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Be a Cheap Date this Winter!

Have you ever noticed that Valentine’s Day has the power to make people really wary? It doesn’t matter if someone is a first dater or if they have been together for a long time – Valentine’s Day can bring some strong thoughts, often negative thoughts! While it is clear to more than the cynics among us that this “holiday” is created to manipulate money from our pockets, it is still difficult to avoid the romantic expectations of the day. Now, I’m as romantic as the next person, and I don’t think that anyone is advocating throwing away romance all together, but I think that many people are angry when they are told that they have to spend all kinds of money to be considered romantic. There are a lot of people who boycott Valentine’s Day, and not necessarily because they can’t show affection publicly, but because they don’t equate hyper-consumerism with romance!

This year, on Valentine’s Day, you have three choices, as I see it. You can avoid the day all together; You can call around frantically and try to snag a reservation at a fancy, run-of-the-mill, EXPENSIVE restaurant, or you can get a little creative. You can celebrate true romance without hurting your budget or de-railing your long-term goals. We need to get past the idea that money equals love. That is a dangerous mindset, and moreover, it is simply not true!

However, as we all know, it can be difficult to get creative in Boston, because it is such an expensive city. Especially during the winter, when it is more difficult to find free or inexpensive, outdoor events, it is tempting to decide to take a break from dating and romance until spring. I argue that there are plenty of creative solutions to this problem so you can go on fun, romantic days all year long and not worry too much about your budget. We all have the opportunity to participate in the best day of the year without emptying our bank accounts, or (worse) maxing out our credit cards!

I’ve compiled a bunch of great ideas for fun, romantic, creative and low-cost ways to enjoy ourselves and our great city!

1. Ice Skate and Cuddle over some Hot Chocolate

There are many wonderful options in the area for skiing. You can go the more traditional, traditional route and skate at Frog Pond on Boston Common (which is a lot of fun!), but there are a couple of other great rinks in the area that are worth checking out. . The Charles Hotel in Harvard Square has a small rink outside its front doors. The best part about ice skating in Harvard Square is that you can go around the corner to LA Burdick’s cafe afterwards for their highly acclaimed hot chocolate! Additionally, Kendall Square has a local ice skating rink. This Valentine’s Day, it might be fun to check out the Kendall Square rink as they are offering a free ice skating show partway through the evening. Whichever one you choose, be sure to bundle up – you’re sure to have a good time with your date!

Information for this Valentine’s Day:

Frog Pond Skating, Boston Common – open Thursday 10am-9pm ($4pp Admission, $8pp Skate Rental and $1 Locker Rental)

Charles Hotel Ice Skating, Harvard Square – open Thursday 2pm – 8pm (Skates $5, Skating Fee $5)

LA Burdick’s Harvard Square Cafe, 52D Brattle Street, Cambridge – Wednesday 8am – 9pm

Kendall Square Community Skating, 300 Athenaeum St., Cambridge – Open Valentine’s Day 12 noon-10pm ($4pp Admission, $5pp Skate Rental and $1 Locker Rental)

2. Borrow a classic movie from the library and make your favorite meal together

Sometimes, there is nothing more romantic than a relaxing night at home together. First, make sure to turn off both phones, turn off computers and commit to paying attention only to each other for the evening. Decide on your favorite food and then go shopping together to get the ingredients. Go back home and prepare together. Light a couple of candles and enjoy your handiwork! Then, snuggle up on the couch and enjoy a classic romantic movie together. If you enjoy books more than movies, this idea will be romantic with a classic novel or book of poetry.

3. Go Roller Skating!

Travel back together to a time when there was nothing bigger than spinning around the roller rink holding your fist! Enjoy some great music and relax at the snack bar together. You can show them all the roller skating moves from back in the day!

Information for this Valentine’s Day:

Chez Vous Roller Skating Rink, 11 Rhoades St. Dorchester, MA 02124 phone 617.825.6877 ($4 cheap skates on Thursdays with skate rentals)

Roller World, 425R Broadway, Saugus, MA 01906 781-231-1111 ($6 Thursdays 3:00-5:30 – not sure if skate rental is included)

4. Visit a Museum Together

It is a little known fact that there are easy ways to visit some of our local cultural centers for free. Spend Valentine’s Day enjoying some local art, science exhibits, or checking out some marine animals (penguins are very romantic creatures, after all, as we wrote in March of Penguins). Showing off your culture group can be very attractive to your date!

Some tips:

Most local public libraries allow you to borrow passes to the MFA, Science Museum or Aquarium for free! I recommend calling your library as available passes will vary by location.

The Institute for Contemporary Art (ICA) is free to the public from 5 to 9 pm every Wednesday for Target Free Thursday Nights

5. Bring animals to work at the MSPCA

If you and your date are animal lovers (it might help to ask them first before making this plan!), I can recommend a great activity for you. The MSPCA-Angell Animal Care Center and Kennel is an amazing facility full of dogs and cats that will love to play with you! This is a great service especially if you live in a small apartment(s) in the city and cannot have pets of your own. During adoption hours, you can just walk around and visit all the animals. What a fun way to give love on Valentine’s Day!

MSPCA Animal Care and Prevention, 350 South Huntington Avenue, Boston, MA 02130 (617) 522-5055 mspca.convio.net (Thursday, Open 2pm – 7pm)

6. Go on a photo scavenger hunt together

When you meet up after work, separately create lists for each other of funny/cheesy things that you and your date must capture with your camera. Use the night to gather the city together and do searches for items on each list until you complete both lists. Celebrate your achievements by taking the cameras back home, printing the photos and creating an album of your memories on an inexpensive bottle of wine.

7. Tour Fenway Park

You two have probably been to Fenway Park many times to enjoy a game, maybe even together, but have either of you been “behind the scenes” at Fenway? If the Red Sox are the First Love of either you or your date, or both, this would be the perfect way to celebrate Valentine’s Day! During the winter months, construction is underway, so your tour will include the Press Box, Street Pavilion Box, Red Sox Hall of Fame Plaques and the oldest seats in Major League History. Also, Pitchers and Catchers report today to Spring Training, so you’ll be celebrating two “vacations” with this trip!


Tickets are $12pp. Hours are 9am-3pm. Reservations are not accepted and walk-up sales are encouraged.

8. Enjoy a night at the theater!

There are inexpensive ways to enjoy more traditional days in Boston. I have never found a better website than Goldstar.com for theater and event tickets. It’s free to sign up for the website and each week, they’ll email you the best deals around. Goldstar.com offers tickets to most local hot shows and events for half price or less. I have not seen better money anywhere, and for such a variety of events. I haven’t gotten around to ordering tickets from the site personally yet, but I hope to in the future. It’s worth exploring, if you’re interested in a date at the theater this Valentine’s Day!


9. Surprise your Day and take them out of the Lunch

You may have noticed that none of my recommendations involve eating at restaurants. The easiest way to avoid spending too much money during your day is to eat at home before meeting and then spend your time together focusing on activities that are not related to food. However, if you and your date really enjoy eating out together, there are ways to do so less expensively. My first recommendation would be to surprise your date at work and take them to lunch. In many cases, restaurant lunch menus offer similar fare to their dinners for half the price. In addition, any of you will be tempted to order many alcoholic drinks (which can be very expensive) if you return to work after your day. Also, there is something very romantic about escaping from your busy workplaces to spend some alone time, even if you don’t often see each other during the day!

10. Go out to dinner

I know, I know – I’m done saying that going out to eat in Boston is the easiest way to spend a lot of money during your day! However, there are some creative ways to eat less. Also, I’m sure there are also some who have reached the end of this list and feel that you can’t get through Valentine’s Day without taking your date out for a good night, so this last thing, #10, it’s for you! There are a few things you can do. First, why not celebrate Valentine’s Day the next night? This year, this process is much easier, because the night after Valentine’s Day is Friday. On Valentine’s Day, many restaurants in the city center serve an expensive, pre-fixe menu. The next day, they will usually return to their regular menu, which is generally expensive. Second, you and your date can decide ahead of time to eat your meal at a restaurant and then you can have a drink and dessert at home afterwards. A bottle of wine is more expensive from a liquor store than from a restaurant. Finally, visit the website http://www.restaurant.com to purchase a discount gift certificate to your favorite restaurant. The deals on the website are amazing. You can usually get a $25 gift certificate for $10 or a $10 gift certificate for $3! Additionally, as a new customer to the site, you can always find a coupon code online for half off your first gift certificate. You can use one voucher at a time, but the site is very easy as you can pay online with a credit card and print the voucher from your printer before going to the restaurant.


With a little creativity, romance lives in Boston and you will not spend much at all!

I love hearing your creative ideas for inexpensive dates in Boston, especially in the winter months. Please share your favorites!

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