How Dogs Maneuver Their Tails As Signals & Gestures – Part 2

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How Dogs Maneuver Their Tails As Signals & Gestures – Part 2

A dog’s tail condition is an important indicator of a dog’s social standing and mental health. There are some differences, depending on the type of dog. For example, a West Highland white terrier will hold its carrot tail higher than a golden retriever’s tail value and a greyhound has a relaxed tail position lower.

Almost analogously, pointing away from the dog but not harshly is a sign that you want attention. It means: “Something interesting can happen.”

The horizontal type pointing at the dog is part of the challenge when meeting a stranger or even a professional. It means: “Let’s decide who is the boss here.”

When the dog’s tail is in a high position, between horizontal and vertical position, this is a sign of dominance, or a dog that announces power. This means: “I am the boss.”

A type that is top and slightly curved on the back means: “I am the top of the ceiling.” This is an expression of trust. This dominant dog feels in control.

A dog that is lower than horizontal but the distance from the feet means: “I am calm.” “Everything is fine.”

The type of dog that is down, near the hind legs is the dog’s stance. If your legs are left in the right position and the tail is brushed back and forth a little, this means: “I’m under the weather” or “I’m sad.” If a dog’s legs are slightly bent inward with a slight downward inclination to the back, this means: “I feel a little safe,” this is common when a dog is in an unfamiliar situation.

The tail of the dog between his legs means: “I’m scared!” or “Please don’t hurt me!” This usually happens in front of a powerful dog or person, this can also mean, “I accept my humble role in the pack, and I don’t try to challenge you.

Tail with shiny hair: this is clearly a sign of anger. It can adapt to any type of situation. So, this means: “I am ready to fight if you come!” and with a little dog tail up or on the back it means: “I am not afraid of you and I will fight to prove it.

I am the leader of this pack.”

A sharp bend in the dog’s tail (when tall) is characteristic of wolf-like dogs such as German shepherds. This means exactly the same as bristling type. It is love lead to possible aggression.

A dog with a broad tail wag means: “I like you.” This is often seen during play, when one dog seems to be angry with the other, jumping, barking, and barking. Such wagging is reassuring that this is all fun. It also means “I’m happy” in many situations. A dog with a slow tail wag, with the tail in my half-mast during dog training, means: “I’m trying to understand. I want to know what you’re saying, but I don’t understand.” The dog that finally solves a problem, the speed and size of his tail’s bills will increase noticeably.

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