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Aspens Exemplify Community

Aspens are wonderful trees. They offer abilities which teach us to look beyond beauty, to look within and beneath to discover greater meaning. Have you ever thought that a tree can tell a story? Aspens do; they tell a story of what it takes to be a supportive, thriving community.

Have you ever come across or seen a single Aspen tree, standing alone with no others nearby? If you are familiar with Aspens, you know this does not happen.

By their nature, Aspens are not solitary trees. Their roots spread below the surface and facilitate the growth of others to form a group. Aspens grow as a community; they are united by their roots and share foods and resources to support each other. The community is brought to life by a tightly knit foundation.

If you look at the basic structure of Aspen, you will notice that they are the rest. Aspen roots can remain dormant for years. At the right time, they jump to life and regenerate as a community. Aspens have strength and resilience, unseen by many.

Aspen groves thrive on diversity. They are strongest when there is a combination of young and old. Diversity protects against disease and natural disasters, providing greater assurance that the community survives during difficult times.

Aspen trees have regenerative powers which reach outside the community and are connected to the natural world around them. Animals gain food in the winter months from the Aspen trunk and pains can be relieved by their medicine, the amount of aspirin. Even people can protect themselves from the sun or get rid of cuts or burns by rubbing an Aspen tree on their skin.

Aspens tell us an important story, if we choose to listen. They share with us lessons of connection, survival, and outreach to serve as guides for our communities.

What stories do our communities tell?

From today’s world, the new humanity is connected electronically. Many benefits can be seen from these new roots of joining people together. Connections through Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are easily multiplied with short bursts of challenging, reassuring, and even motivational words typed and shared through the network maze. New people outside our typical time are active in offering new insights through tenuous relationships.

While the electronic environment may be improving, the face-to-face environment is decreasing. Our communities tend to be isolated and thinly rooted.

With all the fame focused on social media and its endless reach through the internet, how much do we know about our neighbor a few doors down? Do we even know their names? How do we support each other within our community?

Our community relations have become poor or non-existent, with only vague facts known about our neighbors. It is an “acknowledged” relationship. There is little depth to our knowledge about them. Their joys and concerns are contained within their four walls or expressed through electronic relationships that extend beyond their immediate environment.

Just as Aspen tree communities can lie dormant underground for many years and then spring to life at the right time, are we ready to engage with the people in our neighborhood and activate our communities?

What can we learn from the Aspen neighborhood?

Aspen trees provide powerful guidance on how to build personal relationships and build a happy environment. Through connectivity, survival, and resilience, our communities can rise to life again with supportive relationships, inspiring our society to be bestdo more.

Connection. Aspen trees are entwined underground, creating a foundation for growth and life. Connected roots are what support beautiful life above the surface.

Within our cities and communities, our connections need to be strengthened. We go through the motions of everyday life, and time quickly slips away from us. Instead of building relationships within a 5 mile radius, we reach out and connect to people in other states and countries. As a result, our foundation is flexible; the community became a lonely place. This is in stark contrast to our ancestors who created rich and powerful communities through daily social interaction with their neighbors.

A vibrant neighborhood should mimic the beauty of an Aspen grove. Healthy communities have healthy relationships. They should be like walking in Diewhere “everybody knows your name.”

Survival. As a diverse mix of Aspen trees withstand the mountain and shame of life; Our communities need to be built the same way. Diversity builds not only strength but intelligence.

Often, we move to make sure that our kids are in schools with people who are similar to us, or we want to find an environment that has all the right ages for our kids to play with. Some aspects of this are good but sometimes these goals can go too far and end up doing more harm than good.

We need to embrace the differences in our environment. Spending time with the elderly can provide insights into our own lives, foster a sense of generational continuity, and show empathy in our conversations. Spending time with the younger generation will also show us to be empowered and inspire us to step out of our comfort zones.

Post. Another import tool for our regions is export. This can be achieved by helping others who may have been hit hard by the current economic waves or weather-driven disasters or just need a listening ear to listen and provide comfort. Lending a helping hand to other communities is important in thinking outside our immediate walls and participating in our larger community.

A strong community sells outside the borders and offers help and food to other communities in getting through rough patches. In particular, it gives what we can, spreading healing relief on wounded areas or providing protection to those who may be threatened.

Communication helps the spirit of leading meaningful lives. Actions that strengthen and empower others will be long remembered as what really makes a difference.

Setting the Example. People should try to represent the best of what the community can be. Instead of the Aspen trees setting the example, we should. The beauty in this type of human society will outshine what a grove of aspens can ever produce.

Deep, supportive relationships within our communities will enable us to live a richer life and extend our reach more easily to others a mile down the road or in the next state or country. The common thread will be the well-grounded root system that connects and supports us. In other words, the strength of our immediate community will enable us to extend our helping hand further.

The decisions we make in how we connect with our environment will shape how our society continues to evolve. Will we be more insular or more connected? Will we be more selfish or humane? Can we balance our growing interest in social media with a sense of community and compassion for our near neighbors?

So, when you see a neighbor, stop, talk, and listen. Go beyond the surface questions. Ask them what is going on in their work, their family, their life. Make a connection. Develop roots.

Just as an Aspen community of trees can regenerate themselves after being dormant for many years, with enough steadfast commitment, our community’s roots can revive, connect, and thrive once again.

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