Alternative Chronic Clinical Depression Treatments

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Alternative Chronic Clinical Depression Treatments

Treatments Chronic depression can be treated with traditional methods such as psychotherapy, medications. They can also be treated with medical procedures such as Electroconvulsive Therapy (shock treatments). In some cases, more than one type of treatment is used, for example an anti-depressant may be combined with psychotherapy. In some cases, traditional and non-traditional treatment can be used. Psychotherapy can take place well with Herbal Supplements.

Alternative Clinical Depression Treatments

Herbal supplements are a group of herbs known to positively change moods and are properly mixed with other nutritional supplements including various vitamins, minerals, and essential enzymes. These herbal supplements are safe and effective. They have few, if any, side effects. They are effective in mild to moderate depression. These supplements are not known to be effective in treating major depression. The highest quality supplements have been put through rigorous testing. These supplements should be made according to pharmaceutical standards. Each ingredient will have their production pathways examined at the molecular level. The interactions of the elements are also tested.

Acupuncture is an ancient Kannada practice that uses different lengths of very fine needles. These needles are inserted from 1/4 inch to 1 inch deep into the skin in specific areas on the body that are believed to be connected to the part of the brain that controls the condition namely Chronic Pain. This procedure “kills” the pain.

Reflexology is a practice where light pressure is applied to the tissues in the hands and feet that are connected to specific areas of the body. Reflexology is effective, has no drugs, or side effects.

Massage is a specialized manipulation of the muscles of the body and is done for therapeutic purposes or for simple relaxation. Chiropractic massage is directly related to the alignment of the body especially the spine and related areas of the body. The resulting relaxation can positively impact Depression.


Chronic pain treatment does not include any medication and acupuncture and is one with minimal side effects because the needles go into the skin. Other treatments can be combined with other therapies to achieve better results. As with anything, check first with your doctor to make sure there is nothing to prevent you from fully participating in any of these therapies.

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