A Change Of Heart About Animals Activity 10 Answers Coronavirus and Getting to Know God – Psalm 46-10

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Coronavirus and Getting to Know God – Psalm 46-10

We will translate Psalm 46-10 “Be still, and know that I am God” in more detail at the end of this article. It will explain how important this psalm is for humanity in this unprecedented time. But, now, by adding context, let us understand how the wild animals perform their duties corresponding to their existence, and how humans, as the highest beings, do compare.

Birds, bees and fish

Have you ever noticed the birds that soar up in the sky and suddenly circle back down? Similarly, with shoals of fish, how they are drawn in one direction and then go in another direction immediately and at the same time. Interesting, I’m sure you’ll agree. From a human perspective, poultry behavior is indeed worth highlighting in the current coronavirus situation.

The question is: why do they do it in such a synergistic fashion?

The answer is that they pray

The Symmetrical nature of flying — and the quick dash movement of the fish — allows them to communicate or connect with their source, their “god,” which — for every non-human creature on earth — is Nature. In other words, Nature provides birds and all land animals, including aquatic life, with everything they need to “know” to survive in their current environment.

Symmetrical vee formation flying by other birds, is also for the same reason: they are in contact with their source of guidance for refueling for their journey. Such as they get important intuitive guidance to feeding points along the way.

‘Flocking’ puts the birds in a state of anticipation, they ‘anticipate’ – let’s call this anticipation bird faith or prayer – and then, once this intuitive change begins, is raised within the flock consciousness – generated by Nature – then the change of direction spreads instantly though the entire herd in a wave of energy awareness. Flying the flock represents group awareness, where no individual bird is valued. It is how they update, about themselves and new survival information.

Then we have wonderful bees.

Considered a social insect, bees are workers, flying only for a single purpose which is to feed and maintain the hive. They do not fly for the love of flying but simply to find nectar and then return it so that the beehive can benefit.

Because we are all connected to the same universal energy, when we think about it, the idea of ​​birds, fish and insects praying is a spiritual interpretation. There are just so many ‘praying’ worlds that take place at the same time within this beautiful Eco-system that the economy is ignoring or taking for granted. And it has been noticed, among all the diversity of nature’s inhabitants – large and small – they do not intend to harm or disrupt the natural environment. If only humans can be like that, we may well ask.


So, what does nature care have to do with the current global pandemic: the Coronavirus.

Well, as we will see, it has a lot to do with it, especially in terms of how people can benefit from the way people living here on earth are doing.

As mentioned before, hummingbirds, bees and shoal fish, and many other species, do not work individually during prayer, instead everything is aimed at the natural herd or group species survival.

Now this article is not about country bashing, far from it. But a global match will seem out of control, and it won’t feel right

This coronavirus treatment is teaching us a lesson in survival: Nature is trying to tell us something deep in hard and raw information… At some level, in the midst of all suffering, a chance for change arises. And while the coronavirus will pass yes, the message of change will remain until we get the nature message on board mentally.

Likewise with global warming, we will have to come to terms with a new beginning, a new foundation or home truth, a new order of material priorities, in short, a new clean order.

Take materials for examples and current customer experience. In meeting the uncertain material market demand, technology has to expand beyond what most consumers can handle both mentally and emotionally. Not to mention the long term effects of plastic on the environment.

The emphasis seems to be on countries that are only interested in maintaining their own ‘nationalism’ leadership, as if the rest of the world’s flock does not exist or is irrelevant in the global equation. That is, in the world, some people get food while others who are less fortunate can be ignored.

Reduce it down

Let’s say, by way of explanation, there is this macro country- tenth mind-set, and among that is the self-interested blog only mind-set. One feeds off the other and the cycle of national control along individual self-interest only continues endlessly. Now, of course, there is nothing wrong with individual progress and national creativity, in fact, it is perfectly natural for people to be creative – this is how we deliver. But the emphasis on ‘me’ mine’ ‘our’ has reached a point of contentment.

The native wisdom of nature is raised on this: that something is out of balance on this planet.

We have reached the end of our cycle

The love of material wealth, thinking, and the level of knowledge related to it, has taken humanity to the farthest point in this greed-conquest-glory cycle. And while it is through the cycles of evolution that humanity progresses, at the quantum level, in terms of human evolution, it is not about the survival of the fittest, or, who can become the strongest and most powerful nation most, company or individual, or anyone among us. can fly the high faith flag.

The coronavirus is reminding us of what we have seen a lot, which is: Nature does not forget – it shines back to us exactly what we sent. Therefore, Nature’s message, for our greatest good, is to reorganize and develop spiritual knowledge.

In this area, the wise Rishis of ancient India I believe knew the true secret of truth. But somewhere along the long road this pure wisdom has become frozen and diluted to mean something completely different. Lost in translation, we might say.

This pandemic is a reminder that our essentials all blend in and out of sync with the natural laws of Nature. These rules are real and specific and require strict adherence to them. Depending on the mindset, they will serve us either positively or negatively. So be careful of how we structure our mind and body.

We are stuck artificialized

Humanity has become mentally and emotionally burdened thus creating many new and unsustainable types of pressures and stresses within the human physiology.

A conditioned mind will appear, that, simply by taking some drugs, everything will be fine. The mind is programmed, that, once these problems are masked traditionally, in pharmaceutical technology, then this is good. But it’s not good. Because these mindsets don’t just go away, they become addictive or addictive mindsets. Thus, the addition of symptom-consciousness conditioning continues indefinitely.

We are about to become the dead – artificial is the new king. This human numbness to reality and the natural environment has led to chronic accumulations of anger and unhappiness within the human psyche. It has come to the point, that, our means of eternal happiness have been blocked by commercialism and exploitation. Rather than happiness being a simple natural choice, much of this outlet has been turned into industries which for many can lead to addictive and compulsive behavior patterns.

Even so much of the ‘intelligent’ progress sadly, for many, comes in the place of natural spiritual development and personal activity. People are now walking and looking hypnotically-like into a fantasy world for the new unconscious world gossip.

What evolutionary trap does this represent?

Ascension of the Soul

Each of us was created for Ascension to the Spirit of God. This process takes place within. Spiritual ignorance is what hinders progress in this area. We are not designed to die in the pure camp level of ignorance forever. To initiate the Ascension out of spiritual ignorance, a calibration of the mind is required. This is a silent integration journey, it all begins with mental stillness.

Speaking of equipment, everything changes. But, on the other hand, at the level of our soul, we are Immutable, Immortal and Eternal. We are each Eternal Spirit. Therefore, this process of Glorification leads the soul and consciousness into knowing the Transfiguration of Christ Standard within the consciousness. Therefore, attachment to the world and only personal gain, is against our true nature. This ‘opposite’ character becomes and strengthens our immortal Christ nature.

In the eastern tradition, which I believe is more advanced in the area of ​​spiritual development, ignorance or attachment to the material world, is known as Maya – false identity.

When we consider the lives of great historical saints and sages of all traditions, and how they approached life, surely returning to the basics will represent an important spiritual evolution for this generation as well as beyond.

In the ongoing evolution of the mind, silence is truly the loudest form of prayer, he describes ‘back to the basics of the mind.

In dealing with the coronavirus situation, everyone makes a real difference – including the young and the young. Each of them played their part in bringing about world unity in this time of great need. The truth is that each person who meditates influences thousands of people who do not meditate. And if these ideas are synchronized locally, the benefits throughout the world will be enormous.

Now that is the right prayer to engage in.

Stability is the way

The main function of each rainwater – upon falling from the clouds – seeks to unite with the sea. To this end, in practice, water only responds to gravity – gravity is the medium through which water reunites with its source, the ocean.

For humans, silence is the way.

Psalm 46-10 is here showing a means by which each of us can reconnect consciously with the Source. And how can we be directly united in the divine nature by being one.

Stand still and know that I am God – Psalm 46-10 – Meaning:

“Be still” is to be still in meditation, leave all internal struggle, “and know”, which means to have a direct experience of transcendental silence, “that I am”, the world, or knowing Now the consciousness, “God “, the eternal vibration of the higher self. consciousness

It is a cycle of silent vibrational experience – as with Aum, Om. or God — which, when chanted, or read silently, activates the wisdom for an experience with the supreme Savior.

The important point is, God is a verb (vibration) not a noun (not a static title). Therefore, the word of God has a specific vibrational resonance or quality, and those who have this vibrational resonance that the psalm gives us to know directly within the consciousness. This vibrancy is essentially a living experience of Infinite love, which manifests Christ-consciousness

From the mire of spiritual ignorance, the ‘I’ vibration becomes the awakened soul that knows — experiences — transcendentally, divinely, immortally.

Lying beyond the relative world of phenomenal existence, the transcendental silence brings about spiritual unity with the eternal Universe.God.

All that remains now is for this meditation to manifest itself through physiology, specifically through the heart chakra. This is important in order to root our expression as automatic behavior in the nervous system.

Finally, in fulfilling this scripture within consciousness — and in conjunction with the guidelines of the World Health Organization — not only is the elevation of our own spiritual life elevated dramatically but, through the increase of antibodies or white blood cells into our immune system, we are also dealing with the widespread spread of the coronavirus on a personal and global level. Blessing.


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