What You MUST Know About Feeding Your Fish

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What You MUST Know About Feeding Your Fish

Ok, so your new aquarium is set up. Your new scaly friends are well behaved and introduced into their new home. As you admire this beautiful little ecosystem you have created, many things will go through your mind. Of these, the first should be how to establish a proper fish feeding regimen. Different species will have different feeding habits and requirements. Knowing these details and establishing a proper feeding routine will ensure a healthy aquarium population. A healthy population will ensure a beautiful aquarium that you can show off and be proud of for a long time to come.

Research Your Fish’s Feeding Behavior

The first thing to establish is what kind of food your fish eat in nature. Fish feeding behavior in an aquarium is directly related to a species’ behavior. This is determined by whether they are natural carnivores, herbivores or omnivores. A generic flake food for your freshwater fish will typically contain both plant and animal components. As such, flake food can be readily consumed by many species of freshwater tropical fish. This, however, does not mean that one should rely entirely on generic flake food. Like cats, dogs and even humans, plenty is appreciated and even necessary for good health and nutrition.

A good way to supplement basic flake food in your fish feeding routine is to add dry foods to your fish food. Dried brine shrimp and bloodworm are the most popular and easiest to find in this regard.

Another factor that should be taken into consideration is how each species is. Different species have different mouths. Some have teeth and are known to hunt for food. Eye feeders may have mouths facing upwards to facilitate this process. Other species, such as whales and plecostomus have downward-facing mouths which come to eat algae from rock foundations or to feed on the bottom in general.

When buying fish foods these aspects of fish feeding behavior must be considered. Make sure that the food you buy is able to stand for 5 to 10 minutes in an environment that your fish is used to eating. This will be the surface, middle or bottom of the aquarium. Any uneaten food after 10 minutes should be removed from the aquarium to avoid water pollution.

The frequency of fish feeding is another area that often creates uncertainty, especially in new aquarium enthusiasts. A general rule of thumb to follow is to feed your fish slowly. Don’t drop a few pieces of food and walk away. Start with small amounts and notice; make sure all the fish are able to get to their food. Make sure the surface, middle and bottom strata get the area they need. If you notice that the food is not being eaten, reduce the amount of food you are consuming. There are automatic feeders which can be used to distribute predetermined amounts of food at predetermined times. These can be useful if the person is planning to leave the house for several days, or if the person’s schedule is very unpredictable.

Another type of fish feeders are those known as manual feeders. These are not designed to automate fish feeding techniques, rather they are meant to provide specialized feeding techniques for species that require it. There are feeding clips that can be used to secure seaweed or other types of food plants. There are also feeding containers which are used to preserve live or freeze dried food. The latter allow the predatory fish to feed on these types of food while giving you the control to remove the uneaten food uneaten and with the least amount of damage possible.

All in all, establishing a good fish feeding routine will not only keep your fish healthy, but will also be an important part of the enjoyment you get from owning an aquarium. There’s a short learning curve involved, but just as in feeding your family you develop an understanding for what everyone likes and how they like you, so will you develop that same ability with your depressed friends. !

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