A Dog An Animal Havi G Sex With Women 8 Super Tips For Instant Bad Boy Sex Appeal (Nice Guys Only)

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8 Super Tips For Instant Bad Boy Sex Appeal (Nice Guys Only)

[Player Wannabes: Please pass, go, don’t read this article. There is nothing for you here. This is good stuff for Nice and Good Guys Only]

I hope they are gone! Now where are we?

If you have trouble finding that balance between being sensitive, kind and respectful to women and being a person that women find attractive and even irresistible, then you are most likely a Nice or Good Guy. You may have read and even tried some of the aggressive Alpha male Pathways but the good part of you just can’t bring yourself to treat a woman like a waste. So even though you love women and in many ways admire some of them, it’s hard for you to get out of the “Nice Guy” funk you’re in.

See if this sounds familiar?

A friend made an observation about me that I did not know. When we went out to a party he told me that women told him I was very beautiful but boring. His thinking is that what I do differently than most people is that I don’t give off this ‘hunter’ vibe or energy that most people do. It really scares me because sometimes I think it’s genuine that I’m trying to come from a place of honesty and decency, as some young men just say and do. do what they want, regardless of the consequences. I guess being respectful and cute is mistaken for boring.


I’ve only had a couple of good connections with women, and that was a long time ago. What I’m going through now is a period of growth. It’s like the sexual component has somehow been brought out of me over the past few years and now I don’t see sex at all towards women.

One thing that I feel I lose every time something doesn’t work for me is hope – which attaches so much anger, resentment, and bitterness to women – it’s actually a vicious cycle. Having said that in some ways, I have been a fool to myself and live in denial about my situation. I think I have somehow morphed myself into this place.


Well, I want to say this up front. “Cool” women want to marry not “Bad Boys” who are bad for the sake of being bad. You know who – the dude with a bad kick-ass attitude who walks up to a woman, looks at her up and down with transparent thoughts, and moves up on her with the brashness of a 60s’ pimp. Yes – that one who has no class and no soul. [Excuse me for going off again. I just can’t hide my dislike for players and their wannabes].

Many women are worth the time of day [unlike one night stand types] can’t stand these guys either. Their dream man is sensitive, caring, respectful and thoughtful person with them of “Bad Son” signs.

[I see the look… but whatever!]

Whether you agree or not, many women are attracted to certain characteristics – the most common in Bad Boys and which are often delivered by Bad Boys. There is simply no do it!

But what exactly turns women on and why? Chances are that you, Mr. Nice Guy/Good Guy have all these “Bad Boy” traits – and don’t know how “bad” you really are.

1: Bad boy sets his own rules

You must feel like you’re being rejected by society because you don’t fit the bill of the so-called “Alpha Male”. And I’m sure that makes you feel constantly judged to a standard you can’t measure up to. Most bad boys grow up feeling like they just don’t “fit in the box” either. The difference between a Bad Boy and a Nice Guy (like you) is that he has learned to survive in a harsh world that constantly judges him and rejects him because he doesn’t fit the social norm of ” good boy”.

Tip 1 – Set your own dating rules and walk to the beat of your own city. Women, like all other animals find those of the opposite sex who exhibit great survival skills to be superior. Seeing a man wake up every morning, stand strong, his tree is called, take his chance, put his life on the line even at the enemy of the community is just owed to dizzy enough. It shows that you have your life together and enjoy being alive.

2: Boys ain’t nobody’s punk and nobody’s a footballer

One of the reasons they call you Nice Guy is because you respect women and treat them with the respect they rightfully (hopefully) deserve. This is why – you’ve been told – women leave you for Bad Boys. That is true. But what you may not have told him is that women want to be respected and treated with respect, but if they don’t find doormats attractive — doormats are for dusting our shoes.

Tip 2 – Stand up for yourself — sometimes — look it in the eye and draw a line in the sand when you have to. A metal bug that doesn’t get easily and doesn’t compromise about the things that matter is impressive – a lot. But this should not be something you do as a whiny victim but something you do calmly, wisely and convincingly – and on the things that matter.

3: Boys are not born saints

We know they are “good” people. You don’t have to try so hard to prove how “good” you are. That kind of puppy (“please, please, love me”) tries hard to please the family. There’s only so much “flavor” a woman can take before she throws up – or blows up.

Tip 3 – Just be real with us, that’s all we ask. The “loving saint” act is getting old real fast. We want to see you accept yourself as you are – the good, the bad and the ugly. A man who accepts himself as he is, is unlikely to criticize our own faults, stumbling blocks, weaknesses, scars, and warts harshly because he knows he is not perfect either.

4: A bad boy is not afraid to stand up for what he believes is right

If you’re a Nice Guy (not angry and all that), there must be a part of you that truly believes in right and wrong, that’s why it’s hard to treat women in a mean and shameful way. It’s just plain wrong, right? Now whether you have agreed with the bad boys’ head is right and wrong or not, you have to give these guys for staying with you. Having the conviction to do what one believes is right regardless of the cost is perhaps one of the most attractive signs – ever!

Tip 4 – Wait for us – all the time. Every woman (especially those who claim to be independent and self-confident) wants to know that her man will stand up for her if someone tries to hurt her (even if it’s yesterday). Seeing you in a “protector” role makes her feel “safe” with you and around you [“Safe” is good when she feels it but bad when you are playing it].

5: A bad boy can take any situation

Nice guys and responsible guys are the same. That’s a good thing. But don’t dwell on certain things and hide like a quid in ink when it comes to making tough decisions. We want to make our own decisions but it doesn’t feel right for us to make all the tough decisions and just follow what we’re told without valid input or challenge. If we decide we want a dog, we will get ourselves one, but when we want a man in the house, we mean a MAN in the house.

Tip 5 – Step up and evaluate difficult situations. Suggest solutions; come up with new ideas and make things happen. Sometimes it’s good to let someone else make the hard decisions, and take action without being told, ordered or pressured into it. If you can’t be the kind of MAN we want, it’s hard for us to be the kind of woman you are looking for. We want our men to be brave and strong. It’s that simple.

6: A bad boy doesn’t try to avoid the painful consequences of his own actions

One quality that a woman likes about most Nice Guys is that they are sensitive – always thinking about the consequences of their words and actions. The negative side to this is that many of you are still very cautious, very emotional and very anxious – always wondering when or what will lead us. We appreciate the sensitivity – but we don’t want too much of it.

Tip 6 – Stop acting like a victim in all situations. If there are conflicting emotions that need to be addressed, then address them directly. You may cry a little, but at the end of the day you are done with it and for that he will respect you more. Changing the way you think from a fear-based/optimism mindset to a self-empowerment/optimism can even help lift you out of your own unhappiness.

7: A Bad Boy has lots of twists and turns (and a few surprises)

If there’s anything women know about Nice Guys it’s that they are reliable and consistent. They are also so predictable that we can almost read their (boring) minds. When a person knows everything, there is nothing left to discover. No more surprises, no more surprises, no more thrills.

Tip 7 – Be consistent — always surprising. Throw in some mixes, shake things up a bit and do something unexpected and unexpected. When it’s like a romance novel; Suspenseful and full of suspense, intrigue, passion and desire to keep the woman turning the pages, we hang on to her every word because we know that with every page we turn, we often discover feelings (and skills) in ourselves that we were previously unaware of.

8: A Bad Boy believes in himself – and his sex appeal

Our society has somehow succeeded in divorcing “Nice Boys” from their sexuality: where good = boring, bad = sexy. What we now are men who want to be seen as “good men” but are afraid and even feel guilty and ashamed of their own sexual nature. You know what I mean – you see other guys as better looking, sexier and more attractive, but you… are not good enough. Bad Boys are none of those. They don’t compare themselves with “Good People” or try to be someone they’re not. They like to be the “bad” people.

Tip 8 – Stop the comparison game and start believing in yourself. Nice/nice guys are good boyfriend/husband material – and you better believe that. Actually repeat it after me – “I’m a Good Catcher!” Tell yourself even if you’re not feeling particularly cheerful or confident, “I’m a Good Catcher!” He may not be the best looking or the slickest guy in town but he has a good heart, a healthy heart and good energy. Give yourself permission to express inner strength, confidence, and self-assurance. There is nothing sexier than a man who believes in himself and is not afraid to express his unique individual sex appeal.

You won’t live forever, why don’t you go out with a big smile on your face. Huh?

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