A Day In The Life Of An Animal Cop Tapping Into Your Animal Instincts

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Tapping Into Your Animal Instincts

Keep it simple stupid. That’s how the saying goes, but if we follow this advice and examine our daily human interactions, you’ll see how smart we can be, no matter how beautiful we are, when it comes down to it. we really are. just a smart ass animal.

Our efforts, passions, wants and needs are distractions (think careers, technology, MONEY) that are personal and imposed on us. One of my theories that I have the right to share after a few brews among friends is simply this; In the physical sense, we were put on this earth for one reason and one reason only – to have sex. We are hardwired to our core to want and need you, and most of what we do can come back to you.

Although Sigmund Freud is one of the most well-known psychologists of all time, he took a lot of flack by some for his theories. I will not be born with a professor on it, but he basically said that from here, we develop in psychosexual levels. Through these five stages, we satisfy our sexual desires. To be clear, this does not mean that your newborn will be confused about “baby porn” (I worry about the Feds knocking on my door after just typing that word), but that we are born with a libido, and that it manifests in different ways as we grow. Basically, it goes from having oral fixation and attention manipulation by being cute (child), to having children of your parents through the Oedipus and Electra centers (child) to having actual sexual feelings, expressed with knowledge -self and interaction, to real relationships. and having sex.

You can look at these theories and pick and choose how you want to take things, but the truth is that at our core, sex and “animality” permeate every part of our lives. We understand a lot of things and try to be politically correct, which is good in a way, but in another way I think we outdo each other.

I had a beer with my coworkers recently, and those of us who are married went into the inevitable “How did you meet?” stories. Without fail, each and every story begins with strong physical feelings (I guess you can call it lust), that happen without planning and open the door to getting to know that person. Many people have laundry lists of what they want in a partner (height, weight, hair color, number of degrees, salary, etc.) tucked away in their back pocket, and they go out into the world with that list. and begin. looking for love It didn’t happen that way.

Now to be clear, I’m not saying you should hoe it up and expect love to happen. I’m seriously saying that you’ll probably find love in a more animal, or primal way than you think, even if there’s no immediate sex. Attraction comes first, then you decide whether to work on it or not as you know yourself. Although my ideal woman is smart, funny and attractive, her resume that lists her size and comedy credits are not even going to reach my stand if she looks like precious. It’s just real.

Now fellas, this goes both ways. Pop culture tries to sell us on this PC idea that the best man cries like his woman, shares his feelings ad depth and is not important sex. In fact, the 2011 man was taught that having sexual desires makes him one of “those people” and that all their friends and girlfriends are “good girls” who will ignore such thoughts or actions. This gives birth to many men who can provide the comforting feelings that women enjoy, without the physical efforts required for a healthy union between a woman and a man.

To be honest, the “friend zone” is nothing more than a person who wants more but is afraid to move. You don’t put him in it, you put yourself in it. When you are the All-American friend, it allows you to be the cuddly wuddly shoulder to cry on, when you get your, ahem, need fulfilled by people who inevitably end up yelling at you about. Why? Because you ignore the animal in you and you have deluded yourself by thinking that you are above such things. Because you have come into the new millennium man and you are above that primitive thing.

Okay, enough of the sex talk. In times of natural disaster, when our infrastructure collapses and the arrangements we create are destroyed, you will notice that our first needs come to the fore. All that matters is getting food and water and feeding your family. I’m not talking about an NBA or NFL player “needing” a big deal because “I have to feed my family.” No, I mean feed your family. Wayne said it best on one of his mixes a few years ago: “Nobody’s safe when it’s for the kids.” I’m not planning a crime, but if the system crashes and you’re in survival mode, well, things tend to quickly become less PC.

We buy our food in pretty little packages at Wal-Mart, but we’re also buying raw, sometimes bloody meat that needs to be heated and eaten. We’ve come a long way that instead of going out and hunting for the day’s kill, we can use our Kroger card and get gas discounts while buying the kill of the day, and eat at our cushy restaurants.

We have come (as we should), but don’t believe for a minute that those who have cavemen through the harshness of time don’t still ring true today. When things get real in your workplace, relationship, home or any situation in your daily life, think about the ways that the animal in you can trump a smart, well-rounded person and do it. help you get ahead in that situation. It can be surprising.

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