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What Constitutes an Ethical Company?

I want to explore the meaning behind the word ‘ethic’ in this day and age, and how some companies manage to slip through the net using marketing tactics.

I have recently read articles praising the most ethical companies – there is a list of famous and successful companies of 2013, 2014 etc. – and they are organized as a dream for the rest of us. I opened the list in anticipation of seeing the estimated companies mentioned, but was horrified to see the number of companies on the list known to create products that harm health or are involved in deforestation or child labor – to name but a few crimes against humanity.

Even if a company is taking steps to become more traditional, they certainly shouldn’t be allowed on such a list until they have a significant history in ethical practice. The following questions immediately come to mind – “Who on earth compiled these lists and what is their purpose?” “Are they really ignorant of the actions of these companies, or are they just profiting from the questions?” Or even worse – “Is morality now judged by the 80/20 rule?”

So, what is considered an ethical company in this day and age?


Is it all about how the company treats their employees? If the people who work for them are treated well, receiving adequate salaries and benefits – does that make the company ethical?

If their workers wear protective clothing while spraying the earth with toxic chemicals – does that make the company ethical because it looks after its own?

If workers are given the benefit of cheap food and clothes in the form of company discounts, is the company’s behavior if the food is the end product of contaminated materials and tortured animals?

If we say job opportunities and economic assistance as a valid reason for companies to start businesses that poison the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat, I have to ask – who benefits?


Or maybe it’s seen as an attitude in all aspects of advertising sales. An ad that makes everyone feel all warm and fuzzy – full of cute animals, little kids or a celebrity or two – or maybe all of the above if the company has an unlimited amount of money to throw at it to. We are presented with an emotional roller coaster ride which dulls the senses and convinces people of its reality and authenticity, because it’s just so darn beautiful!

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It comes to mind that some of the most successful fraudsters and serial killers come in a very attractive physical package. It is because they are good looking that they are able to get close to their victims, but beautiful on the outside does not mean beautiful on the inside. I think this rule applies to companies and their marketing campaigns as well.

We are surrounded by marketing images which promote ‘beauty’! These images not only damage and destroy people’s self-confidence, but they also set the precedent that beauty is better. Therefore, in our imagination we link beauty to all that is good, and we reject all that is not beautiful, according to the current standards set by the media and the marketing industry.

I lived in the Algarve, Portugal for two years and when I was there I knew people who had orange trees on their land. They were the sweetest oranges I would ever taste in my life, yet none of those oranges would have made it to the supermarket shelves. The reason they are all ‘ugly’ fruit – they don’t touch them to make them look good. The owner of the orange grove told me that the best fruit is the sweetest, and what I think we should remember, because it opens our hearts, and beauty does not easily deceive us. if we know that there is a beauty. can solve the alternative.

Charitable Donations

If a cosmetics company donates money to fight skin cancer they have to be ethical, right? People will think they are amazing and readily buy their products. However, what if the same company includes ingredients in its products which can cause cancer – aren’t they just creating a product for themselves? It’s worth thinking about!

If a food or beverage company gives gifts to schools in the form of IT or sports equipment etc., is it really an altruistic act? They often get returns in the form of advertising on the site and big hikes in sales as the word spreads about their good works. Not forgetting that they are creating a new generation of people who will be addicted to their products.

Charitable donations also need to be a win/win situation. The people who need help are not lesser beings than the people who give it, because they don’t have money. We should not eat them in the name of profit.

I think we need to remember that the companies that give a lot of money to charity are usually the companies that can afford it. It never hurts them, in fact it often benefits them – they don’t feel the pinch. There are many companies that give money with an open mind and genuinely help everyone they touch, and there are some that give money in order to gain goodwill and promote sales. It’s our job to find out what’s what.

So what ratio between gifts and corruption is moral by today’s standards? Is it 25%/75% or does it need to be 50%/50%? Who makes these decisions and what are their intentions? It’s not like it’s the health and wellness of the world, that’s for sure.


I suggest that before we decide that a company is a character we look deeply into the face of that company, look at its face and see its soul. Remember that a beautiful face is not a reflection of a beautiful soul – the eyes are the windows of the soul and by looking deeply into them you will be able to know whether it is clear or deceptive.

My father was an astrologer, a member of the Inner Magic Circle, when I was growing up, I used to watch him do it. He always told me to look at the hand that seems to be doing nothing – and he has taught me a valuable life lesson. So when a company or any company makes an amazing show that catches my attention, I pull my eyes from where the lights are shining and look into the shadows to see what they hide, what they he doesn’t want me to see? If after careful observation and research I find that there is nothing hidden, then I assume that company’s behavior and sit back and enjoy the show!

I am not for one minute to tell anyone what to think, or what to do. What I humbly suggest is that everyone look carefully at the decisions they make, and the companies they support by either using their services or buying their products. Then each of us will know that it is not the nose that leads us to harm our own values ​​and what we believe in ourselves.

The bottom line is that if people, animals and the planet are negatively affected by a company’s products or services, that company is not ethical – no matter how much they do for charity, or how many heart-warming marketing campaigns they have that they did. They are flouting their responsibility to all living things in the name of profit. That is the truth!

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