Global Issues Concerning the Planet – What Can Young Leaders Do?

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Global Issues Concerning the Planet – What Can Young Leaders Do?

Our planet is facing many problems because of the foolish activities of man himself. Deforestation has led to severe erosion and has increased the level of carbon dioxide in the area. Gradually, it has destroyed the animals and other living creatures thus contributing to their destruction. There will be a day when we will not see any of the rare species in the world.

Issues of global warming!

Fossil fuels are burned extensively in order to generate energy. This depletes the fossil fuels in the world and also increases the level of carbon dioxide. This has damaged the ozone layer and soon there will be no protective layer to stop ultra violet rays from reaching this earth. How will people survive? Skin cancer, lung infection, breathing problems and other diseases will be on the rise. We have seen the early signs of global warming haven’t we?

The H1 virus, swine flu, and fever are on the rise. We are not prepared in medicine to treat infectious diseases.

Kofi Annan and other experts have studied this world crisis and are trying to put forward a decision in the world meeting that will be held in London known as One Young World from 8th – 10th February, 2010. We invite all person. Young leaders to develop a solution to all these world problems. If you can contribute to a global cause, go ahead and get involved.

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