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Sons Of God: Is Jesus God’s Son?

What do we mean when we say that Jesus is the Son of God? God (Elohim), Our Creator, who said “let us (plural) make man in our image (plural)” Gen 1:26 has God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. All are three Persons in One. Now let’s get down to earth. The human family is made up of father, mother and they allow a son. Each of these three is a HUMAN like the other. But the Father is greater than the Son who must obey. This is a matter of responsibility. He is the head of the family, and the woman should submit to him. If we can understand this then we will see how the Father is greater than the Son and we must obey even though the Son is God since he does not have a beginning like the Father. (Read Micah 5:2). In terms of being/man, the Head of God is God, but depending on the roles the Father is the head-sender, the Son is the one sent where the work is only accomplished by the power and help of the Holy Spirit. . So the human family is actually made in the image of God. This is very clear.

If we look closely, we will see that the feminine man takes on the form of the Holy Spirit. and a woman as she is the Divine Spirit who is gentle, who comforts (the Holy Spirit is our comforter), who gives birth to children- (we are born of the Spirit), who teaches and nurtures the young (the Holy Spirit is our teacher), who is quick to grieve, who helps the husband (the Holy Spirit is our helper) who prepares the bride for her husband (the Holy Spirit prepares us as the bride of his heavenly groom) God the Father is the Head of God the Head and it is His will that is done by the Son in the Spirit.” The Son of God is the one who obeys when the Father is the one who initiates what must happen.” This is so that the Son of God can be an example of eternal submission. all created spirits, He is an example for all people who have the right to choose and is the first born of every creature (Colossians 1:15), which means that He is an uncreated example of every creature that God makes. He was the uncreated Tree of life = plant, the Uncreated Lamb of God = animal, the Uncreated but born (transformed) Man = Jesus, the uncreated Angel of the Lord in the times of the Old Testament who accepted to be worshiped by Joshua (Jos 5:14-15) = Captain Angel

Adam = son of God (Luke 3:38) ==> by his direct creation by God as an eternal spirit but in a body/house of clay, directly from God like angels and not born like other people.

= Father of mankind ==> by begetting all mankind

Jesus = SON of God ==> in his life without beginning without beginning and without creation and being only born / born of God. He is very God= he shares the same life with the Father, the same nature, the same Race as the father

= Son of man -> By his birth as a man

Angels = children of God (Genesis 6:2, Job 2:1)==> It is so by their direct creation by God as eternal spirits. They are not born. They come in different groups, organized and individual.

1. God’s children will have free will

2. Children of God can choose to fall. (The fallen angels and Adam used this method)

3. Jesus the Son of God as God in the flesh can always choose to fall but he did not choose to fall and he WILL NOT because he is the SON OF GOD. He is one in nature with the Father.

When the sons of God fall, they become fathers of evil and as a result cease to be sons of God.

• Adam in his fall became the father of all (fallen) people. In the same way he himself has fallen by choice, though not by birth.

• Lucifer in his fall became the father of lies and fallen (humans,* including Adam*) and fallen angels.

• No one but Adam could fall (first into sin) as he did because he was the son of God. Every human being born is already born in sin. And such a person cannot rise again to become a child of God. Although he has the freedom of choice that Adam had, in this sinful state he will always choose to rebel against the Father of spirits. So every person has the right to choose. He is evil by nature.

Children and Slaves serve, but children choose to serve from the bottom of their hearts, forced by love, while a slave serves by force because he has nothing to do and is forced by the law. God is always the Father and is not the master, Satan is the Father and the master. Under the law slaves could not choose. They are forced to serve their masters. Their freedom of choice is suspended by a higher power that overrides the will of the slave and puts the will of the master over the will of the slave. You live in fear and pain. Under the law, children cannot choose because they are considered innocent and do not know right from wrong. So under the law all children and slaves stand on the same footing. (Galatians 4:1-5) That is why people can be called children of the Devil and his slaves. They are children by nature but slaves by behavior. The devils then make themselves fathers, guardians and gods to these unfortunate people.

Adam was not created evil by nature. It was a decision he made.

Angels were created to be children of God forever

Holy angels were created children and chose to remain children by exercising their free will

Fallen angels were created children but they chose to refuse to be children in order to become or should we say they became fathers.

Leadership is defined in fatherhood but fatherhood is advanced because it transfers or shares the life/nature/behavior/behavior with the child. Adam was anointed to be a Leader/Lord and not a father. Lucifer was anointed to be the same to the other angels that he commanded, not the father. In the beginning there must be ONE FATHER TO ALL ETERNAL CREATIONS==> God the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Adam was created the Son of God. He could have chosen to live forever by eating the fruit of the tree of life. He was given this tree and its fruits but he did not accept it. So Adam was given the authority to be God’s son forever and forever but he did nothing about it. Freedom is something you have to earn yourself to get but privilege is something you don’t have to give yourself.

Adam could eat the fruit of life and be holy forever. If in this holy state of being an unchangeable child of God, they bear children, they would also be children of God but as sharing the life of their father Adam who himself will share the life of God through the eternal Son as a fruit. of the cost of living. Adam, even if he gave birth to humans, will still be God’s son. However, he will be Lord, head, master and leader. Remember that he would still have a fleshly body since he would not have eaten the forbidden fruit that brought death.

Children are different from boys. Those who would be born from sinless Adam would be children of God forever but children of man forever. This means that if the sinless Adam had the authority to rule none of them would have been able to attain it. These are children of God by birth but children by choice. This means that they are holy not because they chose to be, but because they were born that way. They will still have the freedom to choose. They will have physical bodies like Adam had before the fall and not the resurrected bodies that we the bride will have with Christ. When it comes to procreation, we will be like single angels. This will certainly be the nature of the Gentiles (Rev 22:2b) who will be born in the eternal Kingdom as the nations that we will rule for eternity. We the children of God through resurrection will serve him personally, with responsibility and unity as the bride of Christ forever and not as a reproductive family, while the Gentiles will serve God as eternal children who need guidance from mature children. They will live and serve in front of Him as fruitful families, multiplying in the tribes people of nations and not individually and in a position like us bride. This was God’s purpose for Adam.

At the cost of knowing good and evil, humans- Adam and Eve became the spiritual/secret bride of Satan. And eating was a beast’s feast. Later mortals began to reproduce to create a rebellious race in the image of Adam – the children of the devil.

At the cost of human life-Adam and Eve would be the spiritual/mysterious bride of the Son of God. And the feast would be the marriage feast of the lamb. The feast of the beast (dragon) took place at the dawn of the age but the feast of the lamb has been scheduled for the evening of the age now appropriately tagged the marriage supper of the lamb. Revelation 19:9

If Adam had eaten of the tree of life, he would have had eternal life, the immortality of the body and nature/character of Christ as the tree of life which is the life of the Father himself. Living one life inseparable from the Son of God will be the result. However, he would still be different from the Son of God who was already incarnated as the Mysterious Lamb in the garden. As it would continue for generations “they followed the Lamb wherever he went”. Revelation 14:4

God created animals before Adam took their characteristics as special angels. However, he gave the sheep the submissive and gentle nature of the uncreated ruler of the angels = the Son of God. Animals are placed to reflect/mirror on earth the nature of the angels and the eternal Son in the spirit world. This should be an outward witness to a person as long as he is on earth. He had to be an example of the pure and the impure, the pure and the impure as chosen by the race of angels that came before man. If every fallen spirit takes the form of a physical creature with a body and a beast is not an animal because animals were created by God even though they were given the form of angels, the fallen included. The ONLY ANIMAL chosen for Adam to follow was a mystery animal connected to the tree of life which was later revealed to be a lamb.

Adam was chosen to be the King of the earth just as God was the King of the universe. God created the world and organized the creatures according to the image of the eternal creatures in the place of spirits, but he organized man and God himself. A person to be whatever he was anointed to be must first FOLLOW THE LAMB OF GOD. Only then can he be the chosen King – the Lion of the chosen tribe of Man. Remember that Christ=the lamb of God but the Lion of the tribe of Judah==> the Lion of the chosen man. He could only have this second role because He became flesh as a man. And even though he first died as a lamb he was able to take the throne as King/Lion. The Lion took the responsibility of God’s Kingdom from Adam but the Lamb took the submissive nature of the Son of God from Adam. Adam was created the son of God and not the King of God even though he was anointed to be King. He must look to the lamb to function properly as the Lion- King of humanity over all life on earth.

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