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Teens Volunteer – Opportunities in Service to Nonprofits

Volunteering offers some great rewards – especially if you’re doing it because you have to! It doesn’t really matter why you volunteer. I hope you’re looking forward to it, but I think you’ll enjoy it even if you’re a little scared right now. Some young people just like the idea of ​​doing something for someone else. Maybe your parents volunteered or maybe someone helped you in the past and now you want to do something good. Other youth have to volunteer because their school requires community service or because they are in trouble and “volunteering” is their punishment.

If you can choose where to volunteer, there are many options. Generally you will be helping a non-profit organization. You can check Wikipedia (which is a non-profit organization itself) for the definition. Here is my short version:

An organization that provides funding, services, programs or information to the public, without making money.

Why unusual? Here are some important categories of nonprofits:

  • Environment – this could be the international Sierra Club or a local recycling group
  • Humanitarian aid – like the Red Cross helps where there is war or earthquake
  • Animal protection – our national organizations and local shelters
  • Education – many private schools, summer programs, elementary schools, libraries and community schools are non-profit (this is different from public school, which is run by your local government)
  • Arts – great museums and theaters or your local gallery, theater or choir
  • Social issues – organizations that work to change or improve conditions for people (racism, homelessness, hatred) or to help people in difficult situations (provide food, shelter, advice). Groups like Girl Scouts will also be in this category
  • Charities – generally exist to give money to non-profits, they can be trusts or foundations
  • Healthcare – many hospitals are non-profit and there are many organizations that work to find cures for diseases such as the American Cancer Society
  • Politics – often groups are formed to support a candidate or group, they can be national or regional
  • Religion – all religions in the United States are considered non-profit organizations
  • Sports – like a local league or team sport

I think you should have fun, be creative and learn when volunteering. As a teenager, you’re probably starting to have ideas about what you want to do with your life (and many adults are talking about it). When you volunteer you get to explore something you have never tried before. That’s the cool part.

Of course, there is a chance that someone wants you to do an area job that is boring, dull or just not your thing. If that happens, you need to be prepared with some ideas of your own, so you get to choose!

Think about your skills and interests. What do you like to do when you have a choice? What are you good at, what do people praise you for? At this point in your life you – YES, YOU – have a few talents that make you very special. This is your chance to use them.

Go back and read that again if you still feel like you don’t want to do community service!

What I will give you here is a list of ideas. They may not work for you, they may not be in your area, or you may not like them. But there is enough here to make you think. Your volunteer work can be something you find (like becoming a hospital volunteer) or something you create. If you are receiving a Boy Scout Eagle or Girl Scout Gold award you will need to create your own.

Here goes:

  1. Love the arts? Find a non-profit theater or theater in your city. Find something you can do for them, like working at the box office or being a cleaner. Make sure you get to see the services for free!
  2. Do you want to help homeless families? Check with your church, temple or mosque. Many communities have a Family Promise or Interfaith Visitor Network Program. Families with children stay in churches for a week at a time. You can play with children, cook or provide entertainment.
  3. Are you interested in gardening or farming? You may want to start by volunteering at a public garden or farm. From there you can start your own community garden. Ask the city for a small plot to use and invite the community to participate.
  4. Are you a natural organizer? Consider setting up a drive. You can get food (for a local restaurant), coats, gloves or hats or blankets. You will have to find out where you can donate and get storage space at your home, school or church. You should be able to get free newspaper advertising. (Make it even more interesting, ask people to buy woolen washcloths and decorate them…)
  5. In music? Form a band or band and provide entertainment in nursing homes, shelters, orphanages or public spaces.
  6. Love animals? Volunteer to walk and feed dogs at a local shelter or get trained to work at a zoo.
  7. Do you have experiences to share? You can write about them or talk about them to groups of your own age. Many organizations that work with children will be interested in these. If you are adopted, you can talk about that. If you have a parent who died or left, share that. Companies that work with young people may have a youth advisory board, check.

Getting started

Check with friends, family, teachers and neighbors for suggestions. Go online or to the phone book for contact information. Hate to make calls? (me too!) get a partner (or a parent) to make the first call and find out who might be interested in your services. Then go see them.

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