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The Sublime Art of Meditation

At one point during my year-long encounters with the great man, I was invited by the Bishop to spend a few days with him, in his mansion. The events of that day will remain on the tablets of my eternal memory, as they marked my beginning in the art of meditation. He had to show me how I learned about the importance of using meditation, not only as a deep spiritual journey, but also as a stress relief tool.

After we talked for a few minutes, he took my arm and led me to the door where he had just left. We were in the living room, and I could see the great room through the open door, and the private study through the other. Between the bedroom and the study was another door and Bishop opened it to reveal a small room, about a quarter the size of the room. The only furniture in the room were two small tables and a couple of accompanying chairs. On each table was a blank sheet of paper and a pen. The room was very cold and I could see two windows in the ceiling where the air conditioner was coming out silently, probably from the middle room. The walls were completely covered with leather panels joined at regular intervals, both vertically and horizontally, with large buttons. The room was very impressive, especially because everything in it, including the tables, chairs, walls, ceiling, and even the marble floor, were all sparkling white. Seeing my appreciative look, he hummed loudly, “Holy is the eternal form of purity, isn’t it?”

I nodded my head in agreement.

We sat on the two seats next to each other.

“This is my thinking room.” The bishop explained.

“This kind of room should be a must for anyone who wants to do amazing things, where they can rest twice a day to think and meditate. I rest here twice a day to have a higher chance, and to gain respect. A new perspective on life issues. As you can see, the room is a clear proof, and even the air conditioning enters silently from the central system. inspiration can be quite temporary.”

There was an eerie silence in the room, and although the silence was best compared to ‘grave silence,’ the silence in its absence was deeper than that of a grave. He looked at me and asked, “Have you heard the sound of silence?”

What was the man saying? How could silence have words that describe its nature?

I shook my head in the negative.

“Listen very carefully. You will hear soon.”

I sat still, listening. Naturally, I didn’t hear any noise. But after a few minutes, a realization hit me. The silence I found myself immersed in was so deep, and so complete, that the experience was deafening, and indeed, almost terrifying. I looked at him and nodded knowingly.

“That’s the sound of silence,” he said simply. “Many years ago, there was a man named Pythagoras. He was a great mathematician. He wrote, you may remember, the famous Pythagorean Theorem. However, he was also a great philosopher. He once said, and I quote, ‘learn. Be still, your quiet mind. hear and listen.’ Indeed, silence is the thing that great things make of themselves, as Carlyle, another great thinker said.”

“The power is in the center of the calm. Do you know that in the middle of the Asian storm there is a very calm place? Well, this is where the power of the winds really is, and just as the power is in the center of the storm, so is the power within you where the thoughts are. you and your life meet your Creator.

“At first, silence can be very confusing. Your internal dialogue becomes very difficult, and you will feel the need to speak. However, over time, your internal dialogue will begin to shut down.”

“Also, in our lives, silence and stillness bring peace and tranquility, and whenever we experience turmoil, we often long to return to a carefree, peaceful time. Child, welcome to the countless world of meditation.”

Meditation was a word I had known for years. However, like many people, I had not fully understood its true meaning and significance.

“Sir, what does meditation mean?”

“Meditation has been a spiritual practice known to man since time immemorial. It involves concentrating on a word, a prayer, or a word, to the exclusion of all other thoughts. The art of thinking about not thinking. It allows the mind to have higher levels of thinking, and eventually, when you become aware of it, go to another level of consciousness, what I choose to call spiritual. As a doctor, you will appreciate my brief mention of the effects of meditation on human physiology. Meditation is also known to deal with severe anxiety and other psychosomatic problems, and because in meditation, the brain is activated. ce, there is a big change in the time of attention, creativity, ability to learn and memory. Meditation is a spiritual practice that you have to work on for the rest of your life, as it is not a one-time event. Every time you meditate, you become a calmer person, because your conversation about the chaos and chaos is blocked by focusing on prayer, or encouraging words or words of encouragement, and because of this calmness, meditation is appropriate every day. work, and soon, after a few years, your actions are filled with the touch of calm, serenity, grace and dignity that you follow from your meditation circles.”

“Each person must decide what is right for him in meditation, what should not be difficult, and what should be easy in your daily spiritual practice. I have found that the best time to practice silence is when the whole world is still asleep, or about to sleep. I meditate for thirty minutes in the middle of the night, for half an hour, before I go to sleep, except when I am forced to change the pattern. I would choose a theme or a subject, if you will, for my meditation. It may be a new teaching, or simply a desire to encourage a new habit, well. it’s 4 o’clock when I wake up en. I call it my manifestation meditation, because it’s this meditation where I show what I want to manifest in my life.”

I interrupted the big man.

“Sir, I can imagine how powerful this kind of meditation can be, since, as you said earlier, it is during meditation that the unconscious mind can receive information.”

The bishop was pleased with me, apparently pleased with my subtle understanding of the matter. “This is true, and it makes more sense when you realize that the unconscious, which is at the core of meditation, is very responsive to images and mental images.”

“In other words, sir, the favorite language of the subconscious is visual!” I intervened with interest.

“I can’t put it clearly!” He replied happily.

“Around 11:00 p.m., I meditate again. The day before, usually during a good ceremony, I focus on being grateful for everything that the day has shown. I call it my gratitude meditation.

“Of course, sometimes during the day, I escape to this room to be quiet and to refresh my life. Also, every time I have a big decision, I rest here, sometimes for hours, to clear my mind.”

The bishop and I now sat in silence for a long time which lasted about half an hour. In my case, the silence was so profound that I am afraid I must confess with shame that I slept happily, only to wake up to the sound of a wise chest from my teacher.

“Now, let’s go to the practical aspects of meditation.”

I prepared myself to sit comfortably, imitating him.

“Remember that meditation is being quiet with yourself and shutting out the static, mindless voices that fill your inner space.”

His voice dropped slowly as he taught me. “Sit comfortably, with your hands on your thighs next to your knees, with your eyes closed. Take a long breath, take a deep breath and exhale. Be aware of your breathing and fill your lungs with air. As you exhale, feel good. Your muscles relax with each breath. Deep muscle relaxation is the beginning of calming your mind. When your muscles are relaxed, you continue to say your words or prayer so that your mind does not wander. You must continue gently, but firmly bringing it into this moment every time it threatens to wander. tomorrow, or you have to meet your difficult mother-in-law. Do not let such distractions bother you too much. Every time your mind wanders, gently, but firmly, bring it back, repeating a prayer or your words, over and over again. practice, you s oon become skilled at this starting method. When your body becomes so relaxed, you’ll feel like you’re immersing yourself in the atmosphere very relaxed, physically and mentally. You will begin to experience a strange joy and peace. Remove all thoughts and focus on your prayer or words. When you are comfortable enough, you no longer need to repeat your prayer or words, and you can start praying if you want. If it is a manifestation meditation, as you say your prayer, add a mental picture of what you want to manifest in your life. If, on the other hand, this was your expression of gratitude, you would simply appreciate everything that has been shown in your life. You can picture in your mind all the things you have received and thank them over and over again. Now, I’ll stop talking. We will spend the next half hour meditating to reflect, and another half hour to give thanks. “

I connected with the Bishop in what turned out to be one of the most fulfilling and life-enriching experiences of my life. I had to take this punishment with a strange affinity and passion, and it remains with me to this day. It was during that day’s meeting with the Bishop that a still, small voice instructed me to write a book called The Sound of Silence. I had to follow this advice a few years later.

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