7 Days To Die How Does Animal Tracker Work Christians Cannot Love Two Masters – Why Do Christians Do So Anyway?

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Christians Cannot Love Two Masters – Why Do Christians Do So Anyway?

Two level system

There is a spirit and there are two levels of physicality, one for the teachers (the spirit) and one for the students (the people). The flesh is governed by the spirit (Hebrews 11:1). This is done on purpose. The spirit organizes the vision physically for the spirits to rule over the assigned human beings. We give people control according to the situation of the event. In this two-stage setup there is a spiritual path to take in the scene and an easy-to-follow path default that leads to hell. This is exactly like the words of Jesus who said that few people will find the narrow way, and many people will follow the broad way and be put in hell. It is a way to separate the wheat from the chaff (Jesus’ words).

The souls who do not know the spirit of Jesus in Jesus have lost a very important test, and who adhere to the importance of the spirit in Jesus in their consciousness, they will pass to the area of ​​hell-animals and plants , and then. into the tears of the soul-being like dirt and matter. These spirits thus become a permanent part of the universe and are used as visual systems (supports) by spiritual teachers as tests for the spirits in humans in determining their goals.

The Universe is a constantly active visualization program for spiritual students who graduate from the spiritual high school of paradise. We are taught and tested by the spirit by learning the ways of evil and good in this universal system. As physical beings we are fragile beings so we can experience and express aspects of life through pains, injuries and sorrows. The vulnerability of our people is part of the virtual experience in the ever-running display of our physical lives. We test the reliability of physical senses in relation to spiritual consciousness. Yes, pain does not affect us in a bad way, but the question is; “Do we respond to these temptations as spiritual creatures in a bad spiritual way or we can still have a spiritual attitude of love as described in 1 Co: 13. We must also become like God for the meaning. Jesus said that few will find the narrow way back to the truth because of the betrayal of 1 Co: 13 We put this kind of love to God.

We must always know that we are spiritual beings, not mere beings in a physical environment. Spirits, even through the consciousness of physical beings, must learn to respond to stimuli in the physical environment as spiritual characters, not as physical beings. The illusions of souls that believe in the spirit give us the physical aspect of being. As long as we react in the physical realm as physical beings we fail the test of returning to the spirit in spiritual knowledge. in the total effect of one’s sense and knowledge of pain, sadness and happiness to the sense of pain and sorrows and ease and personal position and wealth in the physical world (as the desires of the body) in more or less to default effect to hell, unworthiness. The way, according to the wisdom and understanding of the soul, and generally against the desires of the body, is the way that passes into the true truth.

One can fail as many times as one wants, but the best pass the test before being relegated to a permanent part of hell in the animal world. Thus, it is wise to follow spiritual insight instead of following a path that is less against the body and more money gain (Matthew 8:19, 24-34). No one can be a slave to two masters (good/truth/spirit and evil/deceit/gain of body and position; god or money). I don’t see why the clergy can’t see that and continue to teach their church (According to the teachings of the Old Covenant) to find money and put it in the song for worldly reasons. The test is individual. We cannot collect the wealth we take from the masses and then use it to alleviate poverty and pain for others and say we have done ‘good’. Poverty and adversity (and also wealth and situation) in our lives are part of a continuous series of events for the soul to determine how to determine their path. If we reduce the pains and stress we destroy the systems by which we test the souls. Or, does the new situation also become part of the testing ground through which we must still find the right way? If there is no trial no judgment is passed.

What will you do with all your wealth? I don’t know. He was tested, he decided. But don’t ask “Atta boy” gifts for giving away your words. Jesus said to do your prayers and your ‘charitable works without ceasing; and I agreed. The rich cannot claim to justify his wealth by helping the poor and society in general. If the rich don’t give everything they have in secret, like the poor widow who put 3 dollars in the basket (all she has) who didn’t make the right decision. They can be on their way to becoming the heart attached to a caged chicken, eaten and killed every seven months as food for others. Think ahead; don’t fall into the trap of ease and simplicity. It is a trick. Don’t fall into the trap that every good deed done with hard work and love will bring redemption. The mental and spiritual condition determines the spiritual value of the works. Be gentle and kind but do everything for ‘Good’ only otherwise you are still serving two masters. A true Christian must navigate the human body and the physical environment. This is very difficult to do in today’s times where we are exposed to endless streams of politics, news and business strategy and media programming. The western world, and now even the rest of the world, is on a spiritually dead course. The way we are going there is no hope for mankind.

If you help feed the poor by providing money to charities to feed the hungry with chicken, you will end up being the chicken that you give to the poor to eat when you are rich – so by choosing not to right you will become a chicken. and become a provider of chicken meat for others to eat often through quick fixes in the Chicken-Hood. It is a perfect description of a soul in hell where the worm does not die (the worm is a stomach-pool of fire acid-to fill) and the fire (soul) does not go out but restores. A person cannot show his wealth, he cannot even have wealth and status, if a person wants to redeem himself in the spirit. One cannot be greedy if one wants redemption in the soul. We are here to win the world. What does that mean? It means that we should be taken out of the physical universe (erased from the realm of the imaginary) and returned to the realm of all true reality. In order to do this we must first know what physical reality is. It is a phony reality-a vicious spiritual testing ground that is provided when we insult the true reality; and all our efforts must be based on the means of escape. We accept falsehood in spirit; now we are tested to see if we can again see the spiritual truth—all of it. Truth is Good and deceit and lies are ‘Mischief’. It must be completely renewed in the good ones through thought action and rest. He mixes evil with good, or light and darkness and he has corruption. What the soul wants is a pure heart in either good or bad. In either case there is heaven. Jehovah, Allah, etc. provide heaven for mere evil. The true God, who is a spirit in Jesus provides heaven in Good. These are the two masters. Those who do good and bad things end up in the animal world. So here are your choices. Believe me every choice will be final; and two wrong choices, in the end, will make your current residence look like heaven. You cannot imagine the pain of an animal’s life. Hell is a place where no worm dies and no fire comes out.

There is a deep scientific question related to pain and suffering in humans, and certainly in animals. Pain and suffering can become so severe that even the most spiritually minded person cannot focus on the soul. If a person cannot concentrate on the soul the mind is concerned only on the physical environment and is very focused on the pain and ways to get help to reduce the pain. Therefore, there is a word of comfort and help for each other. Pain, grief and sorrow, mental, physical and emotional separate us in the solitary confinement of hurt and loneliness. Currently, I am completely happy and well (don’t ask me next week, my teeth or my back may be fine again. However my wife is constantly, inflamed pain that affects her hands, arms down; and he too He has been in this situation for more than three months now, and he is calling God, and he is calling him, he is standing in tears and tears. patience You see chiropractors, acupuncturists, us on the internet for remedies etc. when I was keeled in my body it didn’t seem like any help. help God. Man can’t help, and God certainly doesn’t, or him? His body is always in this pain is the order of my soul, what am I asking to be done, whatever happens in the world is a condition that I have imposed, what is the reason? What does Jesus mean by saying, “rest in me and I let your burden be light. There is no greater burden than constant intense pain! How do each of us solve this problem from the spiritual and physical side? I tried healing by laying hands. That’s a joke! ura – that’s a joke. Therefore, the holy spirit tells us to take care of the matter and face the matter in our own way. There is no way so we are reduced in our efforts in trying to cope.

A woman who gives birth is in pain and maybe the child that is born is also in pain. This kind of pain has a reason. A child is born and it is the only way to accomplish the task. Maybe my wife is in spiritual labor. If so, it is close to being there. Jesus taught and showed us that life as a person who knows the truth must survive many sufferings. He showed us on the cross. He was also born because he had to renounce the sinful flesh. So pain is not necessarily a bad thing in the soul, but regardless, it is always a bad thing in the body. Pain does not make sense, unless we look beyond the physical into the spirit and see that the physical is evil and that we must overcome the flesh (physical world) in order to have a true spiritual realm. People say, “Oh man, life is fun and it’s worth it. Find a reason and fulfill your passions through ingenuity, cunning, effort and cooperation.” I said, “Man you have this whole world wrong. This is hell and you must find a way out of it before it consumes you completely.” Don’t pay attention to the tricks of the physical society. One who observes harm in another, any other, is placed for a serious spiritual test. Jesus encouraged us to be like the Good Samaritan. This man acts independently and personally. It provides for transportation, housing and constant help. He left a financial provision for the keeper of the lodge to continue the service until the man paid off. The injured man was considered an enemy of Good Samaritans. I said clearly is likewise. It is the most important. Don’t be ridiculous. Be there 100% for another and don’t insist on payment. Spiritually you are under a microscope. Selfishness and loving-kindness are of the world and the world will trap you and trap you forever. Get the hell out of this physical realm before it becomes your eternal hell. Forget your physical body; there is no physical redemption. Find a window of truth because you are a fool in a world based on spiritual lies.

To prophesy or to receive prophesy is to do something for people who are blind in spirit. Those who, again, can see in the spirit do not need prophecies because there is no physical world that is of any concern to them to have any prophecies about – thus forgetting about the spiritual value of the book of Revelation in the New Testament.

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