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Israel’s Dirty Little Secret

Zehava Galon is a member of the opposition Yahad Party in Israel. In 2005 she chaired the Commission Against Trafficking in Women which conducted a four-year investigation into the problem of sexual exploitation. In the words of Galon the inquiry shows how the women were taken to Israel and “on the way, raped, beaten and then sold in public shops.”

About 20,000 women have been moved to Israel from Eastern Europe. These women, many of whom are teenagers, are invisible sex slaves, and they are being tortured in a country that has as its center the memory of those who survived it.

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime has named Israel as one of the worst offenders in the world when it comes to the crime of human trafficking for the purposes of sexual exploitation and forced labor.

This business is the weakest and most vulnerable and has always been covered and softened by the Israeli authorities. Fortunately, there are also Israeli activists who are tackling the problem head on. The humanitarian organization Isha L’Isha in Haifa is one such group. However, despite the good work done by groups like this, until the government is serious about this problem, the business will continue.

The women who were taken captive are often teenagers, some as young as 13 years old, who have been tricked with false promises and false contracts. They were brought to Israel through Egypt many times. Along the way they are raped and abused, before being sold to the highest bidder. Depending on the girl and her “characteristics”, she could be sold to an Israeli pimp for about $10,000. These girls are then held in private clubs or private establishments and forced to serve customers day and night.

Here is a description of one such auction by the Israel News Agency…

“Yosef took Anna to a hotel, and ordered her to get out of the crowd of men. The fight was known as “the market.” Like traders in the market, the traders check “the product” and they gave it to the women. they wanted to buy it, the woman was made to stand naked in the middle of a room, the traders touched her breasts, her ass, they examined her tongue, her teeth, to see if he recovered, they touched his body, they told him. him, ‘walk forward, back, strike stop like a model, wiggle you honey, press on. Lower. Let’s see what’s right.’ Auctioneers don’t necessarily have to choose an auction venue. In one case a woman was brought, examined, and sold for $6,000 in the men’s room of McDonald’s.

Considering that the former Soviet Union and countries like Romania, are struggling out of difficult economic conditions, there is certainly a large class trapped in poverty. The marketers target the young and the impressionable – young people who are already in a difficult situation and facing many hardships. They trust these women, in many cases, dehumanizing them by uprooting them from their homelands and subjecting them to criminal attacks and terror.

The sentences given to the few criminals who are actually convicted in Israeli courts are a joke. Some of these vendors take local service and the clubs they operate are often closed for a short period of time. Some mystery reopens and continues with business-as-before. It is estimated that there are 300 brothels in Tel Aviv alone, many of which are held by women in conditions that can be compared to slavery.

The author, Isaac Herzog, documented some of the horrific conditions these women faced in a Jerusalem Post article entitled “Time to Crack Down on White Slavery”. Herzog said the police had surveillance recordings of the women’s “run” across the desert, and he said the average person wouldn’t believe what was really going on. Hundreds of captive women have crossed the desert of Egypt to Israel. Anyone who falls down on the way, or gets tired is simply abandoned – in Herzog’s words as a “dead scary animal”.

Some of the women who had fled or tried to escape, were targeted by the Bedouin. The article “Israel’s Sex Abuse Report” courtesy of the Israel News Agency contains the following statement from a victim named “Anna”:

“Early in Egypt I realized that I was going to commit prostitution in Eilat… I tried to escape but a Bedouin caught me and beat me. In the evening, four Bedouins raped me, one after the other. .. .. I’m bleeding and I can’t walk, it hurts so much between my legs …. I want to die.”

Amnesty International argues that the Israeli government and police have largely turned a blind eye to the business going on under their noses. Exactly how a country raised on the back of a history of victimhood can be so slow to act decisively to root out the systematic abuse and exploitation of women forced within their own society is a mystery that is difficult to fathom. .

Many Jewish writers and commentators in the US and Canada have been shocked by the indifference of Israeli pimps and terrorists. Many are troubled by the reluctance of the Israeli government to stop a business that all the authorities know very well. Here in Canada the respected investigative journalist, Victor Malarek, has done some excellent work in exposing the business.

There is a strong racist element to the business in Israel. Leah Gruenpeter-Gold, director of a consulting firm in Tel Aviv, said that these young Eastern European women are sacrificing to the sexual needs of men, in a culture that protects the virtues of Jewish women. He and his companion expressed their disgust at the way certain religious Jews were taking advantage of these women.

Haredin – orthodox Jews – crowd into Tel Aviv’s brothels on Friday mornings and afternoons for pre-Shabbat fun and games. In the area of ​​Stock Exchange and Diamond Exchange this activity is especially important. Since believers cannot have sex according to the religious law, they must have sex with a woman. Their law forbids them from using condoms, so they have to pay the pimps more in order to have the “privilege”.

Grunpeter-Gold claims that the victims are sacrificed … “because these women are not human … they are foreign women. Religions like it to be with foreign women because then they do not mistake Jewish women. “

Why aren’t we doing more to stop the ongoing sexual exploitation of women in Israel? As girls who work in business, policemen and other prominent members of Israeli society have rights for themselves – sometimes in exchange for gifts or other “money”, or as customers. The percentage of orthodox as mentioned also has an effect. Who knows how deep the consensus is – it’s impossible to trace. But of course such connections will work against official attempts to attack the business.

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