Dissecting Wooden Patio Chairs

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Dissecting Wooden Patio Chairs

Wooden patio chairs come in many shapes, colors, designs and uses. Some chairs, others have different shapes like Adirondack. What makes them all the same is that they are all made from wood, a classic choice for outdoor furniture. There are a large number of tree species.


Nyatoh is a hardwood tree found in Southeast Asia that includes the species Polaquium and Payena. It has been widely used in the design of furniture, but the consumption of the tree has been a disaster on its native area. Demands for Nyatoh have led to forest destruction and illegal logging, which harms both native animals and its people.

Nyatoh wooden patio chairs are often compared to teak. It has a red tone, a less golden tone than teak, although it has proven to be somewhat durable. Despite its controversy, Nyatoh is a popular choice for outdoor furniture, and the tall tree has medium yielding power and has a low tendency to split. It is however resistant to wear, rotting and warping.


Balau is actually a tree in the large group of Shorea. It grows in the same rainforests of southeast Asia as teak, but it’s not as easy to find in stores. A slow growing tree only a few years ago was commonly used in outdoor furniture.

Balau wooden patio chairs are comparable to the strength of teak, but at a much lower cost. On the downside, balau wears saw blades faster, is harder to machine and requires more time to dry.


The Kapur tree is native to southeast Asia and parts of India. They make good wooden patio chairs because dense hardwood is durable, often compared to teak. It stands up amazingly well in different weather conditions and has a rich red-red color.


Acacia is a genus of shrubs and trees, which has about 1300 species in the world. 960 of these species grow in Australia alone, while the rest are spread across Europe, Africa, Asia and America. Many species have unique leaf patterns, and often spiny legs.

Blackwood (Acacia melanoxylon) is a wood from Australia that is widely used in wooden patio chairs and other outdoor furniture. This wood takes a high polish and gives off a sweet smell. It is also said to have been the building material for the legendary Ark of the Covenant.


Cedar trees can grow in mountainous and modified soil conditions where other trees cannot. It is native to the Himalayas, the Mediterranean, the Near East, the northern parts of the United States and southern Canada. It is divided into true Cedar (Deodar Cedar, Cedar of Lebanon) and different cedars, such as White Cedar and Western Red Cedar. It has been used for thousands of years as a building material, including shingles. It is also most famous for its use on King Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem.

Cedar wood patio chairs are very popular because cedar wood is attractive, affordable and easy to come by. The tree is red in color and fragrant. Also, cedar produces natural tannins which help protect it against insects, while being fairly weather resistant.

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