocent people have been killed just because of hatred. It is the cause of many wars in World History. A heart that gives way to anger is a house of sorrow; eternal wrath will not profit anyone.

7) FANATICISM: Fanaticism. The modern world has been taken over by terrorist activities and if we go into the reason for it, it is nothing but fanaticism. It is in the name of the country, language, tribes and above all these, “Religions”.

We attach great importance to some dogmas and we are deeply attached to it. When something happens to hurt that belief, one will be deeply hurt and like a wounded tiger it will fight those who caused the wound. Sometimes it goes beyond all limits and has no control over violence inflicted on even innocent civilians. In recent Indian History Destruction of Ajodhya mosque is an example of Religious Negligence. The ethnic war between Srilanka Tamils ​​and Sinhalese is an example of ethnic conflicts. There are dozens of such conflicts all over the world and the basis of all these is fanaticism.

Even in lighter words like entertainment and gaming fanaticism has its hands to play. Indians can tolerate any tam who wins in cricket not Pakistan and vice versa. In India, another common aspect among FANS (fanatics!) of a movie actor who violently attacks other fans is common. A very tragic life event was the burning of a policeman, and many people sacrificing themselves when their matinee deity died a natural death (due to old age!)

8) Fear: Fear is the silent killer. An old man dies 1000 times during his life. Most of your fears are unimaginable. A natural consequence of fear is seeking protection. Because of the need for security, people join groups. Groups create conflicts and wars. So the basis of most wars is Fear. Most of the actions of men are to find security, right from living houses to creating relationships. People do many criminal acts to escape from fear but the acts are traps in the cage of their own creation.

9) Pride: Some people are proud that they are in authority; they know everything, everyone must bow to them. In most cases, they fail miserably. Empty ships only make more noise. Ultimately they end up as a laughing stock in the eyes of others like the character of Malvalio in Shakespeare’ ‘Twelfth Night’.

10) Compensation; People do not forget the harm done to them. They want to take revenge for certain actions of their enemies either knowingly or unknowingly and in that process they lose their lives. The best example for this is the character Shylock from Shakespeare’s ‘Merchant of Venice’.

11) DISCUSSION: The basis for all the above human weaknesses is Selfishness. We have come across many people who behave selfishly even in matters that are not so important. Starting from getting a seat in the bus to getting a ministerial berth only their own interests are put before other interests. It is a great pity that even sportsmen have succumbed to selfishness. Sport has taken a back seat giving way to selfish desires in the front seat. People are not ready to sacrifice. They have no memory of the hatred shown by observers. For them, their needs are to be achieved. Let other things go to hell.


We have seen a brief account of the eleven atrocities of the people called his enemies. There are many weaknesses and vices, but they can be listed within any one of the above.

What is the solution?

No number of sermons will change a person to make him abandon the above bad habits. But, a practical way to defeat them can be as follows (11 strategies for the 11 contradictions):

1. Eat to live, don’t live to eat. Have the minimum amount of food to sustain life. It will also reduce medical expenses.

2. Live a peaceful family life. You don’t have to be holy. Have sex between family members.

3. Do not be greedy for power. Power comes with its responsibilities. Accept responsibilities after weighing the pros and cons and not the power behind it.

4. Money can buy food, not appetite and those who can buy a bed don’t sleep. So people should know the limited power of money. People should not sacrifice peace for money. Make arrangements for collection and storage. Don’t be greedy. Meanwhile, don’t be rude to people because ‘people are always poor’.

5. Our heart requires great strength to overcome the feeling of jealousy. Recognize talents in others. Try to improve on your own.

6. Anger and hatred: Practicing yoga exercises, dietary habits will reduce the feelings associated with anger. Not only alcoholic drinks but also toxic drinks like coffee should be avoided. Read and practice some of the self-improvement books written in overcoming this feeling.

7. FANATCISM: The greatest danger the world today is facing is Terrorism which is a direct result of Fanaticism. Each of us is amazing in one way or another. When I take undue pride in my religion, country or language I am directly encouraged and I am also a terrorist although to a limited extent. The only remedy for this is “Don’t take extreme views, BE MODERATE ‘. This is the advice given by the Dalai Lama, a Buddhist monk to fight bullying. Yes, if we maintain the right balance in our way, there is no point. for fanaticism.

8. FEAR: The main reason for fear is ‘seeking safety’. He is afraid that he will lose all the pleasure he used to have, that his health will be damaged. Then he joined the groups. In this process you lose your freedom. Finally fear ends in exile. To overcome fear, the only way is to live a righteous life and obey the laws of the country diligently.

9. PRIDE: Too much pride will come as a laughing stock to others. It can be displayed when it is fully needed.

10. Revenge: Don’t harbor feelings of revenge. The greatest man on Earth is the one who can forgive and forget.

11. DISCUSSION: So that a person can see the other person’s point of view, his principles and so on, the greatest satisfaction is through ‘sacrifice’ and not to see everything for his own benefit.

In short, what is needed is a balanced and balanced approach in anything and everything we come across. One cannot be Jesus or Mahatma Gandhi, but we can certainly show restraint in our approaches.

Benefits of this article:

Let me conclude the article by listing the benefits of this article.

1. Contents based on titles in Toto.

2. The article does not deviate from the main topic.

3. The language is very simple. Juggleries that their words do not escape.

Readers are advised to refer to different books on each subject as only a bird’s eye view is given above. But two points deserve to be mentioned as final comments:

Have a balanced approach to any feelings and emotions and hope for a very prosperous future in learning things.

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