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Tactics Adopted by Animals During Sex

Sexual behavior in animals is variable not between members of the same species or between different species. Various mating systems have been discovered by researchers in animals. The study of animal sexual behavior is very interesting and is one of the hot topics in which the scientist has been enthusiastic with distinction. It is clear that few animals participate in sexual games like humans. About 1,500 species of animals are believed to be homosexual. Sociobiology and psychology are two branches of science which are concerned with the ways in which animal societies lead to sexual behavior. The mating system will give an idea about the circumstances and a clue about the fact that the male has a mate with the female.

The first mating system is monogamy where a man and a woman together form a sexual relationship or sexual contract that lasts their entire lives. Physiologists and anthropologists have suggested that shoe production in monogamous animals is not always sex-specific. Sexual activities have been found to change with sexual partners as seen in swans. Sometimes an exclusive partner is not chosen and children are produced by extra-sexual partners. Social, sexual and genetic monogamy can occur in different combinations. About 90% of birds are socially monogamous and 15% of primates are monogamous. We also observe social monogamy in fish, mammals and insects. Only 3% of mammalian species are monogamous. Another type of mating system is polygamy. In polygamy a man has exclusive sexual relations with more than one woman. Polygamy is of three types. Polygyny is a phenomenon where an individual of the same sex has one or more individuals of the same species. Harems are famous for polygyny. Another type of polygyny is polygynandry where men and women can partner with more than one or more partners. Another type of mating system is promiscuity. Here in adultery any individual of either gender can associate with more than one person within a social group. Promiscuity is common among chimpanzees and bonobos.

Animals are all seasonal which means they mate only during the seasons of the year. The reproductive period is responsible for bringing about a number of changes in the individual such as behavioral changes, environmental behavior development. Some animals breed annually and some mate each year. During the breeding season, females get pregnant and are in estrous. A common term used for a pregnant woman is that a woman is in heat. It is generally believed that animals perform sexual activity only for the continuation of the species and not for pleasure as seen in humans, pigs, cats and fish.

Common Sexual Activities Revealed by Animals

Sexual loss (genital mutilation)

Foreplay is common among animals including both male and female members of the species and they engage in foreplay when partners come to show that they are ready to mate. Play that has been commonly observed in horses where they are born unwillingly with any hard material, also kangaroos are seen of unwanted play with the front paws. They have seen that he has been using a stick to his genitals together with the help of wood. A scientist science The psychologist Havelock Ellis has observed autoeroticism in bulls, goats, sheep, camels and elephants. Bruce Bagemihl in his book Biological Exuberance in 1999 concluded that autoeroticism is common among both male and female partners. Many methods are used by the animals for the aging of the vagina such as using money, money, rubbing the nipples, forcing or making a man copy his body, calling him a monkey by rubbing the belly, stirring the vagina. also made by using some non-breathable substances and this is common among cetaceans.

Sexual intercourse

Animals of many species are known to indulge in autofellatio and rubber sex. Although the behavior of animals confuses people because it is a completely different sexual behavior that animals adopt. Oral sex has been commonly observed in hyenas, goats, primates, bats and sheep.


Homosexual behavior has been observed in a number of animal species such as seabirds, mammals, monkeys and great apes. Homosexual behavior has been observed in 1,500 species of animals and is well documented in 500 species. Georgetown University professor Janet Mann has observed homosexual behavior in whales. Homosexual behavior has been observed in male penguin couples who mate throughout their lives and build a nest together using a stone as a substitute egg in nesting and moving. The Central Zoo Park in the United States conducted an experiment in 2004 on pairs of penguins. They replaced a couple’s eggs with fertilized eggs, and observed that the men raised that young man as their own when he was born. Mating of a female by another female is a common activity among animals. Sexual behavior has been observed in male sheep and is known to be influenced by brain and hormones.

Cross Race Sex

Animals have been observed to mate with members of other species as observed in the case of wild moose which tried to mate with horses. Hybrids can result from mating between animals of closely related species but the offspring may not always be fertile. For example a mule that is a hybrid of a horse and a donkey is sterile but a liger that is a hybrid of a lion and a tiger has pregnant females and sterile males.

Prostitution and Sexual Fetishes

In many species of penguins, women although committed to a man can exchange sexual favors with a foreign man in order to get pebbles for the construction of their nest. Many animals have been observed to use inanimate objects for sex themselves. This behavior is like Pavlovian reinforcement.

Forced sex

In a number of races men are seen to court with women force. This coercive behavior is well documented in arachnids where females have been found to eat males when not fed with food or tied with ropes during the mating process. In many herbivorous species where there are differences in the size of male and female partners, males are often seen to dominate females and court them with sheer force. In many bird species mixed sexual intercourse has been observed which occurs with violence and is very common in ducks and geese.

Sex between Adult and Young

Moles of certain species get young females pregnant which is part of their normal reproductive physiology. It is not known whether the interview was conducted with force or not.

Sexual Cannibalism

Sexual cannibalism is well documented in arachnids, insects and amphipods where the female kills or eats the male during or after the act of mating.


Necrophilia is a process where an animal tries to court with a dead animal. Kees Moeliker of the Natural History Museum Rotterdam, Netherlands has observed necrophilia in a duck trying to mate with a dead duck. Moeliker received the Nobel Prize for this research in biology which was awarded for humoral research. Similar behavior has also been observed in cane toads.

Animal sexual behavior research provides many clues about human sexual behavior. Sexual behavior in animals is very interesting and many facts are still undiscovered and need attention.

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