8 What Animal Protein Source Is An Incomplete Protein Do We Watch What We Eat or Eat What We Watch?

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Do We Watch What We Eat or Eat What We Watch?

It is the best of times, It is the worst of times. On the one hand we have people who are starving themselves to have a zero-number and suffering from Bulimia and Anorexia and on the other hand we have the false agenda of promoting “self-confidence” gone haywire with people standing now, not against obesity. From Kim Kardashian flaunting her medically enhanced assets to fashion history gaps, the Media is full of such differences.

Here’s why fast food is bad:

The main ingredient for people is health. In ancient times, people used to live in a healthy way for more than a hundred years, but it is obvious that it is not the case these days. Truth be told, fast food is very fattening. The manufacturing process involved in creating fast food adds a lot of fat and fat content to foods. They are fast but at the same time they damage our health at a faster rate.

If we have good health, we can earn anything in this world. So it is good to be health conscious. Junk, that means something extra. Junk food is food with high calorie content that tastes good with less nutritional value. However, if you are health conscious and worried about how the food you eat could be secretly harming your body then here are 10 convincing reasons to retire from junk food.

1. Junk food causes obesity.

High calorie, unhealthy fat.. All these are extra empty energy. Something extra will definitely sit on your hip. You will not be allowed to wear skinny jeans. Currently, we see 1 in 10 people obese. The extra calories in junk food lead to the obesity epidemic. It is very easy to put on weight, but it is really difficult to lose the same. Obesity is a medical condition in which excess body fat has accumulated to an extent that can have a negative impact on health, leading to a reduced life expectancy and/or increased health problems. High levels of bad cholesterol in our body are difficult to cut. Usually the high calorie content will not be broken down by the enzymes in our body. If it is unexpected it is still a dead power. Here we can understand one thing that the beginning of a disease is the activity of enzymes in our body. Even after knowing why we should give room for such disturbances? Our health is in our hands. Avoid junk and stay healthy.

2. Increase sugar level.!

Fast food prep units add artificial sweeteners to our food. It can give the desired taste but it is completely unhealthy. Anything artificial will not adapt easily to the human body. The reason is twofold: Loading up on sugar-sweetened junk food tends to lead to weight gain, which is a risk factor for diabetes. Secondly, sugar-laden drinks provide a rapid rush of sugars to your body, which over time can lead to insulin resistance and inflammation. So once in a while is good. Every day junk food is not recommended.

3. Fast food and death..

These foods are called fast foods only for this reason. They prepare them quickly, but the question is ‘Is our food well prepared?’. No one in this world has the patience to wait for healthy food, as long as it tastes good. since junk food is fast food, but it provides a lot of nutritional energy that is not good for our body. Empty energy causes many disturbances in our health conditions. So don’t go for fast food, it can be dangerous.! So learn the method of saying no to such foods.

4. More salty and spicy…

Often in junk food we find increased salt and spice levels. This may sound great but you are secretly starting to spoil yourself. An increased amount of salt will directly lead to an increase in blood pressure levels. In recent times, we have seen many young people suffering from blood pressure, hypertension etc. these are simply due to unhealthy food habits. In this fast paced world, not only fast foods are increasing but also the rate of diseases. We all know that salt is an uncertain ingredient. Neither salt should be more, nor should it be less, it will spoil the dish either way. The same ambiguity description can be given for the human body as well.

5. High calorie content.

Fast food is easy and tasty food at a reasonable price. Many people even after knowing that they have more calories, they visit these restaurants for their first meal. We need 400-600 calories in a normal healthy diet. But this junk food provides us with about 200 and extra calories compared to normal food. These extra calories are stored in the body and are not used to release energy. These calories are collected in the blood and will increase the pressure in the heart, to pump blood. All these finally end in hypertension and heart related disorders.

6. Low quality food will be available.

We don’t need an opinion book on junk food to say that they don’t use the best quality ingredients. They make delicious food using the smallest parts of the available product. When you are eating you do not even have the only clue, what and which part you are eating, come from. So it is better to get the required ingredients at home and prepare at home. These junk food preparation units place more importance on quantity than quality.

7. Food security will not be maintained.

Sad to say, most workers hired for cooking are not provided with the necessary training and food safety education. The people preparing these burgers will not have washed their hands before serving your food. These can lead to food poisoning. Some diseases are spread through unsanitary food and medical treatment. These junk food preparation parts are not very important to clean and healthy eating environment because people don’t worry much about it. Often times, it is a human tendency that we like food prepared by someone else more than the one prepared by us, no matter how unclean it is.

8. Poor food quality.

Often, we find burgers, fries to be more sweet and tempting. Here, the preferred cooking method is “deep frying”. Any food for that matter, deep fried will be more oil, will have a higher content. Every day there is a certain amount of proteins and vitamins, needed for a healthy life. Although these foods contain protein and vitamins, cooking the food will destroy those positive effects. Artificial sweeteners in desserts provide poor nutritional value. People should not eat food because it tastes good, sometimes we should judge our food by nutritional value as well.

9. Scary preservatives.

“Oh god! My food looks so delicious…!”

Each one of us will have felt this feeling, when we see our delicious snacks.. But do you know the fact that they look like color and mouthwash because of chemical colors and preservatives? Yes, the hard truth behind the delicious junk food is that they will have used more colors and preservatives than the required amount. There are health care products in the market for cooking, but these are quite expensive. So people go for cheaper and less healthy products. These ideas make people crazy about making food more beautiful than it is.

10. Animal fats paint.

Do you have any ideas about how poorly treated animals are treated when they are taken to slaughter? Well, thank god if you don’t have it. Many of these factory farmed animals are kept in such a small place that they are forced to stand in their own wastes. To keep the animals from having sick in these situations, they are drawn up full of antibiotics, which ends up in our food. Usually we won’t worry too much about the ingredients used in certain snacks. As we find the KFC light grill and fries to be delicious…but we don’t think the chicken used is healthy or not. These facts not only make us stop eating junk foods but also make us vegetarian by choice. Many new diseases like bird flu, swine flu are due to the consumption of infected animals.

We are left in the dark, between these binaries we do not know which one to follow, but who has the desire to follow at least one of them. All the time he does not know that both are harmful to our health and well-being.

In the age of burgers and fries, fitness is the cherished enemy. A survey conducted by TOI in January 2015 concluded that 10% of children in government schools are overweight showing a huge difference to 25% from private schools.

Establishing the litter hypothesis of unhealthy children in both cases, we need to pay attention to the economic factor. There have been shocking investigations that have brought to light the dire state of food served to government school children leading to malnutrition and even diseases in some cases.

How are we blind to this apparent divide? Or are we just worrying about something that can cause us stress? Do we spend more, eat more because we have more or is it just a vicious cycle? Don’t we as citizens have a moral responsibility to reduce our food for the benefit of the rest of the society if we don’t donate?

An occasional indulgence is all well and good, but it shouldn’t become the norm. Today’s mantra seems to be “I have it, it will last”. Where is this leading us? If not for the sake of society, we must reduce our material consumption and do ourselves a favor. If our day isn’t complete without a visit to the nearest Starbucks, it’s time to review our choices and change for the better.

Just bashing some economists on Facebook or a hashtag on Twitter won’t help much. We need to get out of the comfort of our homes in order to create change for this generation and the next.

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